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Call for Papers on Control Applications
In Marine Systems and Vehicles

November 16, 2017

The 11th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems, Robotics, and Vehicles—IFAC CAMS 2018 is now accepting paper submissions on a wide variety of topics related to marine technology systems development.

CAMS 2018 is a flagship event of the IFAC Technical Committee on Marine Systems, an organization “devoted to promote discussions on theoretical and practical issues pertaining to the design, development, and operation of marine systems, including those that are at the root of advanced navigation, guidance, and control for surface ships and marine robots.”

The 2018 Control Applications in Marine Systems and Vehicles conference is calling for papers on the following topics:

  • Marine cyber-physical systems
  • Ship automation
  • Surface and underwater vehicles
  • Communication in the marine domain
  • Systems for integrated operation
  • Internet of things (IoT) in the maritime domain
  • Subsea construction and operation
  • Propulsion and energy savings
  • Decision support and safe operation
  • Control applications in off-shore wind and wave marine renewables
  • Maritime robotics (underwater, surface, aerial)
  • Biomimetics in marine robotics
  • Marine cyber-physical systems for aquaculture
  • Applications of maritime robotics (monitoring, mapping, search & rescue, habitat and environment, mine counter measure)
  • Hybrid power generations for marine systems
  • Navigation, guidance and control of marine vehicles
  • Adaptive, nonlinear and reconfigurable systems
  • Marine swarms of heterogenous agents
  • Cooperative and intelligent marine cyber-physical systems
  • Robust and resilient marine systems
  • Modelling, identification and estimation
  • Monitoring, diagnosis and fault handling
  • Autonomous marine vehicles
  • Safety and security for ports and ships
  • Ship roll stabilization techniques
  • Maritime security
  • Sensors and sensor fusion in marine systems
  • Supervision and surveillance in marine applications
  • Human-machine interface in marine systems
  • Risk and life cycle assessment in marine systems

Learn more about the event and submission deadlines: http://ifac-cams2018.com/

SOURCE: University of Zagreb, Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies.

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