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2018: JAN


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Emergency Cutter
Part of the Webtool range, an integrated fiber-rope emergency cutter has been developed for maritime winches. If the winch gets into difficulties during towing and lifting, the softline cutter provides an instant emergency disconnect, preventing further risk to the vessel. Allspeeds Ltd.
Integrated Maritime Suite
Employing machine learning and customized ship performance models, the Integrated Maritime Suite (IMS) is an onboard application platform with a new algorithm. IMS operates with minimal user input to generate optimized routes. C-MAP.

Thermal Camera System
Gyro-stabilized M400 and M400XR models provide clear vision day and night. The M400 enables multisensor marine thermal vision to see other vessels, people in the water and navigational hazards. The M400XR model adds integrated video tracking to lock on and automatically follow objects in view of the camera. FLIR Systems Inc.
Profiling Software Package
Sub-bottom Profiling Software is intended for the acquisition and processing of sub-bottom profiling data for marine geophysical, engineering and geotechnical site surveys, dredging and mining applications. The package has a comprehensive global geodesy model. HYPACK Inc.
Energy Storage Systems
Harpoon Power 65 and Harpoon Energy 97 energy storage systems use the latest advances in lithium-ion cell technology to deliver a clean technology solution for shipowners and operators. Harpoon Energy 97 is designed for commercial applications, with up to a 90,000-hour calendar life. Harpoon Power 65 is capable of more than 15,000 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge. PBES.

Lightweight Scanner
A high-resolution lightweight underwater laser scanner, the PL3200UW-LW is built for ROV/AUV deployment. The ultralightweight model accurately captures dimensions, seafloor measurements and corrosion. It is depth rated up to 3,200 m. Newton Labs.

OEM Positioning and Heading Board
The Vector Eclipse H328 is the next offering in a line of new and refreshed, low-power, high-precision position and heading OEM boards. The multifrequency, multi-GNSS H328 is an all signals receiver board with a new hardware platform. It integrates Atlas GNSS Global Correction Service. Hemisphere GNSS.

Emergency LED Light
A marine outdoor emergency LED light, GAU-EMG-18H-1L-LED features an impact- and shock-resistant, no-glass T8 LED lamp with a 35-aH battery for up to 18 hours of support when an electrical source is not readily available. Larson Electronics LLC.

Undersea Cable Design Platform
GoCable.io is a cloud-based service that provides a design platform for mapping, planning and analyzing new undersea cable systems. Customers can instantly generate route position lists and straight-line diagrams. Pioneer Consulting Holdings LLC.

Battery System
The Leclanché Marine Rack System (MRS) is a modular, lithium-ion battery system to reduce marine vessels’ harmful emissions and operating costs. It is the first marine battery system of its type approved by DNV GL under revised rules issued in October 2015. Leclanché SA.

Updated Subsea Connectors
New features have been added to the Millennium series of 6-km-rated subsea connectors, including hex flats on its coupling rings to make the connectors even easier to loosen by hand or with a wrench. Special wrenches have been developed for each connector size in the series. BIRNS Inc.

Cloud-Based Data Ecosystem
Compatibility with the ThingSpeak Open IoT (Internet of Things) platform has been added for the RockBLOCK portfolio of plug-and-play, two-way satellite communications systems. This enables users to aggregate, visualize and analyze live data streams in the cloud and suits remote research and monitoring stations. Rock Seven Mobile Services Ltd.

Doppler Velocity Log
The small 600-kHz Pathfinder DVL provides precision onboard navigation in a small footprint for small AUVs, ROVs and USVs. It has a bottom tracking range of less than 20 cm to more than 80 m. Teledyne RD Instruments.

Speed Log
The A.824(19)-compliant SAL R1a Easy Tank Speed Log uses acoustic correlation technology to deliver stable and reliable speed through water measurements, with superior performance to conventional solutions based on electromagnetic or Doppler technology. Simrad.

Small Side Scan Sonar
The Scout Mk II renders underwater images up to 0.4 cm in resolution and includes transducers in frequencies from 300 to 1,800 kHz and single or simultaneous dual-frequency sonar. It is depth rated to 600 m. Marine Sonic Technology Ltd., an ATLAS North America company.

Corporate Video Delivery
KVH YOURlink is a content delivery service that fleet managers and owners can use to distribute company-produced videos to all vessels in their fleet nearly instantaneously. YOURlink eliminates weeks or months of shipping time and the cost of distributing DVDs or flash drives. KVH Industries Inc.

Underwater Laser Scanner
The PL4000UW is a fixed-line underwater laser scanner designed for capturing high-resolution metrology data deployed on ROVs and AUVs. It can output either single-line point clouds or full scans as required and easily interfaces with IMU devices. Newton Research Labs Inc.

LED Strobe
Dragonfish is a deep-sea LED strobe light for imaging applications on AUVs and other underwater vehicles or platforms. Its compact size, high brightness (30,000 lumens at 5 ms; 42,000 lumens at 200 µs) and low current draw (550 mA at 24 VDC) suits AUV-based still photography. Arctic Rays LLC.

Compact Survey Vessel
Designed to survey shallow coastal and inland waterways quickly, the Compact Survey Vessel (CSV) uses a two-person catamaran equipped with the latest GeoSwath 4R shallow-water simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan system. Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd.

Diver Headset
The OTTO 20 Meter Diver Headset features a single anti-fungus padded earphone cup, a ruggedized in-line push-to-talk button, adjustable boom microphone and an open-weave cloth headband. It has been tested to military standards. OTTO Engineering Inc.

Real-Time Tracking
Solar GPS tracking enables inland marine fleet management with custom geopoints and geofences on known landmarks to determine the position of assets. Inefficiencies can be determined and claims solved by keeping a real-time log of operations. Lat-Lon LLC.

Cellular/VSAT Hybrid System
The Cellular Marine System is a hybrid cellular/VSAT solution for vessels that will complement the airtime VSAT offering or other services, such as FleetBroadband and Iridium Open Port, allowing transfer from satellite to mobile connectivity, while operating up to 25 km offshore. NSSLGlobal Ltd.

Wind, Route Maps via Browser
With a wired anemometer, the SailTimer Mini-Server can send wind data to SailTimerMaps.com. The wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument also enables sending to GPS and the cloud from a smartphone or tablet. Wind conditions can be viewed live, replayed or on a historical graph. SailTimer Inc.

Waterproof Media Player
The AQ-MP-5UBT-S media player is Bluetooth and SiriusXM ready and includes internal USB for device charging and a surface USB socket to connect USB flash drives and smartphone or MP3 player cables. Aquatic AV.

Hydraulic Valve Packs
The Curvetech range of oil-filled hydraulic valve packs can be supplied with a range of solenoid or servo valves fit for a variety of functions, flows and pressures. All valve packs include internal valve drive electronics that are addressable using RS485 communication protocol. SMD.

Fluorescent Floodlight
The LUV-LED is an oceanographic floodlight for coral fluorescence. At 440 nm, the light output is ideal for safely enhancing the appearance of coral and underwater ecosystems. It is depth rated to 4,000 m. ROS.

Propeller Design Software
HydroComp PropCad 2017 software is designed for geometric modeling of marine propellers for design and manufacture. It provides automatic preparation of 2D design drawings, 3D offsets, thickness classification reports and CAD/CAM data. HydroComp Inc.

Data Logger
Combining a triaxial quartz accelerometer and a 10-ppb bottom pressure recorder, the RBRconcerto ACC.BPR is an instrument for tsunami and earthquake early warning systems. The package can resolve very small signals and record those internally for several years. It can be attached to an underwater observatory. RBR Ltd.

Case-Isolated Accelerometers
The new triaxial ICP accelerometer models 354A04 and 354A05 have titanium housings and are case isolated to help ensure measurement accuracy in the presence of electrical noise sources such as EMI and ground loops. The case isolated design eliminates the need for special isolation bases, coatings and insulated mounting screws. PCB Piezotronics Inc.

Weather Tools for Logistics
Three new weather analytic tools can be utilized as standalone or consumed through application programming interfaces (APIs) into customers’ existing platforms. These solutions include: weather impedance calculators, weather route delays and refined ETA prediction. StormGeo.

Three-Wheel Utility Crawler
The DT640 Utility Crawler is a sleek robot that provides live video from in and out of the water. It is equipped with a high-res camera and a multitude of application-specific add-ons and has a magnetic option. Deep Trekker Inc.

Offshore Imaging Solution
TopSeis has been designed to image shallow reservoirs of the Barents Sea, where main reservoir rocks are located at depths of 400 to 2,200 m. TopSeis uses a split-spread, source-over-streamer configuration to improve the sampling of near offsets and record almost all the reflected energy. CGG.

Inflatable Throwable Device
Model TD2401 is the world’s first U.S. Coast Guard-approved inflatable throwable personal flotation device. It replaces throwable devices aboard all recreational vessels. ThrowRaft LLC.

Compact, Powerful Dock Light
The Sport DockLight Series includes the Sport S3116s and S3124s underwater LED lights, which output up to 5,000 fixture lumens to illuminate the dock while providing safety and security. The advanced optics create a large footprint of light with excellent penetration in the water from this compact light. OceanLED.

Heavy-Duty Disc Brakes
Two new heavy-duty disc brakes have been added to the SKD range, with a modular design for large industrial, marine and offshore applications. The SKD 140 brake delivers braking force of up to 258 kN through two brake housings. An offshore version of the brake has corrosion protection and hard-wearing paint and pistons. Dellner Brakes AB.

2018: JAN


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