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Acoustic Flow Meters
FlowScout 2000 acoustic flow meters precisely measure water velocities in rivers, ports, harbors, estuaries, water channels and pipes. They can be easily installed on an irrigation channel bank, bridge abutment, riverbank or inside a pipe. With high accuracy, this system is the choice for long-term, real-time monitoring of water flow and velocities. LinkQuest Inc.
Mini HD Camera
The L3C-HDX is a low-cost fixed-focus miniature high-definition camera. The digital signal from the camera is a visually lossless compressed signal that will travel up to 250 m on a Teledyne Bowtech coax. The visually lossless compression adds zero latency to the signal. Teledyne Bowtech Ltd.

Pressure-Activated Switch
Each switch is built around a high reliability, gold-over-silver contact mechanical switch that guarantees “off” is off and “on” is on. The switch models include the G-117 in-line on a pigtail with underwater connector; G-120 Ti body for glass housings; and G-121 Ti or aluminum body for flat endcaps. Global Ocean Design.

Mobile Mapping System
Light enough to be worn in a backpack, carried by a segway or strapped to a car’s roof, the Optech Maverick mobile mapping system has its advantages with its size, portability and versatility. It can collect hundreds of thousands of lidar points per second, has 360° camera imagery and position and orientation data. Teledyne Optech.
Marine Braking System
eSTL is the world’s first automated, electrical “Stop, Turn and Lock” (eSTL) braking system. It is compact and needs no additional piping, making it quick and easy to maintain and cost effective to install. Dellner Brakes AB.

Airborne Mapping System
The VQ-1560i provides a laser pulse repetition rate of up to 2 MHz resulting in more than 1.3 million measurements per second on the ground and operates at an altitude of 15,500 ft. It’s ideal for aerial surveys of ultrawide areas as well as complex urban environments. Riegl.

Torque and Power Measurer
Measuring live torque in real time, the TorqueTrak 10K-LP telemetry system converts any drive shaft into a rotating torque sensor by mounting the wireless torque transmitter, battery and a torque sensitive strain gage to the shaft. The system fits any size shaft, any torque level with no modifications required. Binsfeld Engineering Inc.

Syntactic Foam Modular Buoy
The MiniMod is offered in a variety of standard sizes with buoyancy as great as 2 metric tons and a depth rating to 6,000 m. For installation of pipeline sleds, jumpers or suspended moorings, its rugged construction will give users years of trouble-free service. DeepWater Buoyancy Inc.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Based on the Iver3-580 AUV platform, the i3XO EcoMapper utilizes YSI’s EXO water quality system to provide users high-resolution water quality data, side scan sonar imaging, downward looking current profiling, and an option for bathymetric surveying. It is useful for government, military, universities, contractors and private organizations. YSI, OceanServer Technology Inc.

Broadband Antenna
Improving performance capability, the v65, a 60-cm class satellite communications system operating in Ku-band, enables service providers to build new global service plans targeting high-volume market segments. New features include eliminating the need to remove the radome during installation or testing. Intellian Technologies Inc.

Side Scan Sonar
The new SonarWiz interface allows PulSAR users to acquire data from multiple sensors, process imagery in real time, generate state-of-the-art mosaics, create detailed contact reports and produce sophisticated outputs leveraging a wide range of formats. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Hand-Launched Marine Vehicle
Data Diver is a prototype swarm vehicle currently serving as a real-world platform for control algorithm development. It drives and dives up to 100 m while collecting surface and vehicle profile measurements. Ocean Lab LLC.

Semisubmersible Device
The Diver Propulsion Device (DPD) offers combat swimmers a NAVSEA 9310-certified, ANU-listed, underwater mobility system. Three models are available: standard DPD; standard DPD-extended range; and dual-thruster DPD-XT. All reach a depth of 80 m. STIDD Systems Inc.

Data Recorder
SeaWise big data technology enables shipowners to analyze and improve ship’s long-term technical performance, as well as allowing flexible reporting solutions from a shore-based virtual private cloud environment. Apps include ship’s performance and fuel-efficiency monitoring, MRV (CO2) reporting, ship’s resistance analysis, and remote monitoring of sensor data. NetWave Systems B.V.

Satellite Positioning System
Oceanstar is an onboard decision support system that has been developed to improve navigational safety and reduce the operating costs of commercial vessels such as cruise ships, container ships, ferries, ro-ro vessels, bulk carriers and tankers. The system enhances navigation integrity, berthing safety and ship energy efficiency. Fugro.

Vessel Monitoring System
Notice to Mariners provides clients with data integrated into the interface to give fleet managers further information that enhances their on-the-water situational awareness and assists them in supervising vessel movements. Users can access NTMs, distance tables and receive hurricane warnings. BigOcean Data.

Compact Marine ECDIS
Designed with Linux-based software, the DM700 series provides a basic electronic chart display and information system that complies with new IEC and IHO performance standards. It also includes an easy-to-learn user interface, ruggedized low-power LED monitors and SoftWare Advanced Protection technology. Danelec Marine A/S.

Four-Frequency EPIRB
Smartfind and Kannad SafePro will be the world’s first distress beacons that can support each of the four frequencies used in the search and rescue process. This ensures faster detection, superior positioning accuracy, greater signal reliability and accelerated rescue of people or vessels in distress. McMurdo.

GNSS Timing Receiver
The PolaRx5TR has 544 hardware channels and supports all major satellite constellations including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and IRNSS. Septentrio.

Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
Powered by its own solar panel, the SONIC-ANEMO-DZP connects directly to a pulse or potentiometer input. It is useful for professionals, integration to AWS and well-informed users. LCJ Capteurs.

GNSS Antennas
Offering the latest advancements, the VEXXIS series includes two lines of antennas: the GNSS-800 helps the antenna track the maximum number of satellites in any environment for enhanced positioning solution, and the GNSS-500 offers excellent multipath rejection and stable phase center. NovAtel.

The Coastal Glider utilizes a buoyancy engine to achieve forward motion without external moving parts or propeller. The vehicle glides forward in a sawtooth manner by descending and ascending with changes in buoyancy. Exocetus Autonomous Systems.

Water Level Meters
Water Level Meters 100 and 200 include static and drawdown models, allowing users to switch from static level readings to drawdown water level tapes that meet varying project and budget needs. In-Situ Inc.

Aquaculture Filter
The fixed bed up-flow filter is designed to remove fine particulate matter remaining in the waste stream. Solids are trapped and are cleaned easily through a backwash process that introduces heavy aeration to agitate trapped particulates. Available in three sizes to handle range of flow rates. Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems.

Terrestrial Laser Scanner
Optech Polaris TLS Series is a tripod-mounted laser scanner which bridges the gap between small, short-range scanners and heavier, long-range scanners. The three models include the TLS-250, TLS-750 and TLS-1600. Teledyne Optech.

Backup Power System
The fully integrated Horizon Mini 100 Reformed Methanol fuel cell battery-charging generator keeps mission and data critical app devices running unattended for long periods of time in remote locations in the harshest outdoor weather. This off-grid, grid and solar backup system provides up to 2,400 W per day to 12-V or 24-V battery systems. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, Sirius Integrator.

Interface Module
Offering a simple plug-and-play installation with no programming, the MW6 is able to control various audio system functions, including power on/off, volume, source selection and play/pause. Clarion Corp. of America.

Weather Forecast Software
NAM data set provides a 60-hour forecast of pressure-level fields at one-hourly and three-hourly time steps and covers the contiguous United States at 5-km resolution. Researchers can use NAM as a driver for complex air pollution simulations. Planet OS.

Underwater LED Light
The new LED SeaLite delivers a high-performance, field serviceable and affordable subsea light with a durable design that has up to 9,000 lumens and 6,000-m depth rating. DeepSea Power & Light.

AUV Software
The Slocum Fleet Mission Control Software (SFMC) is a software suite used to manage multiple glider deployments around the world. SFMC builds on the traditional dock server software application and provides a revolutionary Web-based front end that allows for collaboration among multiple glider pilots. Teledyne Webb Research.

Mobile Mapping Suite
POSPac Mobile Mapping Suite is software for direct georeferencing of mobile mapping sensors using GNSS and inertial technology optimized for all environments and platforms (air, land and marine) and compatible with a variety of mapping sensors. Applanix.

Signal Tracker
The P328 tracks more signals including three new advanced technology features: SureFix, aRTK and Tracer. SureFix delivers high-fidelity RTK quality information resulting in guaranteed precision with reliability. aRTK technology allows the P328 to operate with RTK accuracies when RTK corrections fail. Tracer utilizes specialized algorithms to sustain positioning in the absence of corrections data. Hemisphere GNSS.

Underwater Sound Measurer
Designed for users wanting the benefits of precise multiconstellation GNSS positioning, the GNSS P326 Eclipse OEM receiver is an all-in-one hydrographic single-beam echosounder survey system. It combines dual-frequency GNSS with the Atlas L-Band correction service. CEE Hydrosystems.

Depth Recorder
A new logger in the data logger series, the Starmon TD is designed with a fast-response temperature probe. Ideal for fishing studies, various depth ranges are available up to 2,000 m. Its large memory size can store 8.4 million temperature-depth recordings. Star Oddi.



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