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Ocean Wave Measurer
Sonic Wave Sensor RV is a cabled wave sensor that measures fast submillimeter to large waves. It combines an ultrasonic sensor circuit, low-power microprocessor and anti-aliasing filter in an IP67 resistant to water submersion package with three different signal outputs. It has a measuring range from 0.2 m to 2.7 m and can be powered by any voltage from 4.5 V to 45 V. Ocean Sensor Systems Inc.
Acoustic Fish Trackers
Designed for tracking aquatic life in marine environments, the 980-Series acoustic tags are able to track hundreds of fish in one area at the same time without compromising collected data. At 80 kHz, scientists can maximize tracking resolution and range while being outside of the auditory ranges of most marine mammals. Hydroacoustic Technology Inc.
Dual-Frequency OEM Boards
Multi-GNSS Eclipse P326 and P327 are low-powered, high-precision OEM boards that integrate L-band and receive Atlas GNSS corrections on a single small board. The latest technology enables simultaneous tracking of all satellite signals, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS. Hemisphere GNSS.
Ocean Scanning System
Clariscan domed scanning sonar combines bandwidth composite transducer technology with a patented acoustic lens to provide quality images. This offers the same protective attributes of standard domed transducers without the traditional loss in performance and image clarity. Kongsberg Maritime AS.
Air Cushion Vehicle Technology
Industrial hovercraft technology has proven effective to move loads from 1 to 900 t both on and offshore. For onshore applications, an oil rig transport system is integrated into the rig structure. For offshore applications, the Modular Offshore Equipment Transport System (MOETS) is used to easily transport and position heavy components on offshore oil rigs. AeroGo.
Underwater Camera
The sixth-generation 1Cam is designed to perform in all imaging applications. It includes built-in 4K UHD and HD video recording, titanium housing; auxiliary I/O pins for custom events and triggers; and an Mk6 Lite, a low-cost option for live video only. SubC Imaging.

Hydraulic Leak Detector
The OPK-400M marine leak detection kit is a cost-effective way to efficiently locate fuel, oil and hydraulic leaks in small to medium-sized watercraft. The OPTIMAX 400 violet light leak detection flashlight shines a high-intensity LED lamp that gets into cramped areas inaccessible to larger lamps. Adding the fluorescent dye enables scanning a system to pinpoint even the most elusive leak. Spectroline Corp.

Surveying Echosounder
A navigation and position finding device, the CEESCOPE-USV includes a GNSS and broadband telemetry package that can be installed on virtually any remotely operated boat. An entirely self-contained module requires no interface with the USV. CEE Hydrosystems USA Inc.

Production Mapping Tool
The ENC Bathymetry Plotter is used to create contour lines and selected soundings for incorporation into digital hydrographic chart products. Point cloud or gridded bathymetry data that serve as input are processed and transformed into a nautical elevation model. SevenCs GmbH.

Vibracoring Monitoring System
Vibracore Acquisition Monitoring Platform (VAMP) maximizes reliability and robustness of the sampling procedure while improving core sample integrity and efficiencies. It provides the operator with live, integrated telemetry information. CMS-Geotech Ltd.

Energy-Efficient Power Converter
The water-cooled MV7-Series UWave drive has a 10-gigawatt installed base, with 1,600 units installed around the world. It reduces its footprint by 40 percent and incorporates a five-level smart topology, meaning increased power and voltage. GE Power Conversion.

Ship Design Software
ShipConstructor 2017 contains many new features: WeldManagement for faster operations, AutoCAD 2017 compatibility, UDA enhancements for better communication, and a WorkShare Model to transfer parts across projects. It’s compatible with Windows 10, and users can achieve a higher quality of 3D project design. SSI.

Object Retrieval Tool
Magnetic sledge is a tool capable of retrieving ferrous objects as small as a fingernail from underwater. Made from aluminum and equipped with 10 powerful permanent magnets, it can pick up objects that may be covered by sand or silt, which may be difficult for divers to retrieve. Miko Marine AS.

Airborne Echosounder
Air50 is optimized for monitoring sediment movement in swash and surf zones. Up to 32 devices can be linked together in series to cover an area of interest with accurate measurements, supported by MODBUS protocol. The array of linked devices can also help discover key parameters about exchange of sediment between land and sea. EofE Ultrasonics Co., Ltd.

Computer-Based Training
Convenient and user-friendly, the CBT courseware allows students to download the training curriculum to their own computers or laptops and perform self-study portions offline, at home or at sea. Students take a self-administered test at the end of each module and can communicate with an ECDIS instructor at any stage of the self-study portion by email or interactive chat. Danelec Marine A/S.

Geospatial Power Output Booster
Powerboard, a data intelligence solution, helps wind farm operators and renewable energy service providers boost their power output up to 30 percent. It combines real-time operational and industrial data into a single cloud-based solution. Planet OS.

Inverted Echosounder
The 8011M is a field-proven acoustic command and ranging deck box featuring auto switching between 115 and 230 VAC and including an internal self-charging battery. It also comes standard with a dunking transducer and 67 m of cable. EdgeTech.

Underwater Drone
A new high-performance and affordable underwater drone, the BlueROV2 provides a solid platform to which to attach scientific equipment, film cinematographic quality shots, and the capability to explore the oceans to a depth of 100 m. Blue Robotics Inc.

Satellite Mapping
EARS BasinMap, part of a new NPA Map product suite, can be used to help explore de-risking across the vast region of East Africa, from regional-to-prospect or play scale. It offers satellite imagery-based geological mapping at different scales on a proprietary or multiclient basis. CGG GeoConsulting.

Condition Monitoring System
The Marine CM Route Kit includes all the tools needed to implement reliable condition monitoring techniques on board ships and allows operators to adopt an integrated approach to condition-based maintenance on their entire fleet. AB SKF.

Marine Monitor
M5027 is an optically bonded HD monitor designed to meet the color calibration requirements of ECDIS systems and the size requirements of 320mm CAT1 radar systems. It is built for long-term, reliable operation, with touch menu controls and IPX6-rated water-resistant flush mounting. Navico (Simrad).

Topside Acoustic Deck Unit
The UTS-9400 Universal Topside includes a user-friendly color touchscreen display, universal command capability and advanced ambient acoustic noise analysis to ensure that critical release commands get through despite environmental challenges. Teledyne Benthos.

Pressure and Temperature Transducer
Paine 310-38-0050 is an ultra-miniature, high-precision pressure and temperature measurement transducer specifically designed for extreme downhole high cycle and pressure. It has a compact, stable design that can withstand -40° F to 425° F. Emerson Process Management.

Eco-System Filters
Aquatic Eco-Systems Sweetwater Commercial Carbon Filters utilize beds of pure activated carbon to remove contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, organics and low molecular volatile organics from the water. Pentair AES.

Side Scan Sonar Mapping
SonarWiz is now available in 32- or 64-bit versions for improved performance and managing of larger projects. This software for seafloor mapping allows surveyors to detect small targets, identify differences in old and new surveys, preserve the full fidelity of sonar data across multiple formats, and simplify mission execution. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Bright Underwater Light
Designed with the offshore operator in mind, the L350 gives a full range dimming up to 7,500 lumens. The 6,000-m-rated hard-anodized 5k aluminum housing utilizes a captive flush-mounted window and recessed tamper-proof screws. The LED illuminates the toughest of challenges in the harshest environments. ROS.

Portable Hand-Held Acoustic Receiver
Diver Pinger Receiver 275 is an acoustic receiver with a wide span of frequency with both visual and audio, capable of detecting and locating an underwater sound source emitting a signal in the 5-to-80-kHz range and featuring an LED display. RJE International Inc.

Ocean Profiler
Designed to operate autonomously, the fastCTD profiler includes a conductivity cell designed for optimum flow-through, a fast-response thermistor temperature sensor and a 0.01 percent pressure sensor synchronously sampling at 32 Hz. Multiple profiles can be recorded; Bluetooth connection is available. Valeport Ltd.

Software Updates
QINSy, Qimera and Fledermaus have received software updates. QINSy now has cable catenary support and a USBL calibration utility update. Qimera is an update of the Qloud and offers all of the built-in and customized filters. Fledermaus has improved in three areas: pipeline-specific tools, ESRI connectivity and the core geodetic engine. QPS.

Shipbuilding Software
Foran Shipbuilding CAD/CAM/CAE system software V80R2.0 has added significant features such as a new geometric core and the ability to manage a series of ships (Applicability), in addition to other improvements in all of its disciplines. SENER.

Power/Humidity Monitor
SiriusM3 can send alerts to cellphones; log data; and graph DC voltage, temperature and humidity parameters in off-grid or grid/solar backup configurations. Alerts provide immediate text messages if either DC voltage, temperature or humidity falls out of range to prevent damage or loss. Sirius Integrator Inc.

Remotely Operated Vehicle
With a depth rating of 6,000 m, the MAC-ROV is making access to all oceans a reality for more people and vessels. Small ROVs don’t need big support vessels, and they reduce expenditures and operational costs. The shuttle concept helps carry large loads to avoid multiple trips. All Oceans Engineering Ltd.

Wave Measuring Devices
SVS-603 inertial wave height sensor is a low-powered system that reports heading, significant wave height, dominant wave period and direction via RS-232 or logs to its on-board data logger. It also has very low power consumption; leaves a small footprint; MEMS sensors account for 3-D motion, rotation and compass heading; and has NOAA compliant data logging/transmission. Available with GPS, data logger and telemetry options. Planet Ocean Ltd.



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