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Reference Receiver
The new PolaRx5 is optimized for state DOTs and other RTK network operators. It is a versatile, multifrequency GNSS reference receiver providing measurements with the lowest noise while constantly monitoring and protecting against ionospheric interference, multipath and other environmental effects. Septentrio Americas.
Directional Sensor Improvements
Revolution AV is a strap-down electronic compass designed for commercial, industrial and military use requiring high accuracy, repeatability and low power consumption in dynamic environments. The two improvements comprise an innovative bias correction algorithm and acceptance and parse of the NMEA GPS $GPRMC sentence. True North Technologies.
Multipurpose Software Platform
Teledyne PDS 4.1 software now includes visual project management and setup designed with an improved user interface. The visual presentation of the survey tracks on the World globe allows the user to zoom into a flat plane with details of the GPS tracks and the extent of the project. Teledyne RESON
Acoustic Release Technologies
The UTS-9400 offers a color touch screen display, universal command capability and advanced ambient acoustic noise analysis to ensure critical release commands get through despite environmental changes. The R2K Mid-water Transponding Acoustic Release includes newly implemented features such as battery voltage indication and tilt measurements. TESTit is a fully functioning “in air” pre-deployment acoustic tester for the R series. Teledyne Benthos.
Man Overboard Device
Suitable for all offshore and lone workers, the M100 and MX100 Maritime Survivor Locating Devices attach to immersion suits and inflatable life jackets with safety in mind. The MX100 is designed to meet European ATEX directive and IECEx approval for use in zone 2 explosive atmospheres. M100 is suitable for all other commercial uses, such as wind farms and fishing fleets. Ocean Signal Ltd.
Search and Rescue Transponder
Pathfinder Pro SART is a rescue radar that uses 12 intense blips after being interrogated by radar, greatly enhancing search and rescue efforts. The lithium battery provides more than 96 hours of operating life in standby mode or 12 hours of active operating life. ACR Electronics Inc.

Expanded 3D Software Suite
This release includes upgrades and features designed to enhance the overall value of collected survey data and to help reduce survey application expenditures. In addition to the upgrades, there will be a new version 7.0 of 3D Cloud that will provide multireturn processing capability for subsea lidar data. 3D at Depth.

Polymer Protector Cases
Pelican Air cases have been designed to cut weight without compromising durability. The case includes super-light proprietary HPX2 polymer, double-throw latches, purge valve, watertight O-ring gasket, conic curve lid shape and is crush proof and rustproof. OrionCase LLC.

Windows App
PX InSight is a new, free Windows app designed to support distributors, dealers and end-users in creating a cost-effective PX Multisensor package that delivers optimal performance for single or double trawls. The sensor selecting tool generates a 3D image of the trawl with recommended sensors and positions. Kongsberg Maritime (Simrad).

Underwater Vehicle
Phantom Flylmager is an underwater drone using a hybrid system that allows the user to utilize a side scan sonar system, the EdgeTech 4125, combined with the functionality of the Phantom T5ROV underwater drone. The side scan sonar system can be pulled behind a powered surface vessel as a towfish while scanning. Deep Ocean Engineering Inc.

3D Modeling Laser
SubC Stingray is a laser module with diffraction beam-shaping optics, ideal for metrology and 3D modeling. Laser line, micro-focus and pattern generators are particularly useful for 3D measurement tasks, using laser triangulation or laser light-sectioning techniques. SubC Imaging.

Underwater Camera
Offering outstanding performance in low light conditions as well as sunlight, the Monochrome C460 Camera features a 570 TVL resolution and a low light sensitivity of 0.000005 lux. It also has a titanium housing, 77o field of view and is depth rated to 6,000 m. Remote Ocean Systems.

Rechargeable ROV
With the launch of a new hybrid-power ROV, users now have the option of operation and charging of the internal batteries while the system is plugged in. It can be switched to its onboard batteries for up to 8 hours of deployment at any time. A simple charging cord connects to the tether reel making it able to operate indefinitely while plugged in. Deep Trekker Inc.

Airborne Mapping Solution
Optech Eclipse is the first airborne collection system that tightly integrates both passive and active imaging sensors with fully autonomous data collection on low-cost platforms. The Eclipse combines an innovative sensor motion detection system with an eye-safe, high-performance 1.5-microm laser and a high-resolution imaging system. Teledyne Optech.

Soil Water Tension Measurer
Running Line Tensiometers (RLT) are ideal for new and existing winches to enable line tension, speed and payout monitoring. The three RLT models feature a rugged, compact design with high-accuracy rotational and/or force sensors with easy setup via removable sheaves. Measurement Technology Northwest.

Marine Decon System
This light decontamination system (LDS) can decontaminate environments as large as 500 m3. At 22 kg, it is the lightest portable decontamination system in its class, enabling instant decontamination of equipment, personnel, infrastructure and terrain. Scott Safety.

Optical Incremental Encoder
With quick installation and less downtime, the HOG 86 series provides ample mechanical reserve capacity to ensure reliability in continuous operation. High-performance, resilient output drivers ensure top signal quality even at long-distance routing with 550-m/350-m cable lengths—TTL/HTL-P, respectively. Baumer.

Emergency Lighting Solution
HAL-EMG-EXT-12W-2L hazardous location bug eye system is designed for locations where failsafe lighting reliability is needed. It is constructed with two 10-W LED light fixtures, along with an enclosed battery backup ballast, allowing the unit to be powered for 90 min. once power is lost. Larson Electronics, LLC

Dual-Layer Flexible Rubber Hose
CHEMLINE hose is specifically designed to withstand the effects of highly corrosive chemicals and demanding environments. The hose uses technology originating from aircraft and truck tires for durability and is fitted with integrated gaskets and a continuous liner to protect the structure. Trelleborg.

Water System Monitor/Controller
Point Four LC3 has been redesigned with connectivity in mind, allowing managers and employees access to system information securely from anywhere at any time. The system was designed for efficiently displaying, notifying and reacting to sensor data. Pentair.

Survival Device
Pathfinder PRO SART is a new research and rescue transponder that expands the range of commercial maritime survival products. The device can be used on ships, lifeboats and life rafts and is waterproof up to 10 m. ACR Electronics Inc.

Seismic Data Analyzing Software
Blueback Seismic Data Management is software that provides full life cycle management of seismic data for a range of geoscience applications. The software scans, catalogs, quality controls and prepares seismic data. Cegal AS.

Marine Searchlight
Colorlight CLite2 is the first high-output LED searchlight that provides full movement on both the X- and Y-axis for unlimited rotation with no hard stops. The LEDs are installed in a powder-coated aluminum housing. IMTRA Corp.

Drilling Software Update
PowerLog 9.5 is the newest version of the flagship well log petrophysical analysis software. It is designed for efficient multi-user environments and drives collaboration among petrophysicists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers for better understanding. Also includes multiple methods of determining lithology and facies. CGG GeoSoftware.

High-Pressure Water Power Unit
Using water flow and pressure to generate cavitation at the end of the proprietary nozzle, CaviBlaster Model 1122 (11 gpm/2,200 psi) has been redesigned in a smaller, more compact package. This model is documented to out-clean 6,500-psi water blaster systems using only 2,200 psi. CaviDyne LLC.

Instrumentation Software
SmartPlant Instrumentation 2016 is an update enabling smarter design and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities. New features include the Query Builder, the Engineering Data Editor and the To-Do List in an easy-to-understand software design. Intergraph Process, Power & Marine.

Connectors and Cable Assemblies
The micro-wet-mate solutions incorporate rugged designs that provide 10,000 psi pressure ratings and survive 1,000 mate and demate cycles. These high contact density Burton subsea connectors and cable assemblies are available in MCBH bulkhead, MCIL inline overmolded and dummy-plug configurations that include up to eight contacts in 0.61-in. diameter shells or up to 16 contacts in 0.98-in. diameter shells. Eaton.

Geological Modeling Software
EarthModel FT 9.5 is the latest-version software that combines well and seismic data for a better understanding of the reservoir. Users can determine reservoir properties such as lithofacies, porosity and permeability. CGG GeoSoftware.

Warning Signals and Horns
D1x and GNEx are the new families of alarm horns, PA loudspeakers and combined alarm horn/Xenon strobe beacons. The four-stage, 64-tone alarm horns and combined units are available with directional flare or 360° sound dispersion radial horns, adding visual signaling. E2S Warning Signals LLC.

Portable Underwater Inspection ROV
AC-ROV can be set up and operated from no more space than you take up standing on site. It’s a one-operator system that allows the operator to have a hand free to take notes or speak on a radio or phone. AC-CESS Co. UK Ltd.

Sea Surface Temperature Analysis
Three new surface temperature data sets have been added, including the high-resolution GHRSST Level 4 G1SST Sea Surface Temperature Analysis. More than 800 unique variables provide regional sea surface temperature products across Europe and the Baltic Sea. Planet OS Inc.

Support Software
Support for the Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP) has been added to Echoview 7.1. AZFP Link software will now be able to read raw binary AZFP data files directly, bringing performance and usability benefits. Echoview also supports data logged by Sonic KFC-6000 and KSE-300 echosounders. ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

ADCP Upgrade
SeaSEVEN Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler has two pairs of three beams splayed around a vertical beam. It is able to make the basic measurements of a Doppler shift, echo intensity, correlation, depth and temperature at a high speed and store up to 64 GB of memory. Rowe Technologies Inc.



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