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Diver and ROV DVR
Developed for use when completing visual inspections on subsea structures that require real-time event logging, the 1HD-4SD has built-in automatic data backup with a copy of all data stored on two removable 3 TB hard drives. Digital Edge Subsea Ltd.
USBL System
Nexus 2 is a two-way digital system developed with an emphasis on far greater accuracy while positioning over an extended operational range. It provides a reliable and secure acoustic link with an extremely low susceptibility to interference and is compatible with many AAE beacons and some older AAE products. Applied Acoustics Engineering Ltd.
Surface Mount Ultrasonic Receiver
RovR, an ROV-mountable ultrasonic receiver, features a narrow-band, frequency agile receiver, RS232 data interface, a wide power supply of 4.5 to 24 VDC and long range detection up to 1,000 m or more. There are versions for shallow or deep waters. Sonotronics Inc.
Reference Receiver
The new PolaRx5 is optimized for state DOTs and other RTK network operators. It is a versatile, multifrequency GNSS reference receiver providing measurements with the lowest noise while constantly monitoring and protecting against ionospheric interference, multipath and other environmental effects. Septentrio Americas.
Directional Sensor Improvements
Revolution AV is a strap-down electronic compass designed for commercial, industrial and military use requiring high accuracy, repeatability and low power consumption in dynamic environments. The two improvements comprise an innovative bias correction algorithm and acceptance and parse of the NMEA GPS $GPRMC sentence. True North Technologies.
Multipurpose Software Platform
Teledyne PDS 4.1 software now includes visual project management and setup designed with an improved user interface. The visual presentation of the survey tracks on the World globe allows the user to zoom into a flat plane with details of the GPS tracks and the extent of the project. Teledyne RESON.

High-Endurance Profiling Float
Mermaid-TREC is a high-endurance, environmentally powered platform with custom configurations that combine a traditional storage battery with the environmentally charged TREC battery. Clean, renewable energy from the ocean extends mission length and increases profiling frequency with low risk of interference. Seatrec Inc.

Sonar Measuring Device with DSP
HY 1602 dual-frequency echosounder System is an all-in-one PC-based echosounder that can output both echogram and chart paper results simultaneously. It can be used to survey rivers, lakes, the ocean and other bodies of water. Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology Co. Ltd.

Water Sampling Equipment
Time-series noncontaminated water sampler NWS-11C5 is capable of getting a pure in-situ sample by inflating a bag. Timer-based automatic water sampling with 500 m maximum working depth and 300 ml sampling capacity can be deployed for up to one month. NiGK Ocean.

Anti-Fouling Device
A self-contained, completely submersible wiping device, the miniWIPER can be used with a variety of sensors to wipe at various intervals and is powered by two AA lithium batteries. It prevents various organisms from growing on the sensor and interfering with data. Precision Measurement Engineering Inc.

Lightweight Inclining Positioner
An oceanographic pan-and-tilt positioner, the P15 features a rugged design with a 6,000-m safe working depth. It also includes a 10 lb.-ft. torque output and 20 to 28 VDC power with aluminum housing. Remote Ocean Systems.

Management System
Bathy DataBASE 4.2, part of the ping-to-chart solution, is a powerful system for the management and analysis of bathymetric surfaces and point clouds. This version includes an enhanced 3D subset editor and more powerful user-friendly environments. CARIS.

Visualization Software
Designed to operate with all current positioning options, Quantum simplifies any system configuration while easing methods of interpretation. Integral diagnostic functions and visual modules can also be operated independently without affecting concurrent positioning calculations. Veripos.

Color PATZ Cameras
Two new pan-and-tilt zoom (PATZ) cameras, the OE14-222 (PAL) and OE14-223 (NTSC) help the operator by removing the 45-second calibration delay during installation, and they have improved resistance to shock and vibration, integrated LED lighting and more. Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.

2D Slice Editor
Qimera 1.2 expands upon the original to make hydrographic data processing as simple as possible. New features include a slice editor that helps the user select, edit and see points of a 4D scene, streamlined and intuitive user interaction and seamless workflow from QINSy to Qimera. QPS.

Miniature Connector
FO1 is a miniature, lightweight, rugged connector that ensures optimum performance even in harsh environments. It is available in preconfigured reels or integrated custom assemblies for applications of instrumentation, sensing, defense and broadcasting. Fischer Connectors SA.

AESA Radar
Sea Giraffe 1X is a 3D, active electronically scanned array radar. Weighing less than 650 lb., it’s suitable for small patrol ships and requires little power or upkeep. All maintenance, including LRU repair, can be performed by any trained engineer. Saab Defense and Security USA LLC.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
The New Generation REMUS 100 AUV combines the reliability of the original with new features and capabilities, such as advanced core electronics, flexible navigation suite with a Doppler velocity log and an open architecture platform. Hydroid Inc.

Reflection Seismology Profiler
HMS-AT650 Compact ULF sub-bottom profiling System is ideal for apps that require high-resolution chirp sub-bottom images along with deeper penetration in difficult sediments such as hard-packed sand. The system is suitable for operation in a variety of array configurations. Falmouth Scientific Inc.

Stackable Float
Marker floats are used in ROV and survey operations for marking bottom locations to facilitate ROV maneuvering. The new design is a square cross section that provides a stronger signature for the location. DeepWater Buoyancy Inc.

Advanced True Sine Wave Inverters
Freedom Xi is engineered for use in all types of mobile apps. New features include clean AC power, smart battery management and quick connection terminals. Lightweight, it eliminates compatibility issues while inhibiting excessive battery drain. Xantrex.

3D GIS Software
ArcGIS 10.4 offers new apps such as Drone2Map and enhanced visualization capabilities like vector tiles. Other features include geoprocessing, Python and ArcPy, mapping, editing, Geodata and network analyst extension. Esri.

Environmental Data Sharing System
Port-Log is an advanced wave processing algorithm for processing real-time data streams from a range of industry standard instruments including directional wave buoys, downward-looking radars and upward-looking pressure and motion sensors. The data are then extracted (raw or partially processed), transformed and loaded into the Ocean Database. OceanWise.

Shipbuilding Software
ShipConstructor 2016 R2.1 increases the ability to leverage data found in the 3D marine information model and increases options for CAD/CAM modelers. Features include 3D to 2D MarineDrafting, new HVAC stock types and more. SSI.

Video Overlay Device
This tool consists of a small black box that can be quickly and easily interfaced with an ROV’s cathodic measurement probe and the pilot’s video display. It enables ROV operators to give their undivided attention to the task of operating the ROV and its probe. Atlantas Marine Ltd.

Harbor Towage Software
Software specifically designed to support tugboat owners and operators called Helm CONNECT Jobs is designed to help in a range of tasks that include contract management, tariffs, billing, dispatch and vessel logs. Helm Operators.

Expanded 3D Software Suite
This release includes upgrades and features designed to enhance the overall value of collected survey data and to help reduce survey application expenditures. In addition to the upgrades, there will be a new version 7.0 of 3D Cloud that will provide multireturn processing capability for subsea lidar data. 3D at Depth.

Polymer Protector Cases
Pelican Air cases have been designed to cut weight without compromising durability. The case includes super-light proprietary HPX2 polymer, double-throw latches, purge valve, watertight O-ring gasket, conic curve lid shape and is crush proof and rustproof. OrionCase LLC.

Windows App
PX InSight is a new, free Windows app designed to support distributors, dealers and end-users in creating a cost-effective PX Multisensor package that delivers optimal performance for single or double trawls. The sensor selecting tool generates a 3D image of the trawl with recommended sensors and positions. Kongsberg Maritime (Simrad).

Underwater Vehicle
Phantom Flylmager is an underwater drone using a hybrid system that allows the user to utilize a side scan sonar system, the EdgeTech 4125, combined with the functionality of the Phantom T5ROV underwater drone. The side scan sonar system can be pulled behind a powered surface vessel as a towfish while scanning. Deep Ocean Engineering Inc.

3D Modeling Laser
SubC Stingray is a laser module with diffraction beam-shaping optics, ideal for metrology and 3D modeling. Laser line, micro-focus and pattern generators are particularly useful for 3D measurement tasks, using laser triangulation or laser light-sectioning techniques. SubC Imaging.

Underwater Camera
Offering outstanding performance in low light conditions as well as sunlight, the Monochrome C460 Camera features a 570 TVL resolution and a low light sensitivity of 0.000005 lux. It also has a titanium housing, 77o field of view and is depth rated to 6,000 m. Remote Ocean Systems.

Rechargeable ROV
With the launch of a new hybrid-power ROV, users now have the option of operation and charging of the internal batteries while the system is plugged in. It can be switched to its onboard batteries for up to 8 hours of deployment at any time. A simple charging cord connects to the tether reel making it able to operate indefinitely while plugged in. Deep Trekker Inc.

Airborne Mapping Solution
Optech Eclipse is the first airborne collection system that tightly integrates both passive and active imaging sensors with fully autonomous data collection on low-cost platforms. The Eclipse combines an innovative sensor motion detection system with an eye-safe, high-performance 1.5-microm laser and a high-resolution imaging system. Teledyne Optech.

Soil Water Tension Measurer
Running Line Tensiometers (RLT) are ideal for new and existing winches to enable line tension, speed and payout monitoring. The three RLT models feature a rugged, compact design with high-accuracy rotational and/or force sensors with easy setup via removable sheaves. Measurement Technology Northwest.



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