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Multi-Role Work-Class ASV
The C-Worker 5 is a state-of-the-art autonomous surface vehicle specifically designed as a hydrographic survey force multiplier. It can operate at 7 kt. for five days before refueling and alongside traditional survey vessels, increasing survey efficiency. The ASV also integrates quickly and easily with a wide variety of payloads including hull mounted and towed sensors. ASV Ltd.
Polystyrene Spheres
Each sphere is made from two injection-molded hemispheres, providing uniform shape, wall thickness and density. The 141 instrument housings are held together by partial vacuum-sealing with an o-ring face seal, while the 142 flotation spheres are thermally fused together. They are designed to withstand heavy blows and high pressure. Global Ocean Design.
Coring Camera
Designed to be mounted to deep-sea sediment corers, this self-contained system allows users to record the corer deployment and review footage on recovery of the corer to check that the system has deployed correctly. It can also aid in analysis of the sample and redeployment of the corer. OSIL.

High-Accuracy Recorder
The SBE 37-SI MicroCAT is a high-accuracy conductivity and temperature (pressure optional) recorder with serial interface (RS-232 or RS-485) and memory. Externally powered, it can be used for moored applications requiring fast sampling and is useful as a stand-alone monitoring device. Sea-Bird Scientific.

Line Capture Line Recovery
The LCLR module uses a linear Digital Ultra Short Base Line (DUSBL) acoustic array for homing the vehicle to the transponder. The final capture is assisted by articulated arms for capturing the line after the vehicle reaches it. Upon capture, a latch mechanism attaches the vehicle to the line. An optical sensor is used to confirm the completion of the vehicle’s capture and initiate its recovery. Hydroid Inc.

Harsh Environment Pump
Built for the harsh marine environment to withstand the toughest conditions. Permanent magnet, continuous-duty motors with 3-ft. tinned wire leads for below waterline installations. SHURFLO Submersible Pumps 12 & 24 VDC control and manage water by transferring and removing excess water. Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems.

Single-Beam Echosounder
The EA 440 is designed for shallow to medium-depth waters and for hull-mounted side scan systems. It has a new wideband transceiver, which provides more flexible installation and operation. It is designed for using up to four channels at the same time in a small and rugged transceiver unit. Kongsberg Maritime NS.

Underwater Profiler
The ADCP/DVL blends the most established and modern acoustic Doppler sonar, transducer, low-power signal processing, packaging, and electronics technological capabilities into a broad and versatile product line of high-performance Doppler sonar for current profile and vehicle bottom velocity measurement. Rowe Technologies Inc.

Inertial Navigation System
SPRINT makes optimal use of acoustic aiding data from acoustic USBL and LBL positioning and other sensors such as Doppler velocity log (DVL) and pressure sensors. This improves position accuracy, precision, reliability and integrity while reducing operational time and vessel costs. Sonardyne International Ltd.

ROV System
The Mission Specialist Series’ customizable and flexible platforms use a system of interchangeable, modular components, communicating through a single intelligent network. Modules include cameras with a wide range of resolutions, LED lighting, powerful horsepower operation and more. VideoRay LLC.

Noise-Reduction Exhaust System
The new, compact Whisper Exhaust is a cost-effective solution that can reduce exhaust noise by as much as 60 percent. It has been developed to offer the best in sound attenuation, while preserving valuable space in the engine compartment. Centek Industries.

Carbon Fiber Exposed Boat Hull
The Paragon 28 Super Sport is lighter, faster, and stronger than any traditional fiberglass hull, and the design allows for a higher top speed and much improved gas mileage while still maintaining high-end aesthetics. Coupled with a Seven Marine 627 HP Supercharged V8 outboard, the craft can top 75 MPH with a range of 300 mi. Carbon Marine Inc.

Spring Motors
Designed for safe and efficient reel retraction, more than 150 different types of spring motors, including six various spring thicknesses and three spring widths, are custom built. Spring cans are available as preassembled replacement parts. Coxreels.

Mobile Lidar Survey System
The Optech Lynx SG-S delivers survey-grade accuracy with a single, lightweight lidar/camera installation. Equipped with Teledyne Optech’s world-class lidar technology, the Lynx SG-S sensor makes 600,000 measurements per second with uncompromising accuracy and spreads them over a 360° view at 250 lines per second. Teledyne Optech.

Advanced Weather App
The new AccuWeather app for Android has a stunning look that users will recognize in addition to its enhanced performance features. The app combines advanced displays and wording with customized, localized weather information with superior accuracy thanks to a GPS locator. AccuWeather.

Underwater Action Camera
The EZVIZ FIVE has a built-in 2-in. IPS touchscreen at 320 x 240; a 900-mAh battery and continuous recording at 4K/15fps; a dual mic for noise reduction; and a lens distortion corrector. Local storage on a 128-GB microSD memory card is also possible, unlike comparable action cams that only allow 64-GB cards. EZVIZ.

Temperature-Resistant Cables
Rated for operational temperatures as low as -65° C, these highly flexible flat cables are designed for nonstop reliability in punishing weather and polar climates. These rugged and UV-resistant cables are excellent alternatives to PVC, Teflon, Neoprene and Polyurethane cables. CICOIL Corp.

Submersible Level Transmitter
The 59Y Series consists of five submersible level transmitters designed to meet the challenges of liquid level measurement in a wide range of viscous, harsh or aggressive fluid media. Viatran Corp.

Corrosion Monitors
The Seatooth PipeLogger is a wireless real-time temperature monitoring and logging system designed for retrofit to subsea assets. The technology supports two-way communications through seawater, seabed, concrete blankets, ice and the splash zone. WFS Technologies Ltd.

Digital Pressure Testing Software
GREENLIGHT provides reliable pressure analysis and compliance oversight. The interface allows for on-site annotations and test associations, analysis and reporting. Offshore Technical Compliance LLC and Hecate Software.



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