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Heavy-Duty Pan-and-Tilt Unit
The LUXUS Dual 360° P/T is designed for heavy-duty operations up to 4,000 m. It features corrosion-resistent, nonoxidizing strong housing facilitating operation at all angles and full-scale activation while providing a long lifespan. MacArtney Benelux BV.
Coaxial Subsea Connector Contacts
The Millenium series connectors include a maximum insertion loss of 0.7 dB at signal frequencies to 3 GHz with associated maximum SWR of 1.71. They can withstand open-face hydrostatic pressure to depths of 1,433 m. BIRNS Inc.
Helium Speech Unscrambler Radio
An innovative design corrects the diver’s raw helium speech into normal intelligible voice levels, and reduces the amount of detectable background noise without affecting the diver’s speech. Diver communication is available in two-wire or four-wire mode with separate channels and volume controls. Amron International Inc..

Software for Commercial Fisherman
TZ Fishing Charts, available for TIMEZERO software, show the dense contours for both coastal and offshore locations, giving a detailed, accurate depiction of the underwater landscape. Compatible with all Furuno NavNet3D, TZT or TZT 2 software. Fifteen fishing charts will be available. Nobeltec.

Programmable Power Supply
Featuring three isolated outputs that can be adjusted independently or combined in a series or parallel to output higher voltage or current, the 9129B provides two channels with variable voltage and current up to 30 V/3 A and a third variable channel rated for 5 V/3 A. B&K Precision Corp.

Underwater Motor
The MT-30 thruster is pressure tolerant up to 6,000 m with oil compensation, has output power of 180 W, voltage of 48 and weighs under 2 lb. The propeller is modified for low-noise operation. Maxon Precision Motors Inc.

Underwater Camera
The M12 R200 series is a wide-angle video and stills camera for ROVs that sends HD video to the surface. It features on-demand stills captured directly to 512 GB of internal storage or an external NAS and a depth range of 4,000 m or 6,500 m.Cathx Ocean Ltd.

Underwater Low-Cost UUV
The micro-UUV features open hardware and software interfaces to provide users a reliable and robust platform to advance technology development. The vehicle is optimized for high efficiency and can go up to 8 kt. at a depth of 200 m. Riptide Autonomous Solution LLC.

Advanced Hydrophone
The M20-110 particle motion sensor bottom-mounted system is designed to measure 3D particle velocity and acoustic pressure in a broad range of environments. The heart of the system includes a gyro-stabilized 3D orientation sensor, three dipole sensors and one omnidirectional acoustic pressure sensor. GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc.

Underwater Positioning System
EchoRanger AUV is a low-cost, easy-to-deploy system developed to address every need for asset tracking, search and recovery and general survey operations. It executes planned mission-based position updates while providing real-time tracking relayed via Iridium surface beacon and cloud server. TrackServer.

Ocean Sensor
The SV2-602 Inertial Wave Height Sensor is a 12 v (9 to 18 VDC) powered inertial wave sensor that reports heading, wave height, wave period and wave direction via RS-232 communications. The onboard three-axis accelerometer and digital compass provide 12-bit measurements at a sample rate of 4 Hz. SeaView Systems Inc.

Vertical Buoy
DeepNINJA is a 4,000 m deep-sea observation profiling float, collecting data on temperature and salinity in the winter deep sea in the Antarctic. It can repeat ups and downs in the sea and can transmit data by satellite. The Tsurumi-Seiki Co. Ltd.

Green Infrastructure Products
The NOAA suite of products are used to better understand and implement green infrastructure approaches. Included are the green infrastructure protective services, coastal county snapshots, economic assessment for climate change adaptation and a green infrastructure mapping guide. NOAA.

Oxygen Monitor
The Rinko FT is a dissolved oxygen sensor based on the optical principle known as the fast response oxygen sensor with high accuracy. It retains fast response time while having a greater accuracy and stability by incorporating high-quality multipoint calibration and improved sensing method. Primarily designed to target Argo float operations. JFE Advantech Co. Ltd..

Inertial Navigation System
The INSpect GS4 FOG INS is a powerful, lightweight system designed to provide accurate navigation necessary for today’s complicated tasks. With a high-accuracy depth sensor, a fiber-optic gyro and magnetic digital compass, it performs even in difficult inspection environments using OPENSEA software. Works with any vehicle or sensor set and can use existing navigation aiding sensors. Greensea Systems Inc.

Underwater Sound Mapping
Now with multifrequency sonar, the 881A can generate full-scale images in high detail. It is a programmable multifrequency digital imaging sonar that can be operated with default frequency setting at 310 kHz. It features high performance, low cost and power. Imagenex Technology Corp.

Deep-Diving AUV
The AD2CP-Glider provides high-resolution measurement of three velocity components over 1,000 m depth range of the instrument. The velocity measurements can be coupled with acoustic backscatter, temperature, salinity, or dissolved oxygen measurements to examine mixing and transport processes. Nortek AS.

Hybrid AUV/ROV
The Hybrid ARV 100 is single-person deployable with full Windows support for mission management, remote control and data viewing and analysis. It includes side scan sonars, 1080 p true HD-quality camera, up to 300 m depth rating, 8 lb. of payload capacity and high-intensity LED lighting. Aquabotix Technology Corp.

Lightweight Pan and Tilt Positioner
The P15 is an oceanographic positioner featuring a reliable and rugged design. Its specifications include 70 m (air filled) or 6,000 m (PBOF/PBLF) safe working depth, 10 lb.-ft. torque output, 20 to 28 VDC power, RS-485 control and aluminum housing. ROS.

Flexible Metallic Connection
WDS Flexible Pipe uses a microporous insulation material consisting of inorganic silicates. The main component is fumed silica with others being opacifiers for minimizing infrared radiation and silicates, which leads to high-efficiency thermal insulation. Morgan Advanced Materials plc.

Terminal Operating System
The N4 3.1 includes new features and enhancements such as automation, advanced rail operation, architectural and system performance improvements, improved migration from SPARCS to N4 and better user experience. Navis.



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