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Naval Inceptor Vessel
The ProZero 12m is an advanced, high-speed craft. It is powered by a pair of inboard electronic turbo-diesel engines, giving the vessel a +60-kt. top speed. The deep V hull secures the boat’s capabilities to go fast, even in rough seas. Tuco Marine Group.
Mooring Buoys
Balizamar buoys are manufactured with a galvanized steel structure, and they are designed for a safe working load of 12.000 kg. The buoys have a foam-filled rotomolded polyethylene hull. There are four available hulls, and they feature the standard diameters of 1,250 mm and 1,600 mm. Almarin.
New Channel for Fish Profiler
The Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP) now includes a 2-MHz channel. The high-frequency, short-range channel is aimed at studies involving sediment and small zooplankton. The nominal beam angle of 7° at -3dB matches other high-frequency AZFP channels. ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

Aluminum Cable Seal
Each unit is supplied with both predrilled and blank inner seals. Watertight installation has been IPX6 and IPX7 tested and approved. A multifunctional, dome-shaped profile provides a stronger, more impact-resistant design. Scanstrut.

Self-Cleaning Ballast Water Filters
Single-screen, compact filters are designed to handle flow rates between 50 and 550 m3/hr. using 25, 40 or 50 micron screens, with the ability to operate in vertical or horizontal configurations. The compact filters are easier to maintain, resulting in a longer service life. Filtersafe.

Underwater LED Lights
Available in surface-mount and thru-hull models, these color-changing RGBW LED lights feature 2,500 to 10,000 fixture lumens as well as unique internal driver technology, which reduces cost and installation time. The LEDs are offered with various options that are capable of being scrolled, dimmed, sequenced or strobed. Bluefin LED.

Oil Spill Recovery System
The X150 skimmer has a verified oil recovery rate of 660 g/min. and an oil recovery efficiency of 87.6 percent. It incorporates grooved disc technology and can be used for offshore and nearshore spills. Elastec.

Upgraded Version of Software
C-Scape provides independent, real-time monitoring of dynamic positioning systems. The updated software includes enhanced control functions for receivers, improved AutoCAD support and advanced graphics capabilities. C-Nav.

ODT Transponder
Designed for UXO disposal and salvage specialists, the Blowfish is a device that combines a positioning transponder and a triggering mechanism. It can operate in up to 1,000 m depth of water, and it features a battery that is capable of lasting 180 days. The transponder weighs 850 g. Applied Acoustic Engineering Ltd.

Dual-Channel Video Recorder
VRDV7000 is a lightweight, small form-factor, DZUS-mounted video recorder designed for capturing high-definition mission video with accurate metadata. It supports simultaneous recording and playback, enabling surveillance teams to view uninterrupted live video sources. Curtiss-Wright Corp.

Airborne Lidar
The Optech Galaxy is designed to improve collection efficiency and productivity. The integrated ILRIS and UAV solution combines detailed, long-range terrestrial lidar and more general UAV photogrammetry for more complete 3D data. Teledyne Optech.

Handheld Fluorometer
Made for measuring in-vivo chlorophyll, FluoroSense has a simple, two-button keypad that enables users to quickly power on the instrument and take a reading to estimate chlorophyll in almost any aquatic habitat. Chlorophyll µg/L estimates are displayed in seconds. Turner Designs Inc.

Bracket for Reel Series
Constructed from 12-gauge, heavy-duty, powder-coated steel, the universal bracket functions as a chain/gear guard and allows for four versatile payout degrees (0°, 30°, 60°, 90°). It also includes a removable center guard cap for easy bearing access. Coxreels.

Speed Trial Analysis Software
PrimeShip-GREEN/ProSTA calculates a ship’s speed trial results for EEDI calculation in compliance with the latest IMO guidelines. The software enables smooth adoption of the amended standard, ISO 15016:2015. ClassNK.

Two-Stage Turbocharger
The Power2 800-M has increased pressure ratio capabilities up to 12, up from eight in the first generation, and turbocharger efficiency beyond 75 percent. It was designed with high availability and minimum downtime in mind, making it easy to accommodate on the engine. ABB Group.

Measurement While Drilling Tool
The twin electromagnetic telemetry system is used for high-speed electrmagnetic telemetry to transmit drilling data. The system encodes downhole data into low-frequency waves, and the signal is transmitted from the tool through the formation and detected on the surface. Enteq Upstream PLC.

Safety Application
Designed to provide additional boating safety resources, the Boating Safety Mobile app provides navigation rules, float plans, an equipment check list and state boating information. It also features an emergency assistance button, with location services enabled. U.S. Coast Guard.

Triple-Headed Flood Light
The WALTP-3XWP400-200 provides a portable, powerful lighting solution that can be quickly transported and deployed. The tower features a collapsible tripod that extends from 3 ft. to 10 ft. and three LED light heads mounted to a single, removable bracket. Larson Electronics LLC.

Multipurpose Ball Valves
The FB Series features a floating ball design that is designed to allow upstream pressure to assist the downstream seal. Live loaded seats allow the valve to seal under differential pressures lower than other floating ball designs. Standard PEEK seats deliver leak-tight performance at 6,000 psig. SSP Corp.

Bolt-Tensioning Tools
Consisting of 10 base tools, the Force10 range covers bolt sizes from 3/4 in. to 4 in. (M20 to M100) and has been designed to fit onto most ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47 Series 1, MSS-SP44, API-6A and API-17D standard flanges. Atlas Copco Tentec.

Engine With Increased Efficiency
Offering a significant reduction in maintenance requirements, the 31 engine raises fuel efficiency and flexibility. In its diesel version, fuel consumption is as low as 165g/kWh. The engine comes in diesel, dual-fuel and spark-ignited gas versions. Wärtsilä Corp.

Planetary Gearboxes
The FDK and FZP versions of the 300 series simplify operations for applications that require periodic maintenance. They also enable a quick disassembling of the gearbox from the machine. Strong bearing ensures a long lifespan. Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.P.A.



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