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Seven-Way Valve Pack
The HLK-73300 has been updated to ensure ease of use and maintenance, as well as greater flexibility, with a significant saving in weight. O-rings and taper-threaded fittings have been replaced with parallel-threaded fittings and Dowty seals. Hydro-Lek Ltd.
Sound Velocity Profiling System
With the capability to automatically cast and recover a high-quality SV probe to 500 m at 8 kt. without an operator on deck, rapidCAST offers many of the benefits previously available only from large, costly towed profilers. A freefall profiling method allows the operator to target the desired cast depth. Teledyne Oceanscience.
Triple-Frequency Antenna
The GPS-713 Pinwheel provides enhanced Inmarsat interference rejection, which allows for tracking of GNSS signals in the presence of high-powered Inmarsat transmitters typically found on marine vessels. The phase center offset of the antenna remains constant as the azimuth and elevation angle of the satellites change. NovAtel Inc.

Torque, Power Monitoring System
The TPM2 model features RS422 full-duplex, point-to-point serial interface communication. The TPM2 setup and configuration is designed to be easy and convenient with supplied software. System changes can safely be made away from the shaft. Binsfeld Engineering Inc.

IMO Echosounder
Offering an 8.4-in. color LCD display, the FE800 has built-in dual-frequency capability. It also features a new system design that provides immediate retrofit capability of older units, as well as easy installation on vessels. Frequencies can be either 50 kHz and/or 200 kHz. Furuno U.S.A. Inc.

Ethernet Interface
The PoE-powered 1553 provides real-time Ethernet connectivity for transformer or direct-coupled, dual-redundant 1553 (A/B) buses. With this device, multiple terminals can access 1553 data over any IP-based network. Users can selectively monitor data, control devices and report information through the various modes. BBG Inc.

Global Correction Service
Atlas provides accuracy levels ranging from meter to subdecimeter level. A flexible service, Atlas has been introduced across a wide range of hardware. Technical support is available around the clock. Hemisphere GNSS.

Synthetic Aperture Sonar Software
DELPH SAS couples sonar and positioning data, thus producing accurately geo-referenced images, with a robust algorithm that does not sense vehicle movements. Minimal positioning ambiguity helps in targeting accuracy. iXBlue.

Tidal Stream Turbine
Making possible tidal electricity generation at a cost lower than offshore wind, the Capricorn Marine Turbine can generate electricity from average tidal areas rather than sites that are hard to access, environmentally sensitive or high flow. Renewable Devices Marine Ltd.

Plastic Chop System
Flexible and fiber reinforced, the 13:1 chop system proportioner offers precise on-ratio dispensing, while the RS chop gun allows for an easy transition from wet-out to chop. It is designed so that no surge bottle is necessary and a low amount of solvent and resin is needed to prime the pump. Graco Inc.

Air Control, Communications System
Model 8211 has two HP #4 JIC air supply connections that are connected to two color-coded, 6-ft. whips with attached scuba yokes. The communicator has separate channels and volume controls for each diver. Amron International Inc.

Navigation for SOLAS Vessels
The MARIS ECDIS900 Mk5 and Mk15 deliver precise navigation with comprehensive route planning and optimization tools, integrated chart management and ordering, optional universal radar overlay and highly customizable conning display. The Windows-based PC system has options of 19-, 24- or 26-inch-wide screens. Simrad.

Heavy-Lift Floating Crane
At 1,600 mT, the SWL floating crane is targeted at the offshore wind market for the installation of offshore wind turbines. It provides a high-capacity lifting capability at both short and long outreaches over a large radius. Protea.

LED Drop Light
The FTL-3-LED-50 is a 14-watt LED task light that offers cooler operating temperatures and longer lamp life than traditional incandescent or fluorescent drop lights. It has been constructed to be completely weather proof and impact resistant. Larson Electronics LLC.

Marine eProcurement System
An S cloud-based system delivered in a software-as-a-service model, SeaProcurement Version 2.2 includes contract management, global parts searches, an iMarket Place and advanced management dashboard reporting. There is no software to install or support on the user’s computer or network. iMarine Software.

Canon G7 X Camera Housing
The waterproof FG7X has been successfully depth tested to 80 m and is certified to a maximum depth of 60 m, which is well beyond the 40 m dive limit of most compact housings. It is shock resistant and protects the camera from water, sand, dust, frost and other damaging elements. Fantasea Line.

Site Positioning System
Connecting more people on the job site, SitePulse improves communications between the field and office. It enables up-to-date information to be shared wirelessly. Field managers can take photographs that are tagged with GNSS position, date and time to create an audit trail of day-to-day activities. Trimble Navigation Ltd.

Ballast Water Treatment Solution
LoFlo is designed for vessels that require a lower-capacity treatment system. It is available with either 30 m3 or 60 m3 capacity, which significantly reduces footprint and energy usage. The system is fitted to a skid in a compact arrangement. Damen Shipyards Group.

Marine Scrubber
The DuPont scrubber uses less seawater in open loop, allowing vessel owners to reduce space and power consumption on board. In closed loop, freshwater make-up requirements also have been reduced dramatically. It is available in open-loop, closed-loop and hybrid designs. Belco Technologies Corp.

Dive System Integrated into HYPACK
By taking vessel position and heading and applying the information to a datagram, the Diver6 now allows HYPACK users to determine diver location in 3D. An XYZ surface is needed in order to run this program. HYPACK Inc.

Autodesk CAD/CAM Software
ShipConstructor 2016 provides 27 new features and 104 enhancements, including important functionality to re-use work. Various improvements have been made, including copy and paste, multiple document interface capability and the ability to copy BOMs. SSI.

Rotary Gear Pumps
The 700 Series provides quiet and efficient service at pressures to 2,000 psi and flow rates to 5.0 gpm. Featuring a gasket-free design, the pumps transfer media at temperatures up to 250° F. Clark Solutions.



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