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Dual-Frequency Transceiver
A 24-bit chirp sub-bottom profiling transceiver, the HMS-622 can fill a wide range of survey needs. It is available in dual- and single-frequency configurations and supports three frequency bands: standard LF (1 KHz to 10 KHz), as well as optional ULF (200 Hz to 2 KHz) and HF (8 KHz to 23 KHz). Falmouth Scientific Inc.
Inspection Video System
The DVCip is a fully integrated, three-camera pipeline inspection and recording system that transmits the three video images up a single 10/100 Ethernet link in an ROV’s umbilical. At the surface, the cameras are connected to a topside unit. NETmc Marine Ltd.
Corrosion Monitoring Transmitter
With the ability to integrate with other ISA100 systems, the ISA100 Microcor Wireless Transmitter offers the flexibility of either star or mesh network topologies. ISA100 devices have an effective wireless range of 1,500 ft. Rohrback Cosasco Systems Inc.

Sound Velocity Technology
The SWIFT SVP is a compact unit that features high accuracy SV, pressure and temperature, plus integral GPS to geolocate every profile. Data can be shared via FTP, email and cloud services. Valeport Ltd.

Micro-USBL Tracking, Data Modem
Built around a broadband spread spectrum signaling scheme, the SeaTrac X1 series can track asset positions while undertaking bidirectional data exchange. Each beacon is fitted with a 9 degrees of freedom attitude and heading reference system. Blueprint Subsea.

Portable Echosounder
Offering a built-in DGPS receiver, the GeoSounder is compact and rugged. The output rate, depending on which transducer is used, can be as high as 10 times per second. The unit is software programmable with an external PC. CT Systems.

Software Upgrade for ROV
The Phantom T5 ROV has been upgraded with sensors and software to support autonomous operations. The power and control system is packaged in a singular topside box, and the solution provides integrated data, sonar and video. Greensea Systems Inc. and Deep Ocean Engineering Inc.

Imaging Flow Cytometer
The Imaging FlowCytobot is an in-situ, automated submersible that generates images of particles. It uses a combination of flow cytometric and video technology to capture high-resolution images. The data are transmitted to shore in real time. McLane Research Laboratories Inc.

Software with Native Compatibility
Combining the DFF1-UHD sounder with TimeZero Catch software allows the user to create sedimentological maps in 3D. The software makes it possible to determine the type of sediment at the seabed. Furuno Inc. and Nobeltec.

Oil Spill Response System
Skimmer systems can be implemented on almost any work boat more than 6 m in length. Skimmers collect both light and heavy oils. Several sizes of skimmers are available to turn ships of varying lengths into oil response vessels. SeaHow.

Smart Buoy System
Using RockFLEET, buoys already fitted with the VEGA-light unit can be upgraded with location tracking, alerts and machine-to-machine data capabilities. The RockFLEET simply attaches to the (optional) expansion port on any VEGA-light unit. It requires no extra cables to run. Rock Seven Mobile Service Ltd. and Hydrosphere U.K. Ltd.

Long Baseline Transceiver
The Mini-ROVNav has been re-engineered to deliver 6G standards of performance. The built-in transducer allows the device to fit in anywhere on the ROV where line of sight with transponder arrays can be maintained. Sonardyne Ltd.

Alert System Added to ShipView
With the Alerting Add-In, map layers can be configured to automatically generate alerts. Using the rules and groups of a layer, whenever a ship matches or no longer matches those criteria, an alert will be generated and made available. Generated alerts can also be sent via email. exactEarth.

GNSS Receiver
The AsteRx 4 OEM is a multifrequency, dual-antenna receiver that incorporates GNSS tracking and positioning algorithms. The AsteRx 4 offers robust positioning that is scalable from meter to centimeter accuracy. Septentrio.

Solution for Anchor Handling
NaviSuite Beka is designed to be a scalable software solution that increases the efficiency and safety of anchor handling operations during rig move and barge management projects. The solution combines anchor handling and catenary data acquisition, ROV inspection and reporting in a single tool. EIVA a/s.

Integrated Multibeam Echosounder
Developed for fast mobilization on smaller vessels, the MB2 is optimized for users looking for a quick-to-deploy, high-resolution system. It features a cylindrical transmit array and multiple sounding frequencies, which range from 200 to 460 KHz. Teledyne Odom Hydrographic.

Survey-Grade Navigation
The fifth-generation OCTANS is an all-in-one gyrocompass and motion sensor. Enhanced features include IMO/IMO-HSC certification and inertial navigation system product upgrade path. It provides real-time output for roll, pitch, true heading and heave. iXBlue.

System to Combat Oil Pollution
A containerized mechanical system, the Compact 502 is comprised of a rigid sweeping arm, a hydraulic marine knuckle boom crane, a diesel-driven hydraulic power pack and an operator console. The system functions in oil recovery and possibly debris cleanup. Koseq BV.

Network Communications Solution
The TruNet solution delivers mission-critical capability. The system’s software-defined radios provide multiple waveforms, both narrow and wideband, high-speed, mobile ad hoc networked communications, point-to-point data, voice and next-generation satcom capabilities. Rockwell Collins.

Correlation Velocity Log
Providing both long-range navigation and high-resolution accuracy, the AquaTrak has a flexible and modular design that allows the unit to be used in a standalone configuration or as part of an integrated navigation system. AquaTrak’s piezocomposite transducers operate at 150 kHz, enabling altitudes of 300 m above the seabed. Kraken Sonar Systems Inc.

Hydraulic Hose Bundles
The bundled hoses, available in 0.25-in. to 2-in. sizes, allow for versatility and can incorporate strength members such as aramid braiding, steel-wire central ropes and aramid central ropes to the customer’s specification. Hydro Group plc. and EnerMech.

Electric Outboards
The Cruise comes in 5 hp and 8 hp equivalents and is a solution for users where the use of combustion motors is limited. It features an aluminum lower housing that protects against impact damage and provides support for the propeller shaft. Torqeedo Inc.



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