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Hyperbaric Chamber Light
Featuring a 4.2-W LED bulb, the model 7140 standard light has a 30,000-hour life. It includes an adjustable integrated mounting plate. A relief valve allows the light to dive to 1,000 ft. A magnetic base is optional, and red or blue lens filters are available. Amron International Inc.
Addition to Lighting Applications
With a 1.85-in. diameter and 6.08-in. length, the SeaLite Lumos delivers 3,000-lumen performance in a compact form. It is available in both AC and DC configurations, with a wide flood beam or an ultranarrow spot beam. Protected inputs are resistant to overvoltage, overcurrent and thermal fault. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.
New Version of Software
The latest version of SonarWiz includes more than 60 enhancements, incorporating a lighter and faster bathymetric data processing engine and ray tracer. The SonarWiz Patch Test Utility was updated from both user experience and reliability perspectives. Auto-sizing for time-constant-for-course-smoothing has been extended to small file imports. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Tri-Frequency Side Scan Sonar
An AUV-based sonar system provides three side scan sonar frequencies and sub-bottom profiling capabilities in a compact system. The 2205 AUV/ROV-based sonar system is a smaller and more versatile system for hosted platforms that can operate at 230 kHz, 540 kHz and 1,600 kHz. EdgeTech.

DGNSS Beacon Receiver
Specifically designed for marine construction, the SPS356 allows contractors to achieve sub-meter accuracy using DGNSS or MSK beacon station corrections for robust, multiconstellation positioning. The receiver is ideal for a range of applications, including dredging and surveying. Trimble.

Underwater HD 1080P Camera
The UWC-625 can be used with ROVs, diver handhelds, fixed installations and more. It comes standard with an XSK-5-BCL, which means it will run on existing cables out in the field. It transmits HD 1080P over standard coax cable. Outland Technology Inc.

VoIP Service Onboard Vessels
A dedicated voice configuration for mini-VSAT Broadband global maritime satellite network ensures that customers experience high-quality phone calls. The network’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is delivered on a protected data stream, separate from the network’s overall broadband data traffic. KVH Industries Inc.

Upgrade to Tablet
The Algiz 10X, a 10.1-in. tablet designed for field professionals, features the new Windows 8 operating system and a more powerful processor that speeds startup and operation, increases software compatibility and doubles processor performance. Handheld Group.

Electrohydraulic Controller Upgrade
The DS2R, with a proportional valve, is now available for axial piston units that function as secondary control devices in offshore winch applications. The controller is fitted directly to the secondary control unit—axial piston equipment that can serve as both a pump or motor. Bosch Rexroth Corp.

Miniature Inertial Navigation System
The Ellipse-D has an embedded dual-antenna, survey-grade GNSS receiver for orientation and position accuracy. The sensor is immune to magnetic disturbances and provides accurate heading even under low dynamics. SBG Systems EMEA.

Vectored-Thrust ROV
The DTX2 combines a pitch mechanism with four vectored thrusters. Rated for depths up to 300 m and with speeds approaching 3.5 knots, the DTX2 is easy to use. Standard sensors include heading, depth and temperature. Deep Trekker Inc.

Capable Work-Class Vehicle
More compact than the XLX model, but with similar capabilities, the XLX-C ROV has been two years in development. With a compact frame, the XLX-C has a generous payload, rationalized hydraulic systems and features a simplified electrical sub-system. Forum Energy Technologies. Inc.

Corrosion Prevention
HybridShield Anticorrosion Coating is a single-component, environmental protective material designed to protect marine and other structures from harsh corrosive environments. Metallic test surfaces have endured more than 12 months of continuous beach exposure. NanoSonic Inc.

Freshwater Reverse-Osmosis System
Providing soft, pure water from the available dock hose or marina tap, the Spot Zero allows boat owners to have instant and easy access to freshwater for multiple uses on board. The small and compact system is easy to store and transport. Dometic Marine.

More Options for 3D Printing
New colors have been introduced for the ASA thermoplastic, and digital materials have been expanded. ASA is an FDM material used for the production of prototypes, manufacturing tools and finished goods. More color options allow users greater flexibility. Stratasys Ltd.

Side Scan Integrations
The integration cable is a single, lightweight 10-m tow cable terminated with a stainless steel housing, providing an electrical and mechanical tow point. The housing is rated to 3,000 m. Marine Magnetics Corp.

Smartphone for Harsh Environments
A mobile sidekick for harsh working environments, SmartPro Tough is compact and robust. It offers dual SIM Quad Band, seamless data exchange and Bluetooth. Running on Android software, SmartPro Tough fits into many existing setups. Top Side Offshore Technology b.v.

Software for Vessel Scheduling
A multi-user software, the Schedule Animation Tool provides accurate visual representation of a vessel’s location and planned activities. The software can identify occasions when a vessel is required to be in close proximity to another vessel or installation. Cambla Ltd.

Addition to Aluminum 1605 Range
The FCS 1605 FRP is light and strong because of its composite construction and waterjet propulsion. The vessel can reach a speed of 29 knots. With a capacity for 12 passengers, the new 16-m vessel provides high levels of comfort. Damen Shipyards Group.

HD Lights With Minimal Heat
The Pro Series HD Allure 50XFM and 150XFM incorporate efficient LED technology. The lights have 3,000 to 6,000 fixture lumens and are exchangeable from inside the hull with a plug-and-play system. OceanLED Marine Ltd.

Fire Control Panel
For use on medium or large commercial vessels, the Triton 2 offers the capacity to drive up to 252 addressable devices over its two integrated loops. It can pinpoint the exact location and type of incident. Sea-Fire Marine.

Navigational Charting Application
eChart software combines up-to-date information from different sources, including wreck, cable, tide and geographical data, for navigational charts. The Web- or PC-based application replaces the ARCS Skipper service. Norcom Technology Ltd.



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