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Multirange DC Power Supply
Including four 200 W to 600 W models, the 9200 Series can deliver power in any combination of the rated voltage and current up to the maximum output power of the supply. Voltage and current ranges include up to 150 V and 25 A. The front panel features a high-resolution, 1 mV/0.1 mA display. B&K Precision Corp.
Top-Drive Cement Head
The Hawkeye operates on a fully wireless automation system, eradicating the need for a hydraulic umbilical line and operating console. Its connections allow for fast plug, dart and ball reloads, lowering the amount of rig floor downtime. It also prevents the deformation of dart fins. Blackhawk Specialty Tools LLC.
Small, High-Accuracy GPS Compass
The Vector V104 integrates two GPS antennas, a multi-axis gyro and a tilt sensor into a single system. The dual antennas provide both heading and position data, and the gyro and tilt sensor improve system performance and provide backup heading information. Hemisphere GNSS.

Mooring-Free Buoy System
Offering an alternative to a permanent moored buoy, the unmanned system is 2.4 m in size and weighs 450 kg. It utilizes a C-Stat station-keeping buoy, which can be deployed for up to four days at a time, running on hybrid diesel or full electric power. OSIL and ASV Ltd.

Marine TV Antennas
Bringing high-performance coverage to any watercraft, the SeaWatch 3004, 3010, 3015 and 3019 provide over-the-air digital HDTV. The 3004 dome antenna measures 8 in. by 4 in., the 3010 is 10 in. by 2 in., the 3015 is sized at 15 in. by 3 in. and the 3019 at 19 in. by 3 in. Shakespeare Co. LLC.

High-Sealing Switches
Providing protection against ingress of dust and temporary immersion in water, the IP67-rated switches are ideal in harsh environments prone to these elements. Series options include microswitches and limit switches. Crouzet Switches.

Offshore Personnel Transfer Device
A new range of crane transfer devices, the FROG-XT is an evolution of the FROG range that has the capacity to include four-, six- and 10-person versions. The average passenger weight capability has also been increased. Reflex Marine Ltd.

Water Quality Monitoring Service
A daily water quality monitoring service is now offered for the Arabian Gulf. The new service provides online access to reports on six water quality parameters at 250 m to 1 km spatial resolution. Reports include suspended sediment and chlorophyll-a content. Proteus FZC.

Undersea Camera
HorizonVue can operate at the ocean’s surface or down to depths of 4,500 m, withstanding pressure of 6,575 lbs/sq in. Intended for use by work-class ROV operators and the subsea oil and gas industries, the camera provides enhanced situational awareness. Battelle.

Flexible Control for Winches, Cranes
The control system can be connected to the customer’s system using predefined interfaces. Numerous hardware variants in the form of an extensive modular system allow the designer maximum flexibility while reducing costs and errors during commissioning. Bosch Rexroth Corp.

High-Definition Zoom Lens
Available in 2/3-in., 1/2-in. and 1/3-in. CCD formats, Z10 lenses provide users with high-definition (1,080 by 720 pixel) resolution. The f/1.8, 10x tracking zoom employed ensures that images stay in focus by utilizing floating cell technology. The Z10 is also able to focus upon objects as close as 450 mm from the lens. Resolve Optics Ltd.

System Eliminates Soot From Vessels
The GreenTRAP VOLT 320 is a diesel particulate filter (DPF) system. It is a passive/active DPF system that performs automatic self-cleaning (regeneration) without relying on an engine’s exhaust temperature. The system eliminates up to 95 percent of particulate matter. Nett Technologies Inc.

Hydrographic Information App
The ADMIRALTY H-Note App is a free digital version of the Hydrographic Note and will allow navigational information to be recorded and shared faster and more easily. Mariners can enter relevant information into the app on their mobile device and submit the H-Note directly. United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

Two-Stroke Engine
Facilitating high levels of combustion efficiency, the X62 helps to provide fuel savings across the load range of the engine. The engines feature a high stroke-to-bore ratio, achieving a lower engine speed and reduced brake-specific fuel consumption. Wártsilá Corp.

Safety Management System
The Enclosed Space Management System is designed to help effectively assess, audit and manage the safety of enclosed spaces on board a ship and combat the number of accidents and fatalities that can occur when problem areas are overlooked. Videotel and Mines Rescue Marine Ltd.

Additional Horsepower
480 and 550 horsepower ratings have been added to diesel sterndrive packages. The 480 rating offers 37 percent more horsepower and 129 percent more torque than gasoline outboards. The 550 rating is currently intended for leisure applications. Cummins Northwest and Konrad Marine.

Upgrades to Design Program
ShipConstructor 2014 R2.1 includes the new Client Council program. This program incorporates feedback from focus groups that proposed new features, which include a new fillet cut type for stiffener endcuts. SSI.

Compact Ethernet Camera
The Grenadier is a high-performance PoE GigE camera. It features HD video (1920x1200p) at 27FPS, low-light capability and an in-water view angle of 65°. It is fully configurable with options for frame rate, bitrate and resolution. SubC Imaging.

Offshore Pump Package
Offered with a subframe assembly, the bolt-on pump package includes a BA-C pump coupled to a diesel engine. The pumps have a capacity of 100 m3/hr to a maximum of 1,750 m3/hr. BBA Pumps BV.

Deposition Control in Pipelines
Designed to enhance the monitoring of pipelines, as well as the related flow-process equipment affected by paraffin wax and asphaltene depositions, Flowrox Deposition Watch is a predictive device. It will allow customers to generate real-time images of any depositions affecting a piping system. Flowrox Inc.

Engine Room Ventilation
Axial fans are available in premium, standard and economy versions. Choices include single and three-phase motors, in 50 and 60 Hz and in a range of voltages. IEEE 45 certification is also an available option. Delta “T” Systems.

Gas Leak Detector
Gassonic Observer-i makes it possible to analyze the sound spectrum down to 12 kHz. The algorithm automatically distinguishes between acoustic background noise and dangerous gas leaks. General Motors.



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