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API Connectivity Solution
Tested in compliance with American Petroleum Industry standards 16D and 17E, the TrustLink connector range can be deployed in critical and regulated environments. Versions include four, 12 and 24 electric-pin configurations, as well as a fiber-optic connector solution. MacArtney A/S.
Integrated Maritime Antenna
Designed to help deliver reliable connectivity to the oil and gas sector, the Sea Tel 9711 can operate on C-band circular/linear or Ku-band X-pol/Co-pol. It features a 2.4-m radical offset antenna. Cobham SATCOM.
Information Management Tool
The ADMIRALTY ENC Maintenance Record (NP133C) is designed to streamline the management of paper records of ENC and ECDIS maintenance and makes information on official digital charts more accessible for bridge crews. United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

Lights for Helideck Platforms
The primary touchdown positioning system is designed to provide greater visibility to pilots landing at night or in reduced visibility by illuminating the landing circle and 'H' on an offshore platform. PTPS is suitable for zone one and zone two hazardous areas. Tideland Signal Corp.

Updated Digital Amplifier
A new model of the Shockwave Technology Digital Amplifier features up to four channels of true sound reproduction. The amplifier is completely sealed and IP66-rated waterproof. Aquatic AV.

Sonar Bathymetric Processing
The core technologies of QINSy and Fledermaus have been joined together to create the platform Qimera. Multicore and 64-bit, Qimera supports third-party multibeam data formats. It also offers a guided processing workflow. QPS bv.

Personal Submarine
A compact, two-person submersible, the HP Sport Sub 2 can fit on board any superyacht and can be towed by a car. It has a 100-m depth rating and weighs 2,200 kg. Production models are scheduled for delivery in 2015. U-Boat Worx B.V.

Fixed-Lens Mini Underwater Camera
A 1080-p, high-definition camera, the OPT-14 comes in two models. The remote-head camera housing has a diameter of 1.5 in. Tools include wide dynamic range processing, white balance, defog and image stabilization for reduced image blur. Ocean Presence Technologies.

Winch/Lift, Throttle Controls
A new line of products provides lateral, single-axis controls for a wide range of applications, including top-side winch, lift and throttle control functions in exposed marine environments. Configurations range from IP56 to IP66 and IP69K. Bokam Engineering Inc.

Li-Ion Cell Technology
The xtd version of the medium prismatic Integration series delivers reliability at temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. The battery cells are targeted to meet the typical life expectancy and power needs of outdoor industrial equipment. Saft.

Enhancements to Software System
SonarWiz now has a 3D PDF exporting feature, enabling users to take advantage of the PDF standard to visualize and interact with data sets and share with colleagues without software keys. The feature is available for side scan, sub-bottom and bathymetric data sets. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Portable Monitoring Systems
The Bacti-Station, Bacti-Wader, BOD-Station, BOD-Wader, Algae-Station, Algae-Wader, Oil-Station and Oil-Wader Systems address the requirements of the Water Framework Directive and Shellfish Waters Directive. The systems aid in management of water supply and recovery. Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.

Wireless Pulse Telemetry System
The SigNet Wireless Pressure and Temperature Gauge is designed for the ongoing monitoring and optimization of production and injection wells. The gauge sends measurements to the surface by briefly choking the production flow to impose pressure variations. Tendeka.

Ku-Band Connectivity
With allowances of up to 60 GB per month, the Pharostar Plus offers extensive Ku- coverage. It offers unlimited MSS back up, the XChange communication management platform and stabilized antennas. Airbus Defence & Space.

Inertial Navigation System
The Marins M Series, which includes M3, M5 and M7, delivers strategic-grade naval navigation for surface-vessel and submarine operations. For submarines, the Marins M7 offers three-times-longer stealth navigation and drifts of less than 1 Nm/72 h. iXBlue.

Mini Frame Grabber
Simultaneously capturing eight channels of NTSC/PAL video, model 1012 has a single-lane mini PCI-express interface. The composite video inputs are connected through two 16-pin connectors. The audio-sampling rate could be at 8K, 16K, 32K, 44.1K or 48K Hz. Sensoray.

Radio Network Distribution System
The MBR system enables high speed, high capacity and robust data, voice and video transfer between multiple vessels and other assets. It operates in the 5 GHz band and has demonstrated stable, high-capacity communication in a maritime environment, handling distances in excess of 50 km. Kongsberg Seatex AS. Inc.

IDC Ribbon Cables
The Flexx-Sil jacketed 28 AWG cable is available with up to 64 conductors in .050-in. and 1-mm versions. The cables meet the standard ribbon cable dimensions and are completely compatible with any IDC connector. They have been designed for use on high-precision microelectronic equipment systems. Cicoil Corp.

Engine Valve
The check valve helps prevent water from flowing back into engines and gensets. ABS certified and Lloyd's Register type approved, the valve is available in a range of standard sizes for gas and diesel engine applications and is made from flame-retardant and heat-resistant resin. Centek Industries.

Photodiode With Circular Active Area
Housed in a TO-39, three-pin, windowless package, the SXUV Ø2.5 mm delivers responsivity down to 1 nm. The active area is typically Ø2.5 mm and has a minimum shunt resistance of 20 MOhms at ± 10 mV. Opto Diode Corp.

Corrosion-Resistant Hydrogenerators
Available in 300 or 600 W, the Cruising line features a lifting racket and is lightweight to enable easy removal. Cruising has an auto-detected, 12-to-24 Vcc converter that is designed with an advanced electronic architecture. It is available in two lengths, either 610 or 970 mm. The propeller is located behind the leg, protected from UFO. Watt&Sea.

Hydraulic Pipe Recovery
HyPR is a system that has been created to allow for the rapid and cost-effective recovery of stuck pipe. The system consists of a full-strength sub positioned in the drill string. It is severed in about an hour by launching and pumping through a jetting dart, which lands inside the sub. Churchill Drilling Tools.



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