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Compact Data Logger
The RBRduet is ideal for applications such as long-term wave studies, boat wake monitoring, bore hole pressure measurement, thermocline profiling and coastal erosion assessment. It is up to 60 percent lighter than its predecessors and 25.4 mm in diameter. RBR Ltd.
Diving Helmets
The Gen-4 Gladiator uses a 0.25-in.-thick cast silicone bronze shell and the Poseidon 'Xstream' line of regulators to provide low resistance to inhalation. The helmet is designed for cold-water diving. HeavyMetalDivers.
New Yacht Tender
With an efficient hull shape, the Cooper 800 travels at a speed of 16 knots. The boat has a 54-hp inboard Yanmar diesel engine that consumes 1.1 gal./hr., which is standard on the vessel. Options from 29 to 125 hp are available. The vessel is also trailerable. Cooper Yacht USA.

Miniature Inertial Sensors
Weighing from 45 grams, the Ellipse series of sensors is incredibly flexible. The Ellipse-A model provides 3D orientation and heave. For navigation, you can connect your own GPS with the Ellipse-E or use the internal one by choosing the Ellipse-N model. SBG Systems S.A.S.

GNSS Antennas
Featuring unique filtering patterns as well as mitigation of multipath and interference, the A25 and A45 antennas complement all GNSS products. The ruggedized housing, which is utilized by both antennas, is made of an aluminum base that has been pretreated for the marine environment. Hemisphere GNSS.

Subsea Buoyant Cables
Lightweight, fiber-optic cables feature 500-?m to 11-mm cables with 2,000 lbs. break strength. Hermetic coating protects the fiber from moisture, hydrogen and helium. Designs can come with or without Kevlar and are crush proof and not corrosive. Linden Photonics Inc.

Compilation of Maritime Terminology
A comprehensive A-to-Z listing, the Maritime SatCom Forum Glossary covers terminology used on a daily basis by the satellite communications industry. The development of the glossary was driven by requests from the maritime customer marketplace. Global VSAT Forum.

Liquid and Gas Sample Tool for ROVs
Tooling is designed to capture gas or liquids escaping underwater for the purpose of recovery to surface for analysis. Dimensions are 680 mm long by 210 mm high by 400 mm wide. The tool weighs 2 kg when empty in freshwater. VORTEX International Ltd.

Low-Power Camera
Fitting in a 2.25-by-2-by-1.2-in. enclosure, the model 3011 miniature HD IP camera is capable of providing an H.264 compressed stream at standard HD resolution. Model 3011 consumes less than 3 W of energy. Configuration and control are performed via a Web interface. Sensoray.

Sealed, Prewired LED Light
The XLR Floodlight combines durable materials and electronics. It generates 1,300 lumens, while consuming 18 W of power. An integrated high/low intensity option offers control, with options for different applications. Hella marine Inc.

Underwater Acoustic Navigation
An updated, more durable housing will be introduced for the DiveTracker Sport. The Sport is easy to use, low cost and reliable. It makes navigation more straightforward for divers. Desert Star Systems.

High-Performance Waterjet
The MJP Hybrid is optimized for high-speed applications and features a proven pump unit. Mixed-flow technology was combined with minimum-tip clearance and inboard hydraulics. The Hybrid is based on a duplex, stainless-steel jet pump. Marine Jet Power Holding AB.

Smart-Touch Control
The STIIC brings monitoring and control to boat systems. The user-friendly embedded plug-n-play software connects a boat's systems, such as air conditioning, water makers, ice makers, refrigeration systems and more, to the STIIC network and interactively communicates with the boat owner. Dometic Marine.

Hydraulic Hose, Fitting Series
Designed to meet the most common working pressures in the industry, GlobalCore is built and tested to the ISO 18752 specification. With GlobalCore hoses tested to twice the ISO 18752 standard, high performance in rugged environments and high-impulse applications are ensured. Parker Hannifin Corp., Hose Products Division.

Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper
The ALTM Galaxy maintains survey-grade data precision and accuracy for quality data sets. Whether it is surveying high-altitude, mountainous areas above 4,000 m AGL or mapping corridors at low altitude, Galaxy's dynamic range and small-target detection provides application flexibility. Optech Inc.

Housing for Sony RX100 III Camera
The FRX100 III features a new 20.1-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor, a 24-to-70-mm F1.8-to-2.8 Zeiss lens, a 1080/60 p video with full sensor readout, a customizable front lens ring, a three-stop neutral density filter and 920 shots per charge. A complete accessory system is available. Fantasea Line.

Differential Pressure Transducer
Now available in explosion-proof and nonincendive versions, model AST5400 complies with hazardous locations IEC 60079-0-11, IEC 60079-0-07 and IEC 60079-31-08. The product is capable of measuring line pressures up to 5,000 psi. American Sensor Technologies Inc. Inc.

Versatile Warning Light
The FA-165 is an LED-based, low-intensity light for extreme conditions and remote locations. This light comes in many configurations: helideck perimeter light, helideck status light repeater, subsidiary 'U' light and aviation obstruction light. It can also be configured as a selectable tri-color light. Pharos Marine Automatic Power Inc.

Ku-band Digital Antenna
The phased array antenna has a 1-in. profile for a seamless integration into a yacht's structure. Because the antenna is completely electronic, the company says that it will be better able to track satellites. OmniAccess S.L. and Phasor Inc.

Tool for Increasing Battery Life
The battery balancer corrects imbalances and is equipped with an alarm function to give a warning in case of a large deviation. Batteries can be used in both series strings and series/parallel banks, be they 24 V, 48 V or sometimes higher voltages. Victron Energy B.V.

Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducer
Model 188/288/388 makes possible accurate pressure measurements of high-viscosity fluids, even within high-shock and vibration environments, without port plugging and clogging. It features a 7/16-20 UNF pressure port. GP:50 Corp. Ltd.

Fiber-Optic Signal Sensor
The MR380 fiber-optic emergency stop switch features a passive, optical sensor that is safe for direct use in all types of hazardous locations and harsh environments. The switch is immune to EMI, RFI, high-voltage arcs and ground loops. Special radiation models are also available. Micronor Inc.



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