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Visual Warning System
In accordance with the U.K.'s CAA CAP 437 regulations, the helideck light status system comprises one or two main status lights, HeliLED, each with a red LED fasher housed in an Exd well-glass enclosure. A battery backup system is offered. Tideland Signal Corp.
Pan and Tilt Positioner
The SS260 Series Deep Blue Vector is able to withstand subsea, deep-sea and hazardous areas. It is electrically driven, with high-torque, two-axis positioning and has a single turn resolution of 0.001° (precision of movement). Sidus Solutions LLC.
Heavy-Haulage Equipment
Designed for handling ultraheavy loads, the PST/ES-E (385) series offers self-propelled modules that can be fitted with standard tires. The SPMT-2.0 generation has an improved working speed and an increased tractive force compared with conventional SPMTs. Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft.

USB Audio/Video Encoder
Supporting multiple analog and digital input formats, model 2263S captures HD or SD video and simultaneously sends a compressed and uncompressed (preview) stream to the host. The device implements H.264 video compression. Sensoray.

Economical Version of HD Camera
The 1Cam Lite has a reduced feature set compared to the 1Cam Alpha. It outputs 1080p video and includes integrated lasers and an external LED connection. Options include a water corrected viewport, various depth ratings and green lasers. SubC Imaging.

Industrial-Grade G-Logger
The Model 3340 is a three-channel, low-cost, portable data acquisition system. It offers FFT analysis and display, as well as real-time acceleration and GPS data collection and viewing. It optimizes low-noise performance and has analog output and 8 to 32 VDC excitation. Silicon Designs Inc.

Additional Mapping Features
Contact rationalizing in SonarWiz combines contacts into a single, merged target with an average position. An additional map corrections tool allows users to select a common target on separate sonar fles and calculate the offset between an average position. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Protective Coating
C1008 Curative has been designed for marine topcoat applications and wind turbines, as well as offshore platforms. The proprietary molecular structure of the product is able to provide compatibility in epoxy systems. C1008 Curative is fully miscible with hydrogenated bisphenol-A epoxy resins. SiVance LLC.

Small, Flexible Antenna
Available in two variations, the C-Band 2.2-m satellite antenna Z Series is for users who want fast Internet access at sea, and the S Series provides TV entertainment while offshore. It is ideal for vessels with limited space for larger antennas. KNS Inc.

Upgraded ECDIS
Meeting the requirements of the new VDR Performance Standard, the updated system can capture ECDIS screenshots at least every 15 seconds, record charts in use at least every 10 minutes and record all changes of chart. PC Maritime Ltd.

Wireless Networking Solution
A new line for government and defense applications, the WavePoint family offers high-speed connectivity. The architecture delivers secure broadband communications and is comprised of the multichannel WavePoint 10e platform and several single-channel WavePoint 20e modules. FreeWave Technologies Inc.

Aquatic Habitat Assessment
Visual Habitat displays information including submerged vegetation, bottom/substrate type and bathymetry. The software lets the user see areas of sand, mud, rock and other substrates. It also creates GIS-ready fles. BioSonics Inc.

Marine Cooling System
The T35 heat exchanger is designed to provide thermal effciency, greater temperature fexibility, minimized fouling and reduced usage of raw material. Innovations to the frame, plate and gasket designs raise heat transfer effciency and lower operating costs. Alfa Laval.

Steering Alert System
Designed to complement its Hatlapa and Porsgrunn range of steering gear, Soteria can be fully integrated on a vessel's bridge. The system consists of a control cabinet with a touch-screen control panel and two further panels in the engine control room and on the bridge. MacGregor.

Fiber-Optic Converter
ODW-710 products can be stretched beyond the 200-m maximum range of a copper network. The units support the standard Profbus DP 9 pin D-sub connector and can auto detect data rates up to 12 Mbit/sec. Westermo.

Solution for Misalignment
The Dynaligner guarantees trouble-free operation of marine propulsion trains, irrespective of ship operation conditions or hull defections. The propeller shafting is correctly aligned at all times during ship operation in order to avoid any mechanical behavior causing inappropriate bearing loads and wear/vibrations. Dynaligner AB.

Drag Reduction Analysis
To increase performance and effciency, NavCad's drag reduction tool can provide quantitative metrics for evaluating how a change in hull parameters can be implemented to reduce drag. Predicted resistance can be calculated with one of 36 methods. HydroComp Inc.

Oilfeld Lighting Solutions
Explosion-proof and portable, the EPL-PM-150LED-100 is a Class 1 Division 1 and 2 and Class 2 Division 1 and 2 light. It has a 16-by-14-in. LED light head that produces 12,000 lumens of light and provides 9,000 sq. ft. of work-area coverage. Larson Electronics LLC.

Keel Cooling Option
Keel-cooled engines for the entire line of marine commercial inboard and sterndrive D4 3.7-liter and D6 5.5-liter engines are now available. This version uses a twin-circuit design, with keel coolers for both the high-temperature engine block circuit and low-temperature charge air cooler circuit. Volvo Penta of the Americas.

Bridge Between Operator, Contractor
Software that enables both EPC contractors and asset owner operators to achieve greater control over engineering information across projects and enterprises, the Information Standards Manager can establish and govern all asset information standards. AVEVA Group.

Waste Heat Converter
The Hydrocurrent system captures heat from marine engine jacket water and converts it to electricity for shipboard consumption. It produces up to 125 kW of power for the ship's electrical load. Calnetix Technologies LLC and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery and Engine Co.

Air-Cooled Condensing Unit
With a large, commercial version available, DuraSea is an air-conditioning solution made for harsh marine environments. The unit's BTU capacity ranges from 36,000 to 120,000 to meet a range of requirements and is suitable for deck or rooftop mount. Dometic Marine.



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