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Trawl Warp Length Sensors
The Trawlmaster includes a full array of more than 22 different trawl monitoring sensors. A wireless, transponder-based system, it offers trawl warp lengths as part of a package that includes doorspread, wing spread, height and bottom contact. NOTUS Electronics Inc.
Protection for Hyperbaric Welding
Developed as a rugged solution for the LUXUS series of cameras, the LUXUS Protection Cap is primarily for shielding the lens of a diver camera or light system during welding, blasting or cutting operations. The MacArtney Group.
System for Lighting Configurations
A new mounting option, the Chamber Light Magnetic Base Mount is a chrome-plated magnetic base that allows easy installation and repositioning of chamber lights on curved or flat metal surfaces. The mount is designed for use in all pressurized HeO2-atmosphere PVHO chambers. BIRNS Inc.

Sound Velocity Profiler
The UV-SVP is a small and compact direct-reading package aimed primarily at AUV and ROV users, which delivers high-accuracy data to complement survey work. The lightweight titanium housing gives a depth rating to 3,000 m. Valeport Ltd.

Corrosion-Resistant Clips
Designed to withstand the high-corrosion conditions of coastal, marine and other saltwater environments, Alligator clips feature solid copper construction for ease of soldering, along with 302-grade stainless steel springs and rivets. Mueller Electric Co.

New ROV Model
With more power and a heavier payload than the previous model, the 2000 comes with a larger frame that allows for room to add various tools and sonars. The model also features a new hand controller and tool controller. There is an option to show CP contact or proximity readings on the screen. Outland Technology Inc.

Diesel-Electric Solution
The Cat Propulsion Twin Fin System saves on fuel and emissions, while improving overall vessel performance. The Twin Fin System protects all of the propulsion mechanical parts within the hull profile while offering reliability gains. Caterpillar Marine.

Switchable Feed Upgrade Kit
Eliminating the need to manually change feeds and rebalance the antenna, the Sea Tel 97IMA fully automates the process of transitioning the Sea Tel 9797B from C-band service to Ku-band service. The flexibility enables better availability of service in high-precipitation regions. Cobham SATCOM.

Metal Thickness Gauge
The Multigauge 5700 Datalogger includes an onboard memory for recording measurements in either a grid or string format, or combination of both. The readings are then transferred to a PC or laptop using wireless technology, which also allows remote gauging if required. Tritex NDT Ltd.

Solar Hybrid Megayacht Tender
Combining solar electric sustainability with the comfort of an antiroll vessel, the SWATH Electra Glide Limousine Tender is powered by twin 300 hp outboards. The tender's maximum speed is 45 knots. At 8 knots the 50-kwh Li Po Batteries give the tender a zero-carbon range of up to 40 nm. NEDSHIP.

Lithium-Ion Modules
Seanergy range includes a variety of energy and power modules that offer the flexibility and adaptability to create efficient, cost-effective battery systems to power full-electric and hybrid-electric applications for a wide variety of vessels. Saft.

Real-Time Acquisition Server Added
SonarWiz now not only offers data processing for EdgeTech interferometric bathymetric data, but the ability to collect and map real-time bathy data along with side scan data. It offers a simpler way to collect and visualize the data in real time. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Data Acquisition Modules with USB
With seven-channel differential analog input smart data acquisition modules, the D8000 series communicates using the Modbus RTU protocol with USB 2.0 and 1.0 output. Conversion rate is 8/s to 25/s. DGH Corporation.

Web-Based Ship Viewing Tool
ShipView was built with maritime operational needs in mind and has a set of filtering and analysis tools to allow for critical decisions to be made. Single-line searching and downloadable data are included. exactEarth Ltd.

Multivariable Controller
Built for extreme applications, the LCI-80x RPC has bright electroluminescent displays that can be viewed in any condition, including sunlight and up to 179° viewing angles, while offering a watertight, shock- and vibration-resistant 316 L stainless steel front panel. Measurement Technology NW.

New Features for Hose Reels
Idler sprockets are now included for the 1600 Series motorized hose reels. This add-on reduces the rewind speed, increases motor torque and fits an optional three-way brake. The sprockets are mounted on a zinc-plated steel axle and rotate on two bronze bearings. Coxreels.

Avalanche Photodiode
With low noise and high sensitivity, the LAPD 1550-30R has a 30 'm indium gallium arsenide mesa structure. The high-speed detector operates at 3.5 GHz and features a broad voltage breakdown curve of 30 V (minimum) to 40 V (maximum) with a typical response of 37 volts. OSI Laser Diode, Inc.

Software Update
Free of charge for existing owners, the latest version of TimeZero features Windows 8 compatibility and the ability to compute the best departure time according to tidal current and a target security feature. Nobeltec.

Fuel Tank Cleaning System
The FPS-8 is a modular system designed for the transfer and/or recirculating of diesel fuel in boats or any type vehicle with a fuel tank of less than 500 gallons. It removes more than 99 percent of water and large contamination in fuel and utilizes an 8.3-gallon-per-minute, continuous duty gear pump. Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering.

Ceramic Polymer LED Floodlight
Featuring a nonmetal housing, the Sea Hawk-R is resistant to degradation from UV rays and harsh conditions. It is prewired with 1.5 in. of twin-core marine cable and has 9 to 33 V DC multivolt circuitry. Hella marine Inc.

Route Engineering Software
Version 6.0 of MakaiPlan has been released. The .NET version means faster speeds and compatibility with Windows 7 and 8. It features automation of cable crossings and buffer zones, arc-circles in the RPL for power cables and user-defined fields in the RPL. The software also saves geo-referenced notes. Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.

Boat With Variable Hull
This new boat features a variable hull, modular technology and a cost-effective manufacturing process. The unique variable hull allows the customer to change the hull from a deep vee to a modified vee to a flat bottom or into a multihull in less than one minute at full speed. Hydracraft.



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