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Diving Daughtercraft System
Fitted with surface-supplied diving systems, the HYDRACraft supports safe and effective diving missions. It is available in two sizes, including a 14-meter, eight-man option and a 15-meter, 10-man option. Unique Maritime Group.
Underwater Camera Platform
LUXUS Dropplate enables marine operators to perform instant underwater investigations by means of three LUXUS Power LED lights and any LUXUS camera. Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, the LUXUS Dropplate has a frame shielding the onboard cameras and lights. The MacArtney Group.
Five-Axis Waterjet
Capable of cutting 3D parts, such as impellers and bevels up to 50°, the EDGE X-5 is designed to separate the motion system from the catcher tank, eliminating vibration. It is ball-screw driven and features direct-couple, AC brushless digital servo motors and single or double carriages. Jet Edge Inc.

Rotary Torque Transducer
The BT4000 Series offers Bluetooth, wireless rotary torque sensing in extreme high-vibration environments. The series allows for the reliable transmission of measured torque data, requires little installation space, and can measure torque up to 8,000 Nm at speeds up to 7,000 rpm, with analog voltage, digital or frequency signal outputs. SensorData Technologies.

Software for Unmanned Systems
SeeTrack Military V4 has new capabilities, including the ability to concurrently plan and monitor multiple missions for multiple assets from a single shared user interface. It also allows for post-processing and stores the data in a shared database. SeeByte Ltd.

Fixed-Pitch Propeller Design
Providing fuel savings of up to 4 percent, the FPP Opti Design was developed using computational fluid dynamics technology that analyzes not only the propeller performance, but also the interaction between the propeller and hull. Wärtsilä Corp.

X-Band Radar Beacon
Equipped with an AIS transmitter, the eRacon or E-Navcon has a weather-proof housing. Mounted on buoys, hazards or points of navigational interest, the racon component provides an all-weather position fix while the AIS system transmits information, such as coordinates, type of hazard, weather and sea state. Tideland Signal Corp.

Rechargeable Exercise Battery
The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery features a longer life, enhanced safety, easier handling and more flexible use, as well as a lower life-cycle cost. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group and Advanced Lithium Systems Europe.

Three-Inch Titanium ROV Dredger
The We3D dredger is designed to operate on smaller ROVs and larger work-class ROVs. It requires less power input to provide an efficient dredger that remains clog-free, and is compact and lightweight. J2 Subsea Ltd.

Tool for Rig, Tug Operators
For the offshore construction market, the new Anchor Handling routine allows both rig and tug operators to graphically display the status and location of anchors and their cables, track their movement and deployment, and send the anchor locations to the anchor handling vessel operators. HYPACK Inc.

Improved Signaling Device
Now featuring a high-intensity 7-W LED module, the Strobe 200 now also has improved flash rate, lamp life and durability. The flash rate is 120 flashes per minute, and the lamp life is more than 36,000,000 flashes. Optional lens colors are available. Tektite Industries Inc.

Green Energy Hydrogenerator
Featuring a nominal power of 300 W, the CRUISING 300 is available in two lengths to fit any sailboat or catamaran. The propeller is located behind the leg, protected from UFO, and the regulator has a 240-W solar mode. Watt&Sea.

Mobile Ballast Water Treatment
InvaSave provides ship owners with a cost-effective alternative to retrofitting fixed ballast water treatment systems. As well as avoiding considerable retrofit investments, the mobile solution means ballast water needs treating only at the point of discharge. Damen Shipyards Group.

Bearing for Increased Safety
The Timken Sheave Pac bearing assembly is designed to eliminate the need to regrease the traveling block or crown block on oil rigs. The bearing assemblies are able to run an entire operating cycle between rebuild without the need for relubrication or additional maintenance. The Timken Co.

Remote Control Power Solution
EFOY Pro fuel cell power systems have been integrated into the TBox. The TBox provides ruggedized, reliable automation and gas flow computing solutions, and can be easily installed in the EFOY ProCabinet. SFC Energy AG and Semaphore.

Mud Skip/Cutting Box
The mud skips/cutting boxes have patented sliding doors and a removable crank handle, and the units provide a safe and efficient means for containment of hydrocarbon-contaminated drill cuttings for transportation to treatment or disposal sites. The box stands at 111' by 72.6' by 64.2'. Hoover Container Solutions.

Sensor Torque Tool
Able to control offshore subsea applications, such as the valves and gates or any pipeline management devices in deep seabeds, the sensor is reliable and easy to install. It can withstand high levels of shock and vibration and provides high stability in corrosive environments. TE Connectivity Ltd.

Broadband for Small Vessels
The Fleet One service ensures small vessel owners have uninterrupted access to the Internet, while being able to send SMS messages and have telephone conversations from on board their boat, anywhere in the world. Inmarsat Maritime.

Integrity Software Solution
Synergi Pipeline is a company-wide risk and integrity management system. It enables safe and efficient pipeline operations, documents risk, and gives users, including upper management, a clear overview of the integrity of distribution networks. DNV GL.

Steering Control System
An addition to the Hatlapa product range, Hebe main steering control systems are designed for operation from nominal 24 VDC or 110/230/440 V AC power supplies. The systems are suitable for virtually all SOLAS vessel types and high speed craft. MacGregor.

Realistic Training Platform
Targeted for students preparing for careers in unmanned systems, the IM3PUT system has the capability of simulating a variety of generic and original equipment manufacturer UAS platforms on a single machine. The two-crew configuration allows students to practice flight and sensor operations, as well as crew coordination. Corsair Engineering Inc.

Ventilation Regulation
Livos Engine Room Ventilation Controls are designed to provide the user management of the function of 24 VDC cooling fans. The DC controls are temperature based and will activate the fans at 50 percent once the engine room reaches a set temperature. Dometic Marine.



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