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Commercial Watermakers
Using reverse osmosis to make potable water, the Sea Xchange SX Series and Commercial CX Series of watermakers provide fresh water solutions. Ranging in sizes up to 20,000 GPD (75,708 l per day), these systems allow vessels to stay at sea for extended durations without water-supply concerns. Dometic Marine.
New Series of Hose Reels
The 1600 Series offers a variety of drum and disc size combinations for many dimensions and hose length capacities and is currently available in 1 in. and 1 to 0.5-in. NPT, BSP or NST nickel-plated swivel inlets. The footprint of the reel was designed to meet demanding requirements. Coxreels.
Controls and Communications Tool
The Artemis 2G offers high-speed, copper-based, multidrop networks as an alternative to fiber-optic infrastructures in the subsea production system. It increases accessibility for remote usage through its webpage interface from subsea to the desktop. Proserv.

High-Speed HD Ocean Camera
The OPT-06FHD60 has 360° rotation, pan and tilt at 700° per second, and a 30X optical zoom. It also is capable of focal plane distortion correction and full 1080 p with 60 frames per second. Ocean Presence Technologies.

European Calibrations for Sensors
Xchange sensors will now be available at a European recalibration center. The field-swappable sensor heads become even more convenient for European users of oceanographic instrumentation. OSIL and AML Oceanographic.

VSAT Communications at Sea
Offering continuous connectivity that covers oceans and seas south of 70N and north of 70S, the C-Bird antenna can be assembled and commissioned in less than six hours. Applications include weather, charts and route optimization. Maritime Broadband Inc.

Tool to Identify Subsea Features
A technique to produce clear images by reducing remnant diffracted multiples, TASER aids drilling and exploration teams. TASER is based on the realization that diffractions have special kinematical characteristics that can be exploited to separate them from the primaries. Geotrace Technologies Inc.

Wideband Multibeam Echosounder
With swath sector rotation and a system range of 0.5 to 1,200 m, the Sonic 2026 has selectable operating frequencies from 200 to 400 kHz. It consists of a projector, a receiver and a small dry-side sonar interface module. R2Sonic LLC.

Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper
The Pegasus HA500 incorporates two independent lasers that can enable double-density collection at extended altitudes. Its laser wavelength is 1,064 nm and has a vertical target separation distance of less than 0.7 m. Optech Inc.

eLogistics Solution for Cargo
eCargo will provide clients with real-time data on the status of their shipments. It encompasses all aspects that currently take place at the quayside, combining them into one Web application accessed through an Internet browser. The software reduces risk through more effective communication. Peterson.

Broadband at Sea
Now up to 60 GB allowance plans, the WaveCall Plus offers Ku-band coverage. The service features unlimited MSS backup, VSAT hardware, and full integration and automatic switching via XChange. Marlink.

Deepwater Inspection Tool
An ROV tool for pipelines that are nonpiggable, the RTD INCOTEST system allows operators to perform up to 10,000 measurements a day at depths as great as 3,000 m. It has the capability of measuring through marine growth and concrete and can provide figures for the average wall thickness of each area. Applus RTD and Delta SubSea LLC.

Water Column Solution
The HYSWEEP Water Column Logging Routine collects and logs water column data provided by multibeam sonars. The display gives constant updates, and targets are fully georeferenced. Data are written to support third-party software data processing. HYPACK Inc.

ROV Control Panel
Configured for operations requiring Pro 4 ROV performance from a vessel or command center, the Pro 4 Rack BASE fits seamlessly into any existing rack. It is depth rated to 305 m, weighs 7.7 kg and features a 2U rack-mount panel. It includes a complete suite of cockpit control software. VideoRay LLC.

Fog-Based AHRS and INS Systems
The Saturn family is based upon fiber-optic technology and incorporates advanced digital signal processing and algorithm design. The Saturn has a heading accuracy of 0.1° sec. lat. RMS, with a pitch/roll accuracy of 0.01°. Teledyne TSS Ltd.

Offshore Worker Safety System
The Survivor+ Personal Overboard Survival System is a new class of wearable personal flotation devices with a SOLAS-approved inflatable life jacket and a personal life raft. Survior+ allows victims to get out of the water and into their own automatically deployed life raft. Cobham Life Support.

Injection-Molded Plastic Cases
Guardian cases are designed to accommodate customized interiors and provide maximum protection for different application-specific contents. The mounting system allows users to insert brackets into the cases to mount hardware or equipment. ZERO Manufacturing Inc.

GPS Tracker for Heavy Equipment
With an internal battery, the HE2000 can work for as long as one year. Internal GPS/GSM antennas, built-in zip tie holes, and IP 67 protection make the device installation free and highly durable. The HE2000 can store reports up to 2 years and has a temperature and air pressure sensor. Redview GPS.

High-Definition IRST
The SPYNEL-X captures in real time full panoramic images with resolution up to 120 mp. A single SPYNEL-X sensor can perform 24/7 alerts over a 16 km-diameter area and can be quickly deployed and configured. HGH Infrared Systems Inc.

Offshore Communication System
Built on a private GSM network covering full offshore installation, ComPro+ facilitates communication over voice and data, lone worker protection, track and trace of personnel. It extends and personalizes the fire and gas alarm. Top Side Offshore Technology b.v.

System for Fluid Mud Assessment
The DensiTune Portable system weighs in total 15 kg and is suited for hand-carried transport. Together with the integrated Wi-Fi option and low power consumption, the DensiTune Portable can easily be deployed on any vessel of opportunity for sediment density measurements. Stema Systems.

Crane Boom Cameras
The latest ATEX and safe-area crane boom cameras will improve operational safety via upgrades in performance and user interface. They have a 12.1-in., high-resolution LCD screen. Claxton Engineering Services Ltd.



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