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High-Pressure, Axial-Piston Pump
With lower noise emissions and improved efficiency, the A15VSO hydraulic pump for stationary applications in open-circuit operation can meet pressure requirements to 420 bars and recover potential energy during pump/motor operation almost completely. Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Personnel Transfer Device
A four-person device, the FROG-XT4 provides comfort and safety to passengers, wider operating parameters and higher capacity transfers than its predecessor. The device has a smaller footprint and more compact design, making it easy to store and more cost-effective to ship. Reflex Marine Ltd.
Data Acquisition System
Based on a simple, flexible remotely operated towed vehicle, the FLEXUS composes a versatile and user-friendly system suitable for a multitude of oceanographic, monitoring and survey applications. The vehicle can be controlled vertically with an operational envelope of 0 to 200 m. The MacArtney Group.

Submersible Iridium Beacon
The XMi-11K Relay is able to provide global notification of its position and the status of its health, as well as bi-directional serial data to an external device. It is able to survive at depths of 11,000 m below sea level. Xeos Technologies Inc.

High-Impact Rub Rails
Bumper and Bino rub rails feature double and triple layers of marine-grade PVC and are highly resistant to abrasion and marking. Both can be manufactured to custom lengths and bend easily to create a solid, one-piece installation without interruption, with no visible screws or fittings. MATE USA.

Magnetometer Data Processor
Designed to allow surveyors to make adjustments to both ship and shore-based magnetometers, MAGEDIT allows magnetic anomalies to be computed by differencing the ship-based measurements with either the IGRF model or with a shore-based magnetometer. HYPACK Inc. and Marine Magnetics Corp.

Multiphase Flow Simulator
LedaFlow 1.5 now has the ability to simulate the flow in a concentric annulus, including radiation heat transfer from the inner pipe wall, from forced or natural convection in the annulus, and from conduction. Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS.

HD Video Multiplexer
The Isopod'HD 3D Mux is a multiplexer that transmits videos with a tri-level sync for 3D operation. The Isopod also multiplexes two RS232 signals and two RS485 signals. It handles power distribution, allowing a simple interface to an ROV. SubC Control and EMO Marine Technologies.

Geomosaicking Software
Using 2D imaging sonar that overlays data on aerial images or nautical charts, ProMapper software can be used for offshore site surveys, search and recovery, and harbor inspections. Screenshots can be exported and the images can be displayed in multiple views. Teledyne BlueView Inc.

EO Imaging Payload for UAS
The Alticam 05-EO5 turret is an ultra-stabilized gimbal system that features low size, weight and power requirements for small to medium unmanned systems. The four-axis, gyro-stabilized gimbal system with coordinate hold mode includes embedded video stabilization. HoodTech Vision Inc.

Voyage Data Recorder
With a compact VDR data acquisition unit for easy plug-and-play replacement, the DM100 VDR stores system programming and configurations on a hot-swappable memory card. It has a float-free capsule and 48-hour data storage. Danelec Marine A/S.

Heavy-Duty Safety Switches
The 600 V and 200 kA rated switches offer visible blades and fully enclosed operating mechanisms. The switches range from 30 to 1,200 amperes, and are available as fused and nonfused, with types 1/12/3R/4X steel or stainless steel enclosures. ABB Group.

Bilge and Tank Maintenance
The Mini Climber has repositionable (hook-and-loop mounted) navigation and workhead cameras and can negotiate curved surfaces with a radius as small as 1 ft. Weighing 23.7 lbs. with boom without a payload, it can support a payload of up to approximately 20 lbs. International Climbing Machines.

Generator Load Banks
A marine series of load banks, the LSMC series ranges from 20 to 75 kW and is specifically designed for superyachts. The line of products also includes a large range of portable generator load banks for general testing and installation with stand-by generators. Sephco Industries Pty. Ltd.

Bend and Drop Cable Protection
Designed for offshore conditions, Uraduct is comprised of cylindrical half shells molded in a range of thicknesses from an applicable grade of high-performance polyurethane. It is manufactured in lengths of up to 2 m. Trelleborg Offshore.

Dual-Fuel Engine
The 46DF consists of two different versions. The high-efficiency version offers lower fuel consumption with a cylinder power of 1,045 kW, while the high-power version is capable of a cylinder power of 1,145 kW. For LNG carrier applications, the 46DF can offer fuel savings of as much as 20 tons/day. WärtsiläCorp.

Wireless M2M Platform
WavePoint is a versatile, high-speed wireless networking platform that securely communicates industrial data over long distances to enable M2M, broadband and SCADA applications. FreeWave Technologies.

Upgrade for ADCP
The Sentinel V ADCP's new vertical (fifth) beam will enhance measurements, including wave field parameters, single-beam echosounder, bathymetric data and turbulence. Its array will resolve higher frequency waves than previously possible. Teledyne RD Instruments.

Flow Meter Calibration
The VeriCal In-Situ Calibration System allows for the verification of flow meter calibration in minutes without removing the meter from the pipe or process and makes it easy to meet process validation more effectively. Fluid Components International LLC.

Digital Business Platform
Value Added Voyage Experience has been conceived to bridge the digital divide between land and sea mobile behavior. By utilizing a vessel's GSM signal and Wi-Fi network, it creates a ship-wide onboard cloud that all mobile devices fall under. Maritime Communications Partner.

Electronic Connection for Transmitters
The AST4300 and AST43LP pressure transmitters can now be fitted with a Turck Mini-Fast electrical connection, which saves time during installation and routine maintenance. American Sensor Technologies Inc.

Survey Boat With Side Scan Sonar
Z-Boat 1800 remotely operated survey boat now includes side scan sonar, providing real-time, high-definition imagery from the StarFish 990F side scan on a portable 1.8-m surface vessel. Tritech International Ltd.



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