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Underwater Thickness Gauge
The DIVE Mk2 has been launched following the DIVE system. The new version has a bright AMOLED display, updated topside and reporting software, and twin crystal probes to assist in taking measurements on highly attenuative materials. Cygnus Instruments.
A new family of advanced AHRS and INS, Saturn is based on fiber-optic technology. The system has a heading accuracy of 0.1° sec. lat. RMS, with a pitch/roll accuracy of 0.01°. Both subsea versions use titanium casings rated to 4,000 m. Teledyne TSS Ltd.
Remote Metal Detector
To increase an ROV's capabilities, the RMD-1 has a dual coil design that nearly eliminates electrical noise and cancels the effect of the submersible's metal structure. The RMD-1 can detect ferrous and nonferrous metal buried up to 1.5m. JW Fishers Mtg. Inc.

Connector Range
The EX-MATE range is fully wet-mateable, making it suitable for use in explosive environments. This new range will be available in four shell sizes (G, K, L, M) with between two and 37 contact configurations. It also has interchangeable inserts for adaptation to a number of pin configurations. SEA CON.

Low-Frequency Seismic System
Ideal for small-boat, shallow-water geological surveys, the HMS-620LF Low Frequency Bubble Gun can produce energy components below 100 hz. The system utilizes a contained air volume to generate narrow-band, low-frequency acoustic signals. Falmouth Scientific Inc.

Airborne Lidar System
A high-performance and fully integrated long range airborne lidar system, LMS-Q1560 is a tool for a variety of airborne surveying missions. The two-channel scanner makes use of powerful laser sources, multiple-time-around processing, echo digitization and waveform analysis. RIEGL USA.

Beacons for Locating Assets
The iBCN products are the next-generation of NOVATECH Iridium beacons. The self-contained submersible beacons use the bidirectional capabilities of the Iridium satellite telemetry system, allowing end users to receive real-time GPS location of their asset. MetOcean Data Systems.

Combined Bathymetry and Sonar
With enhanced bathymetry capability and lightweight packaging, the 6205 offers resolution and precision measurement of the seafloor with coregistered, simultaneous dual-frequency side scan imagery. Multiple frequency options are available. EdgeTech.

2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar
The V series is ideal for underwater detection and identification tasks in low or zero visibility conditions. It is available with either a 90° or 130° field of view. The operating frequency of the sonar reaches up to 900 kHz, and it is depth rated to 300 m. VideoRay LLC.

Connectors for Diver Lighting
The wet-mateable hermaphroditic connectors feature a rugged design, locking sleeves and custom cable molding. The connectors come in a variety of sizes, including 18 awg, 16 awg and 14 awg. AK Industries.

IAPSO Standard Seawater
The seawater standards, which have a precisely known electrical conductivity ratio, are used for the calibration of salinity measurement devices. A new mid-salinity standard, 20L-Series (salinity 20) is now available. This new standard compliments the existing range. OSIL.

Micro ROV
With a small, light-weight tether, the DTG2 is portable and does not require an external power source. The ROV's internal pitch system needs fewer thrusters for operation and keeps the tether connected in line with the thrust. It has a depth rating of 75 m. Deep Trekker Inc.

Navigation, Orientation System
Octans Nano is a compact fiber-optic gyroscope gyrocompass and attitude sensor system for subsea use. Optimized for lower total cost of ownership and ease of export, Octans Nano is low maintenance and delivers heading, roll and pitch information. iXBlue.

Coastal Zone Mapping, Imaging
The Turbid Water Module is an addition to the CZMIL HydroFusion workflow designed to detect and extract bathymetry measurements from turbid, shallow waters and muddy, less reflective seafloors. It has made seafloor measurements from very shallow waters with a depth of 1 to 2 m. Optech Inc.

Sensor-Monitoring Software
Developed to stream sensor data directly from subsea transponders, SensorView works both in parallel with a USBL and LBL acoustic positioning system or independently. Applications include monitoring the deployment of subsea structures and remote environmental monitoring. Sonardyne International Ltd.

Acoustic Release
Based on a digital signal processor, the R12K is capable of visual signal confirmations. Features include battery voltage indication, unit tilt measurement from 0° to 180° and a rugged, stainless-steel package. Teledyne Benthos.

Leak Detection System
The Modular Subsea Monitoring Network is a flexible solution deployable on projects of all types and scale. It is designed to offer continuous monitoring of the subsea environment and alerting of events such as oil and gas leakages from subsea installations, pipelines and risers. Kongsberg Maritime AS.

Satellite-Derived Bathymetry
KOMPSAT-3 is the first submeter, optical satellite. Orbiting Earth at 685 km, KOMPSAT-3 collects four-band multispectral imagery. Bathymetry products have been derived using this satellite imagery. EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG.

Upgrade for ROV Simulators
With the introduction of a new electric ROV control pod and suite of electric ROV-specific components, DeepWorks simulation software now models all electric subsystems with greater accuracy and enables failure cases to be simulated on individual sensors and circuits. FSSL Robotic Technologies.

Underwater Camera, Lighting
To help analyze trawl action, the TrawlCamera and LED lighting system has a depth rating to 1,000 m. The light unit has an adjustable projection angle and lithium battery. The camera can record in color up to 48 hours and has a protective housing. JT electric Ltd.

Tracking Technology
Condition monitoring and indoor location tracking technologies, DropTag and Trace each offer a low-cost, low-power option. DropTag uses a puck attached to goods before shipping to log information about the journey, and Trace can determine someone's location by using a custom algorithm and a number of sensors. Cambridge Consultants Ltd.

USCG-Certified Off-Load Hook
The DPR-506-CBH is fall mounted and rated for a 5,000 kg safe working load. The hook features all stainless steel construction, including duplex stainless steel side plates for strength and a stainless locking pin and hook part for corrosion-free operation. Cranston Eagle.



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