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Autonomous Bathymetric Surveying
The DiveLog Automated Survey Boat, or D.A.S. Boat, is controlled by DiveLog software. DiveLog manages multiple positioning systems, route creation and following, and control of many different sensor types. Shark Marine Technologies Inc.
Urban Mobile Mapping
Designed to provide continuous and accurate positioning in urban environments, the ATLANS-C position and orientation system functions where global navigation satellite system signals are obscured, intermittent, or possibly distorted by reflective surfaces. iXBlue and Septentrio Satellite Navigation nv.
Acoustics, Water Quality Control
The EASDA14 system offers two applications in one with the integration of the Xylem EXO2 multiparameter sonde. EXO2 is synchronized with the hydrophone data monitored by the EASDA14, and combines underwater acoustics with water quality parameters. Systems can run autonomously and in real time. RTSYS.

Fiber-Optic Multiplexer
A card supporting three channels of standard video, 100 mb Ethernet and eight serial channels, the multiplexer can be configured to work with external, off-the-shelf transceivers. Each unit is tested in an extreme environment. SeaView Systems Inc.

Launch and Recovery System
A compact option, the Pommec 2 Diver Wetbell System has 15 kw of power. It also has a flow of 47 I/min at 180 bar, and it features a 150-l reservoir and a 10 u oil filter system. An electrical control box is supplied at the skid for operating the system. A list of options is available to complete the system. Pommec BV.

Bulkhead Shell
HydroVolt Low Profile series includes a shank with 9/16 to 9/18 threads and a pressure wall. With a rugged design and new retaining system, the Low Profile series has a shell machined from large stock and is not symmetrical around the primary axis. AK Industries.

Rack-Mounted Inspection System
Protected by a hinged, lockable lid, the front panel of the EdgeDVR has three 3TB hard drives and two front-mounted USB ports. The rear panel contains four composite 75 ohm BNC video connections. Logs can be filtered to show videos, photos and anomalies, and the viewer is free on all systems. Digital Edge Subsea Ltd.

Portable ROV Configuration
The Pro 4 Ultra BASE ROV System features about a 40 percent reduction in control panel weight compared to the standard model. It is depth-rated to 305 m and has a two-year limited warranty. The camera is high resolution with NTSC or PAL format. VideoRay LLC.

Rotator for Complete Imaging
Rotating 360° in pan/tilt mode, the ARIS Rotator AR2 allows two-axis control of pan and tilt, or tilt and roll. Varying the roll angle on a target can provide a 3D-like perspective. Both the sonar and the AR2 operate on a single, standard cable. Sound Metrics Corp.

Drone for Aquatic Habitat Surveys
A portable remotely operated habitat-mapping survey boat, the Z-Boat 1800MX allows researchers to obtain quantitative measurements of aquatic vegetation and substrate distribution. Acquisition software provides the operator instant bathymetry. BioSonics Inc. and The Oceanscience Group.

Diver Communications System
NASDive is a fully digital system with Ethernet communications for all speech. It maintains full communications compatibility with other 25-kHz TWC equipment and supports a range of infrastructure. Nautronix Ltd.

Underwater Connector Range
Manufactured for facilitating the transmission of high-definition video signal within underwater technology systems, SubConn coax connectors have been tested to endure 600 bar pressure. MacArtney Group.

Lightweight In-Situ pCO2 Sensor
Small (less than 5cm x 20.3 cm) and lightweight (less than 0.5 kg) with low power requirements (6 to 12 V DC) and a simple four-pin analog output, C-sense is designed to integrate with monitoring systems. The sensors are offered in three range configurations. Turner Designs Inc.

Deep-Water Camera Housing
The subsea module housing designed for the CR series of high-speed video cameras comes with an interchangeable port built to fit the camera lens. The housing has been designed to withstand shock waves. Greenaway Marine/Seapro UK and Photo Sonic International Ltd.

High-Current Power Solution
An option for the SeaBattery power module can deliver 100 amps continuous current. The high-current option is available in four voltage configurations and works at all depths, including ocean trenches. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.

Extended Audio Frequency
The icListen AF hydrophone extends the low-frequency, ultralow-noise performance of the icListen LF up into the audio frequency range. Applications include marine mammal observation, earthquake/tsunami monitoring, and shipping noise measurement. Ocean Sonics Ltd.

Voice and Internet Services
Bring Your Own Device provides seafarers with voice and data communications via personal devices, and is based on WiFi and optimized applications. Staff at sea can call home using their own smartphone or tablet. Airbus Defence & Space.

Solution for Commercial Fishing
WASSP is a multibeam sounder capable of transmitting 112 depth points on a wide 120° port-starboard swath of the seafloor in one ping. TimeZero Catch with the WASSP Plus Pack is capable of taking all depth points and performing seabed profiling. Nobeltec.

Survey-Grade Inertial Systems
Ekinox-M makes hydrographic and offshore operations possible in all sea conditions by joining accurate motion measurement with delayed heave. Meanwhile, the Ekinox-U provides high-accuracy navigation data in a compact and sealed package, making it ideal for ROV orientation, AUV navigation and data georeferencing. SBG Systems S.A.S.

Seafloor Mapping Software
A 24-bit analog sub-bottom SonarWiz interface, SBP24 is for high-resolution geophysical surveys. It provides data at sample rates from 10 to 100 kHz per channel for up to two channels over a standard USB 2.0 interface. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Multibeam Imaging Sonar Mosaic
Users of SeeTrack CoPilot are now able to generate a multibeam imaging sonar forward-look mosaic. They can do this using a simple on/off button in the SeeTrack CoPilot interface. The tool can be used to quickly generate maps of the environment and improve ROV pilots' situational awareness. SeeByte Ltd.

Marine Carbon Monoxide Alarms
The M-65 series is built on the multigas detection platform and can ignore the presence of hydrocarbons, which is commonly referred to as outgas, helping to reduce confusion as to why the alarm is sounding. Marine Technologies Inc.



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