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Acoustic Line Array
NarcineArray is a product family of low-profile, miniaturized acoustic arrays suitable for static or towed applications. It provides a significant reduction in power consumption, diameter (16 mm), weight and drag, and can be deployed from a range of vessels. J + S Ltd.
Underwater Connectivity Solution
With enhanced sealing capability and a uniform pin size and design, SubConn Micro G2 connectors are available with two to 21 contacts in the standard in-line version and in bulkhead versions. The connectors are available in four standard shell sizes with contacts rated for 300 V at 5 to 10 A. MacArtney Underwater Technology Group.
Compact, Work-Class ROV
An ROV with 11 thrusters, the Leopard can handle tooling, cameras and survey equipment. It has a 20 x 8-ft single lift, A-frame and winch LARS and a 20-ft. control cabin for transport and mobilization. Eight horizontal thrusters and three vertical thrusters power the vehicle to more than 4 knots. Saab Seaeye Ltd.

Cutting Rod for Underwater Industry
The Ultrathermic Cutting Rod PLUS delivers 20 percent more cutting and burn time than the same size prior generation rod. It is available in 3/8-in. diameter by 18-in. length, and will be available in 3/8-in. diameter by 36-in. length later this year. Broco Inc.

Updated Navigational Charts
QR codes have been added to UKHO's ADMIRALTY Charts. All newly printed versions of 3,371 Standard Nautical Charts and Mariners' Routing Guides now feature a unique QR code. United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

Processing Video for iPad and iPhone
Lyynifier is designed to clear up videos with poor visibility. It can enhance videos with fog, haze, snow, rain, dust, low light and under water. The user can record the enhanced video or take snapshots for further processing. LYYN AB.

Personal AIS Beacon
The Smartfind S20 can be worn on a lifejacket and activated by sliding off the safety tab and lifting an arming cap to deploy the antenna. The compact, lightweight unit is an effective aid to recovering personnel who have fallen overboard by sending alert messages, GPS position and a special identity code receiver within a four-mile radius. McMurdo Group.

Software for Pile Installation
Allowing observations from offshore wind farms to be collected remotely, the Total Controller and Total Viewer systems can be put into operation on a construction support vessel conducting precise pile installations. The Acclaimed Software Co. Ltd.

High-Intensity LED Strobes
LED Strobes now feature dual-function modules. These modules have two modes: flashing and steady. Flashing mode is designed to function like a typical strobe. The steady mode can be used for area lighting, as a backup light, or as a marker light. Tektite Industries Inc.

GPS Tracker
Waterproof and shock proof, the LoccaPhone combines five tracking technologies, including FSK, GSM cell triangulation, Bluetooth low energy, AGPS and WiFi, to locate people and their boats in real time. There is also an option to program up to three phone numbers as emergency contacts. Locca.

Marine Engine Platform
New features and increased power ratings are available for the MaK M 25 C propulsion engine, including reduced part-load fuel consumption, improved engine load response capabilities and increased power output to 350 kW per cylinder. Caterpillar Marine.

Environmentally Friendly Gearbox
Compared to a single mechanical propulsion system, a fuel consumption reduction of 8 percent was verified with the two-speed gearbox during sea trials. It is anticipated that further reductions of up to 15 percent can be achieved, with a similar lowering of nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide exhaust emissions. Wärtsilä Corp.

Sustainable Fouling Prevention
The first organic-based fouling prevention coatings product line has been launched. The coatings minimize the attachment of hard fouling agents, such as mussels and barnacles, but are also able to prevent the buildup of a biofilm or algae layer. Peptide Technologies Inc.

Camera Window
An optional wide-angle, domed viewport is now offered for select cameras. The water-corrected optics provide a 90.5° field of view in water, while reducing chromatic and geometric distortion. The 1Cam Alpha is now available with these water-corrected optics. SubC Control Ltd.

Software Integrated Vehicle
The SeeTrack Neptune software has been integrated to the OceanServer Iver2 AUV. The software supports high-level, goal-based mission descriptions and allows the matching of mission requirements against vehicle capabilities. SeeByte Ltd.

Extended Range of Compressors
The GA VSD+ range of oil-injected rotary screw compressors have been extended through 50 hp (37 kW). This range reduces energy consumption by up to 50 percent and increases free-air delivery by up to 13 percent, compared to a traditional load/unload compressor of the same type. Atlas Copco.

UAS for Mapping, 3D Modeling
Designed for inspection, mapping and aerial imaging, the U130 has software for block adjustment, flight planning and point-cloud processing. It is capable of generating 3D landscape models, and has navigation sensors, including GNSS, IMU and a compass. Novadem.

Nickel- and Lithium-Based Batteries
Rechargeable Ni-Cd battery systems provide up to eight hours of autonomous back-up power for harsh environments. They have been used in temperatures between -36°C and 40°C. Saft SBG.

Best Practice Explosion Technology
Phast 3D Explosions software module enables advanced 3D modeling, which increases both the accuracy and detail of the evaluations as well as increasing information about the speed of vapor cloud explosion analyses. The software is used to model safety aspects of design options for new facilities and for operational changes. DNV GL Software.

Shaft Alignment Measurement Tool
Laser-based NXA Ultimate comes with a complete software and hardware package for both shaft alignment and geometric measurements, such as flatness and straightness. ELOS Fixturlaser AB.

High-Strength Shackles
The shackles are matched in strength to grade 40 chain, and hot dip galvanized coating on both the shackle and the pin offers corrosion resistance. For bow or D types, they come in all sizes, ranging from 5/16 in. to 1-3/8 in. Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd.

Fourth Generation Processors
The ADLQM87HD 3.5-in. SBC is based on fourth-generation Intel Core Quad/DC i3/i5/i7 Processors, which includes the AVX2 instruction set and USB 3.0. ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.



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