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ABS-Certified Optical Penetrators
Engineered for a manned submersible, the fiber-optic penetrators have a design that includes six single-mode optical fibers. The penetrators feature low insertion loss of less than .2 dB and high return loss of more than 35 dB. BIRNS Inc.
Hose Strain Relief Kit
Protecting the hose fittings and connections from potential damage by providing strain relief when the hose is fully extended on the reel, the relief kit includes a clamp that takes on the force from the over-extended hose. With the mounted strain relief kit, the hose remains secured against the drum. Coxreels.
Expanded Range of Grabs
A large range of smaller capacity sediment grabs is now available to complement an existing catalog of larger sediment sampling equipment. The grabs come in a variety of models and sizes, including double bucket options. OSIL.

ROV Cleaning System
The McClean is the first ROV with rotational heads using cavitation jetting technology to clean many types of underwater structures. The ROV has cleaned heavily fouled mooring chains and fish nets in the aquaculture industry. Mariscope.

Stand-Alone Mosaicking Module
The first stand-alone mosaicking module (SAMM) for forward-looking sonar (FLS), SAMM is a plug-and-play add-on to systems that automatically create mosaics in real time from FLS data. Features include pan, zoom, target marking and vessel tracking. Oceanic Imaging Consultants Inc.

Image Enhancement System
Producing stable, job-enabling images, MarineENHANCER is designed to get the best from imagery captured in challenging underwater environments. It has BNC input/output, automatic color balancing in three RGB channels, PAL 625-line 25 fps/NTSC, 525-line 30 fps and low-light enhancement. OceanTools Ltd.

Large, Flexible Evacuation System
The LifeCraft system consists of two main elements, a self-propelled inflatable vessel with four engines and a storing and launching unit, which is either placed on deck or built in. LifeCraft has a total capacity of 800 persons. VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S.

Submersible Level Transducer
The KPSI 745 submersible hydrostatic level transducer is designed with a 3.5-inch OD, allowing installation into 4-in pipes to provide depth measurement under rigorous environments. The 745 transducer can be ordered with level ranges of up to 35 m, custom polyurethane or ETFE cable lengths and optional lifetime lightning protection. Measurement Specialties Inc.

Tough, Lightweight Lighting Option
With high, low, night-vision-friendly red and flashing modes, the ProGear 2760 Headlight provides close-quarter reading light. The light is constructed of weather-resistant polymer and pivots to a 45-degree angle. Pelican Products Inc.

OEM Positioning Solution
CORRECT combines data from multiple GNSS satellite constellations with corrections from a variety of sources. It provides integrators with the opportunity to choose pricing and subscription options that best match their OEM business objectives. NovAtel Inc.

Web-Enabled Access for Efficiency
The latest version of a customizable fleet management system, the Fleet Decision Support System 2.0 now includes an ETA confidence tool and a comparative vessel type performance graph. Version 2.0 is a network version that can collect weather and route data at one location with access for multiple users. Applied Weather Technology Inc.

Remote Video Surveillance
GOST Watch HD VIP Series packages provide high-definition surveillance using a high-speed Internet connection through the KVH line of mini-VSAT broadband systems. The system will automatically prioritize cellular data via the GOST G3G-GSM/CDMA communicator. Global Ocean Security Technologies.

HD Video Camera
The Sculpin is easy to use and requires only power and an HD-SDI connection. It features low-light capability of 0.1 lux and an in-water view angle of 65 degrees. It is practical for ROVs, divers and drop-camera deployments. SubC Control Ltd.

Emergency Position Radio Beacon
The SafeSea E100G EPIRB has a long battery life, with enough capacity to operate for four days. Used to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency at sea, the EPIRB features intuitive operating controls. Ocean Signal Ltd.

Laser-Based Reference System
An advanced multitarget, laser-based relative position reference system, SpotTrack is intended to deliver accurate range and bearing measurements and is primarily intended for dynamic positioning operations. Kongsberg Seatex AS.

Digital Guide to Reef Fish
An app that includes more than 2,500 reef fishes, of which 25 species are new to science, Reef Fishes of The East Indies summarizes 60 years of research and exploration. The app can be used at sea with no Internet connection and was designed for iPad and Kindle Fire. Conservation International.

Synthetic Aperture Sonar
AquaPix MINSAS is a miniature interferometric synthetic aperture sonar depth-rated to 3,000 m. The system integrates electronics, transducer arrays and signal processing software and is optimized for the size, weight, power and cost constraints of AUVs. Kraken Sonar Systems Inc.

Up-to-Date Wave Information
Displaying current wave information and GPS location, the WAVE Monitor is ideal for yachts and meteorological buoys. It shows average wave height, waver period and maximum wave height. Multi-Électronique.

Winch Series for ROV Systems
Featuring high power and speed, minimal maintenance requirements and a compact design, the MERMAC R series is powered by active heave compensation, which reduces weather-related down time. MacArtney A/S.

Expanded Line of Transducers
CHIRP broadband transducers now include a wide-beam product line offering an expanded high-frequency range of 150 to 250 kHz. All 275LH-W series models will provide a low-frequency option as well. AIRMAR Technology Corp.

Hull Performance Solution
The HPS Newbuilding solution is aimed at yards delivering vessels with ecodesign and maximizing energy efficiency. The foundation is SeaQuantum X200, antifouling with low-friction properties. Jotun Marine and Protected Coatings.

Fiber-Optic Telemetry System
With a digital fiber-optic transmission and multiple Ethernet channels, the Mini-T provides a solution for smaller ROVs. The dimensions of its hull are about 5 by 14 in., and it has a 19-in. 1U Euro rack mount enclosure. EMO Marine Technologies.



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