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Visibility Enhancement System
The Shark Eye was developed in order to solve the problem of poor visibility by allowing divers to see objects and conduct detailed visual inspections. Divers can perform visual inspections in areas that are difficult to access and can see behind their back to prevent entanglement issues. Shark Marine Technologies Inc.
Heading and GNSS Position Options
Users of the eBird Seismic Streamer Control System now have the ability to equip SmartWing instrumentation with two additional features: a compass and a GNSS receiver. eBird is a bird concept for lateral, vertical and roll streamer control in marine seismic acquisition that enables fault-tolerant and efficient multistreamer steering. Kongsberg Seatex AS.
Video/Audio Encoder
Model 2224 is a USB H.264 video/audio encoder with full-screen text/graphics overlay and one SDI input supporting various video resolutions, e.g., 1080p/1080i, 720p and 480i/576i. Overlay generators, HD/SD frame grabber and live preview stream make it suited for a range of broadcast quality, high-profile video processing applications. Sensoray.

Additions to Measurement Tools
ACM-WAVE-PLUS provides current speed and direction, wave direction and wave height. WAVE-TIDE-PLUS provides a solution for nondirectional wave height and tide characteristics. The data can either be displayed in real time via optional cables, or captured into memory for later retrieval and analysis. Falmouth Scientific Inc.

Updates for PropExpert
The latest 2013 release of PropExpert leverages some of the interface framework recently established for NavCad software and includes new technical features for propeller sizing and analysis. The upgrade has focused on improving prediction accuracy for Gawn-style propellers. HydroComp Inc.

Portable Temperature Data Logger
The USB-5104 can take thermocouple data independent of a PC. It logs up to four thermocouple channels and stores 1.9 million measurements. The data logger's software is compatible with Windows or Mac. Measurement Computing Corp.

New Proppant Technology
A conductive, high-strength proppant technology engineered to sustain hydrocarbon flow at high closure stresses, KRYPTOSPHERE is able to deliver baseline conductivity at 20,000 psi closure stresses. CARBO Ceramics Inc.

High-Performance Pressure Transducer
The PPT2 has been enhanced to provide a smaller, lighter-weight option for measuring pressure data in avionics, test and measurement, and meteorology applications. It has an accuracy of ±0.0375% FS over operating temperature range. Honeywell.

Pin for Quick Release
Sea Catch quick releases can now be fitted with a Spring Safety Pin that allows users to eject the pin from a distance and do so using the release lanyard. The first pull on the lanyard removes the R-clip from the pin, and a compression spring ejects the pin. McMillan Design Inc.

GIS/Survey Collection Software
A series of rugged, mobile handheld devices with application software options to support survey, GIS and mapping professionals, GeoMapper handhelds are designed to work in harsh outdoor environments. The GeoMapper 300 has dual cameras and a built-in laser range capability for acquiring georeferenced images and target location data. Hemisphere GNSS Inc.

Biofouling Removal
The PowerShark WB3000, a rechargeable, submersible handheld tool, removes barnacles and other unwanted growth. It is safe for shallow dive maintenance work on hulls and marine structures. Waveblade Inc.

Steerable and Transverse Thrusters
Replacing the Modular Thruster and Compact Thruster series, the Steerable Thruster series has been developed to cover a wider power range. The thrusters are available for various types of vessels. Wärtsilä Corp.

Commercial Sector Power Generation
Rated for 99 kW at 60 Hz (1,800 rpm), the M99C13 is U.S. EPA Tier III compliant and delivers quality in a robust, affordable package. Northern Lights Inc.

Modular Drive System
The 1500 te carousel (AQCS-01-1500) represents a capability extension for customers requiring installation or replacement of flexibles, umbilicals, power and telecommunication cables and wire rope products. Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd.

Power Solutions for Vessels
Tier-4 certified Cat 3500 and C280 marine engines are available to order. The C280 engine will be available as Tier-4 certified in both the 8- and 12-cylinder configurations. Caterpillar Marine Power Systems.

High-Quality Winch
The OceanEnviro product range offers maximum cable lengths ranging from 600 to 2,700 m, drum diameters from 250 to 480 mm, and motor power from 1.5 to 10.4 kW. The frame and plate components protecting the winch are made of AISI 316 marine stainless steel. EIVA a/s.

Lightweight Anchor Windlass
Designed for wind farm support vessels, workboats and passenger ferries between 15 and 25 m, the Hypac HHAW10-12 offers a hydraulic solution for high-speed vessels. Available with a range of valve options, the windlass can be customized to suit many vessel or operator requirements. Seaway Powell Marine Ltd.

Software for Seafloor Mapping
Postprocessing for multibeam echosounder and interferometric bathymetry systems has been added to SonarWiz. It supports file types of ALL, HSX, JSF, R2S, RDF, S7K, SXI and XTF. By integrating the processed bathymetry data with side scan sonar data, 3D side scan sonar mosaics can be generated. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Frac Sleeve for Horizontal Completions
Designed for 5.5-in. production casing, the ORIO XL allows operators the ability to frac extended reach, horizontal wells by stimulating a single cluster at a time versus multiple. TEAM Oil Tools Inc.

Compact Power Unit
The new C1-D1 Power Unit, while retaining the marine propulsion, is a much more compact, all-mechanical Mitsubishi S6B3 engine that delivers the time-reducing 429 bhp. New features include bifold, side-access doors and a front-mounted radiator sight glass. Laborde Products Inc.

Toxic Water Monitor
A self-contained unit, the Aquasentinel requires no reagents and can sample and analyze surface waters every 90 sec. If a toxic compound is detected, it will collect a sample and transmit a wireless alert message up to a distance of 25 miles. SecureWaters Inc.

AIS Electronics
The Smartfind M15 AIS Receiver will decode all AIS messages that are transmitted by AIS Class A and Class B transponders, AIS SARTs, AIS MOBs and aids to navigation. It has dual-channel receivers, a compact [128mm(w) x 36(h) x 88(d)] shape and an AIS viewer software for PC. McMurdo.



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