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Flexible Power Cable
The FDR25S wire is a flexible, diesel-resistant power cable designed for commercial and military aerospace, military ground systems and military marine industries. It is fluid and arc resistant and made with a polyester-based material. TE Connectivity.
Lighting System
The Titan is a 4,000-watt lighting system that delivers 380,000 lumens with its hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide lamp. It features a high color rendering index of Ra > 90 and 6,000 K color temperature. BIRNS Inc.
Position Accuracy for Mobile GIS
The combination of Esri software and the AsteRx-m GeoPod operates using standard, open interfaces on any professional tablet. The bundled solution allows an organization to locate utility infrastructure and record geo-referenced data. Septentrio nv and Esri BeLux N.V.

Software Suite for AUVs and ROVs
The openSEA Suite, a collection of applications built on the openSEA core library, provides off-the-shelf modular software solutions for aided inertial navigation, vehicle control, mission management, device and sensor integration, and operator interfaces. Greensea Systems Inc.

Multitouch Navigation
Built on a dual-core processor, NavNet TZtouch has been upgraded to version 3.01 software. The software release allows the TZtouch to be a hybrid MFD media player to control audio sources, volume and zone control. Furuno USA Inc.

Web Feature Service for Charting
A complement to the HydroView Now: Basemap, HydroView Now: Features is a web service for the marine community. A company can display, select and query HydroView Now: Features within an existing internally facing intranet, desktop mapping software or externally facing website. SeaZone Solutions and Snowflake Software Ltd.

Software for Offshore Operators
Helping to reduce nonproductive downtime and delays in asset delivery, the ISIS software helps to prevent safety issues for rig operators. It lessens the risk of ambiguity on roles and responsibilities of stakeholders. Lloyd's Register Group Services Ltd.

3D Simulation Technology
Sesam Marine is a software solution that has 3D simulation and visualization. The software is capable of managing risk through calculation and visualization of marine operations, taking into account environmental conditions and structural components. DNV Software.

Application for Coastal Sailors
The TimeZero App includes marine data for the iPad, including Raster mm3d MapMedia charts, high-resolution satellite photos for U.S. waters and a tides and currents database. Nobeltec Inc.

Interface for Radar Training
Designed for nautical colleges and company training centers, NAUTIS bridge simulators now also connect to PC Maritime's Navmaster ECDIS. It displays the radar video as an overlay on the chart view, satisfying an IMO recommendation. VSTEP B.V.

Solution to Reduce Manual Entry
INTTRA Change converts shipping data from a shipper's existing reports into the carrier-required formats and submits them electronically directly to carriers. Any exceptions from validation checks are managed by the platform, enabling customers to edit and resubmit transactions online. INTTRA.

Mobile Mapper
With the ability to control several integrated cameras, the Lynx SG1, a 600-kHz dual sensor head system, can collect up to 1.2 million measurements per second at survey-grade precision. It has a 360° field of view, with scanner speeds for even point distribution. Optech Inc.

Pipe Detection Software
Pipe Detection and Tracking software automatically detects pipes within the multibeam swath and displays the pipe with FlexMode to the user in real time during survey. The features are optional for the SeaBat 7125 and are bundled together as one license. Pipe Detection and Tracking can enhance the bottom detection around the pipe through feedback of the top of the pipe. Teledyne RESON.

Mobile Diving System
The Transfer Under Pressure Diving System is comprised of a three-men bell, launch and recovery system, triple lock decompression chamber, an air/mixed gas dive control and hyperbaric rescue craft. It doubles the workable bottom time when compared with traditional air diving options. N-Sea Group BV.

Brackets and Accessories
For use with LUXUS underwater cameras and lights, a range of lightweight, practical brackets comes in three sizes and can be mounted on subsea vehicles and equipment. MacArtney Group.

Low-Voltage Down Light
The LEDFM-20W flush mount LED down light for small-area lighting produces 350 lumens at 7 watts, carries an IP67 rating and operates on voltages from 10 to 30 V DC. Larson Electronics LLC.

Accelerometer Sensors
The QFA-180 Quartz Flexure Accelerometer Series provides accuracy and stability in harsh environments, withstanding temperatures up to 180° C. The QFA-125 Series is a mid-temperature range quartz technology for use at temperatures up to 125° C. Jewell Instruments LLC.

Precision Altimeter
DSP electronics combined with frequency swept chirp technology are housed in a hard anodized aluminium housing rated to 3,000 m. The MA500D has composite transducer array enabling altitude measurement with millimetric accuracy and resolution. OceanTools Ltd.

Multiple Corer
The Multi Corer has been updated through the use of a modular weight design and a novel shutter plate mechanism, which prevents the accidental stretching of the shutter plate springs. It is also fitted with a style tube retention system to make it easier to install and remove the sample tubes on deck. OSIL.

Recycling Compliance Software
The IHM Green Server is a web-based application that aids in the preparation and maintenance of a vessel's inventory of hazardous materials. The tool supports shipowners with the EU regulation and the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. Germanischer Lloyd SE.

Marine Diesel Engine Platform
The MaK M 32 E has a power rating of 550 kW per cylinder at 720 and 750 rpm. It has a total output ranging from 3,300 kW for the six-cylinder configuration to 4,950 kW for the nine-cylinder configuration. Caterpillar Marine Power Systems.

Updated Workflow Software
ShipConstructor 2014 allows 2D approval and workshop drawings in DWG format to be created directly from the 3D model while remaining associatively linked, which increases productivity. SSI.



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