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Dual Antenna
SAILOR FleetBroadband Dual Antenna is designed to secure uninterrupted data and voice communications on vessels. It comprises two SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband solutions and a Dual Antenna Control Unit (DACU), which can automatically switch between antennas without loss of connectivity. Cobham SATCOM.
Data Logger
The improved DST Magnetic logger has 50 percent more memory, up to 26,158 measurements per parameter and a battery life extended to 3 years. It measures the Earth's magnetic field strength (compass direction), tilt (in 3D), temperature and depth. The logger is ideal for use on nets, gear and underwater equipment for analyzing movements. Star-Oddi.
Subsea Cutter
SHARC (Subsea Hydraulic Abrasive Rotating Cutter) makes subsea P&A work safer for divers by eliminating the need for hand jetting and reducing the time divers spend underwater. It can cut any size caisson or jacket leg at up to 500 feet depth. Chet Morrison Contractors.

Subsea Connectors
A range of advanced subsea connectors is ideal for tidal stream and wave energy arrays and maintenance and inspection systems such as ROVs. They are proven in the oil and gas sector and can handle loads up to 8 kV/200-300 A, with a working life of 25 years. RMSpumptools.

Intensifier Panel
The Webtool HP690A is used to boost the pressure of a work fluid, usually hydraulic oil or water-glycol mixture, from a standard hydraulic power unit to produce an output pressure of 690 bar. Allspeeds Ltd.

Universal GNSS Receiver
Crescent Vector H200 GNSS compass module is a receiver for heading, positioning, heave and attitude. Vector H200 processes L1 GPS and GLONASS signals to deliver precise heading, greater positioning reliability and better performance in challenging environments. Hemisphere GNSS Inc.

Control System
Designed for maximum uptime, durability, comfort and safety, 2GCS manages all the hooklift's functions and safety features. It has a second-generation cab controller to operate the hooklift. All the main movements of the hooklift can be controlled with a joystick. Hiab.

Enhanced Radar
Utilization of an Ethernet-based LAN is a significant addition to K-Bridge Integrated Bridge System. The LAN topology is based on a newly developed radar interface network unit to be located at each antenna, connected to the multifunctional display units on the K-Bridge by a LAN. Kongsberg Maritime AS.

Handheld Marine Radio
MR HH 350 features 6 W of power for long-range communications, plus full access to all NOAA Weather Channels and Emergency Alert. It can float if dropped overboard and has a noise-canceling microphone. Cobra Electronics Corp.

Subsea Wireless CP Monitor
Seatooth Smart CP is a cathodic protection (CP) monitoring system designed for retrofit to existing fields. It monitors the effects of corrosion by measuring anode current wirelessly in real time using a Seatooth S100 device and a wireless enabled ROV. WFS Technologies Ltd., Stork Technical Services.

GNSS, Tide Modeling Suite
C-Tides combines GNSS Precise Point Positioning service with the latest advanced ocean and coastal tides models. C-Tides Online features real-time filters and vessel dynamics, choice of worldwide mean sea surface or regional reference frame models, and tidal prediction for mission planning. C-Tides Offline utilities include data smoothing and outlier rejection, harmonic analysis, Doodson X0 filter and an LAT option. C-Nav.

Sensor Observation Service
The SOS provides access to observatory metadata and sensor observations via three HTTP GET services, which enable SCCF RECON to automatically publish data on demand to the Gulf of Mexico regional observatory and to national and international portals such as US IOOS and the National Data Buoy Center. Satlantic LP.

Camera for Mobile Mapper
Fully integrated into the Lynx system, the Ladybug spherical imaging camera offers full control and calibration with Lynx Survey software, local recording of image data, seamless integration into the Lynx processing workflow, and full operational and processing support. The Ladybug will be available for all new Lynx systems, and will be an optional upgrade for current users of Lynx M1 systems. Optech.

Power Controller for Data Buoys
With a total of eight channels of semiconductor-switched power, the System Power Controller board's individual channels provide high-side switching of up to 60 V and currents of up to 2 A. Three analog input channels allow measuring system voltages such as solar panel, battery and system bus voltages. Seaview Systems Inc.

Power, Ethernet Connector
The SubConn 13-Pin Low-Profile Connector provides gigabit data speed, signal and power transfer for underwater instruments in one connector. It comes with a Combined Power and Ethernet Cable. MacArtney A/S.

Watertight Testing
Portascanner is designed to test the watertight integrity of ships hatch covers. Its 31,000 display is used to complement the heterodyned ultrasound heard through the headset. This means that water-tightness can be measured in the first 100 increments of the 31,000 display. Coltraco Ltd.

Subsea Pressure, Temperature Sensor
Providing up to 0.025% full-scale pressure accuracy across a temperature range of -40o to +180o C, the PT Sensor offers full life of field reliable operation in process pressures up to 15 kPSI in water depths up to 3,000 m. Teledyne Oil & Gas.

Advanced Visualization Software
Orion is designed to provide simplified, clear imagery while ensuring rapid and straightforward configuration via a touch-screen interface or keyboard and mouse. The package displays essential information and statistics to enable operators to make speedy, informed decisions aboard any type of DP vessel or rig. Veripos Ltd.

Ultrasonic 3D Inspection Technology
The RTD IWEX (Inverse Wave Field Extrapolation) is a nondestructive testing technique that allows detailed inspection and mapping of defects within critical pieces of pipework. The system increases the probability of detection of defects within welds, as well as more accurately detailing the size, position and characterization of faults. Applus RTD.

Podded Thruster
Inovelis incorporates an electrically powered propeller with its motor housed in a steerable pod mounted beneath the hull of an offshore vessel. It has fixed stator vanes and a nozzle that jointly guide the water flow across the impeller blades. Its compactness enables an even greater degree of integration between the hull and the propulsion unit. GE Power Conversion.



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