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High-Pressure Hose Reels
The Coxreels 1185 Series high-pressure hose reels features a 1.5-in. ID model and an upgraded swivel to strengthen capacity to 3,000 psi usage. The reel is available with a solid-steel hand crank. Several models have an external fluid path with an electroless nickel-plated, steel 90-degree NPT swivel inlet. Coxreels.
Long-Range LED Beacons
Tideland Signal's NOVA-250 LED marine lantern has a range of more than 15 nm and can project a 360-degree, high-intensity beam at a transmissivity factor of .74. It is made of marine-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum. Tideland Signal Corp.
Black Box Class A AIS
The SAILOR 6280/81 AIS system is a black box solution with touch-screen operation. It features the ThraneLINK application interface and supports long-range satellite tracking. The black box transponder can be connected via LAN to the SAILOR 6004 control panel. Cobham SATCOM.

Scan Data Processing
RiPROCESS offers full-scan data adjustment, boresight calculation and advanced filtering of airborne and laser scanner data. On a test site, the project reached a 10-m depth. The flight aptitude and speed were more than 600 m and 100 kt. RIEGL USA Inc.

OEM Positioning and Orientation
SPAN technology couples NovAtel's GNSS OEM receiver with IMU to offer 3D positioning, velocity and attitude positioning. Features include data rates up to 200 Hz, QINSy and PDS2000 capability and heave compensation. NovAtel.

Rapid Release for Mooring Systems
The Rig Anchor Release is a selective release for drillships and semisubmersible drilling rigs. Available in models 6500 and 6600, each release has a nine-month replaceable battery and an operating depth of 1,000 meters. InterOcean Systems Inc.

Smartphone Case
The ProGear Protector series cases are available for the iPhone 5. The CE1180 is water-resistant and made with aluminum and polymer materials. The CE1150 has a shock-deflecting shell and protects from impact. Pelican Products Inc.

Airborne Current Measurements
The Remote Ocean Current Imaging System uses high-resolution airborne photography to image surface waves. Data can be collected between 900 and 3,000 m. The system has two 11-megapixel panchromatic digital cameras and an inertial navigation system. It can measure the strongest currents. Fugro GEOS Inc.

Connectivity Solutions
Raychem marine cables are tailored for offshore production. Rochester plow and umbilical cables are resistant to fuel, saltwater and contaminants. Rochester electro-optical cables are used for submarines, helicopter dip sonar and ROV salvage. TE Connectivity Ltd.

Night-Vision Monitor
With the ability to be switched from normal daytime to night-vision capability by a button, the BayPanel 821-DA-AC meets MIL-STD-801F, MIL-STD-901-D, MIL-STD-167-1 and MIL-STD-461-1 standards. It has a 21.3-in., 4:3 fixed monitor. Baytek GmbH.

Dynamic Positioning System
The latest version of the Dynamic Positioning system can reduce costs and emissions and has a 26-inch, adjustable touchscreen. The system improves situational awareness. Fuel savings could be as much as 10 percent with its greater position accuracy. General Electric Power Conversion.

Dual-Antenna GNSS/INS
Spacial Dual is a GPS-aided inertial navigation system and AHRS that provides position, velocity, acceleration and orientation at 1,000 Hz. It has an accuracy of less than 0.1 degree. The system is housed in an aluminum enclosure that is waterproof and shockproof to 2,000 g. Advanced Navigation.

Upgrade for SeaBat 7125
The Feature Pack 4 is designed for better productivity, cleaner data and more flexibility. Multiple detections in each beam capture images of objects and seabed terrain, and a multiview interface provides simultaneous control of bathymetry, water column and backscatter data. Teledyne RESON A/S.

High-Resolution Sonar Head
The 1171 Series multifrequency, fan/cone sonar head has four preset frequencies and a tunable mode where the frequency can be changed in 5-kHz increments. Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.

Trawl-Resistant Bottom Mount
The GP-TRBM is made out of a high-density urethane material and can be used for deployment of Doppler profilers and instrumentation payloads. It has a pop-up recovery float that provides 40 pounds of buoyancy to improve lift of the recovery float in high currents. Mooring Systems Inc.

Resistance and Propulsion Software
With new tools for planning hull prediction, HydroComp NavCad software provides for the definition of hull wrap and propulsor lift, as well as support for interceptors. The software also has capabilities for added drag prediction. HydroComp Inc.

Compensator and Shock Absorber
The 100 Series Saturation Diving System includes a passive hydraulic system shock absorber and a passive heave compensator. The system has an AIR pressure Vessel Skid (FV 1.5 m3, Pmax 200 bar) and HC AIR manifold. The frame has three sections, including a set of six sheaves, a translating trolley and two shock absorber cylinders. Drass Tecnologie Sottomarine.

Hydrographic Survey Vessel
Rapid Deployment Survey Vessel delivers 3D point cloud data in real time. It has 60 gallons fuel capacity and is 26 ft. in length. The ship can be used for surveying harbors, coastlines and ports, as well as for environmental assessment and dredging support. It is permanently fitted with up-to-date survey equipment. iLinks Geosolutions LLC.

Enclosure for Datalogger
The DataBank Datalogger Station protects against corrosion, wind-blown dust and rain, and water splash-down. It stores up to 9,999 records and 16 calibrations. The internal memory can log data at 1 datapoint per second. It uses a GUI interface for sensor configuration and calibration and data download via USB. Turner Designs Inc.

Wave-and-Solar-Propelled Robot
A hybrid wave-and-solar-propelled unmanned ocean robot, the Wave Glider SV3 can be used in operations around the clock. The adaptable modular power system can accommodate power-hungry payloads. It is based on the Wave Glider SV2, which has logged more than 3,000 nautical miles. Liquid Robotics Inc.

Mulberry B Survey DVD
An informational DVD is available with data from the Mulberry B Harbour, a World War II-era temporary harbor. The DVD contains surfaces and images, four CARIS surfaces at a 25-cm resolution, QPS Fledermaus and temporary harbor reference images. United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.



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