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Sterilizable Conductivity Sensors
Able to withstand cleaning processes up to 130° C, CS615 conductivity sensors monitor process fluids and are compatible with several instrumentation models. The sensors are available with 1-to-1.5-in. and 2-in. tri-clamp flanges. Sensorex.
Subsea Waterjet
The Deepwater Subsea Waterjet Skid has a surface-powered 100 HP electric 5KPSI/2 GPM UHP intensifier and is operable to a 10,000-ft. depth. It can be used for decommissioning, salvage, inspection, hydrate remediation and cleaning. Chukar Waterjet Inc.
High-Speed Imaging
With 1280-by-1024 resolution and up to 3,500 frames per second, the Fastcam SA8 provides high-quality, high-speed images. The Fastcam's digital sensor has an ISO 5,000 for monochrome and ISO 2,500 for color. It is available with 4 GB or 8 GB memory. Photron Inc.

Bubble Gun
The HMS-620 Bubble Gun has received an upgrade and can now utilize a 15 cu. in. air volume. It can be fitted with a 24 V DC power option, which allows surveys of shallow water without the use of a generator or ship's power. The HMS-620 has deep-cycle batteries that can last for 10 hr. of survey time on a single charge. Falmouth Scientific Inc.

Compact Multibeam Sounder
Based on the EM 2040, the compact EM 2040C is a multibeam echosounder for use on small boats. With high resolution and a wide frequency range, the EM 2040C features frequency selection in steps of 10 and can operate at a depth of 490 meters. Kongsberg Maritime AS.

Shallow-Water Profiler
Designed for profiling in waters up to 100 meters depth, the Base•X is an entry-level, shallow-water logging instrument. It features a compact size and 25 Hz sampling, as well as a shackle, sensor cage and LED status indicator. It is compatible with AML's Xchange sensor-head architecture. AML Oceanographic.

Inertial Navigation System
The PHINS Inertial Navigation System has been expanded to DP-PHINS, which can interface with any third-party positioning equipment. It provides INS-enhanced acoustic data input to marine dynamic positioning systems and can take data from a range of sensors, including Doppler velocity logs. iXBlue.

Portable Survey Solution
The SeaBat T20-P is based on a wideband sonar receiver with a 24 V DC and 110/230 V power interface. It is suited for small survey platforms through to larger vessels. Water-resistant, it can withstand demanding marine environments. Teledyne RESON.

Modular Dry-Mate Connector
ELITE is a clean slate design of a dry mate ocean connector. It is fully modular and ISO/API compliant. AMETEK SCP.

WiFi Remote Buoy
BA-SDA14 is a WiFi remote buoy with a passive acoustic recorder and four hydrophone inputs. It has storage capabilities from a 128 GB SD card to a 2 TB hard drive. The buoy is equipped with a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis gyrometer. RTsys.

Gyrocompass Changeover System
A changeover system that protects navigation equipment against loss of heading input, the Meridian gyrocompass can be connected to up to four gyrocompasses that automatically switch if one fails. The system has a bulkhead mounted enclosure and up to two display units with touch-screen panels. Teledyne TSS Ltd.

Data Acquisition and Processing
The Silas EBP-10 is a portable system for seismic surveying and sub-bottom classification. A combination of an echosounder and a profiling system, the EBP-10 has a frequency flexibility ranging from 3.5 to 50 kHz. Stema Systems.

Handheld Water Quality Monitor
The smarTroll handheld instrument and iSitu smartphone application can read 14 water quality parameters with a smartphone. The application is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The system can monitor various measurements, including dissolved oxygen, pH and salinity. In-Situ Inc.

Multiple Plankton Sampler
Offering a depth range of 3,000 m, the MultiNet Mammoth is a sampling system for horizontal and vertical collections in successive water layers. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -40° C to 85° C. Hydro-Bios.

Remote Operated Towing Vehicle
With towing speeds up to 4 kt, the Flying Fish is a remote operated towing vehicle (ROTV) that is fully automatic and requires vessel navigation at only a few meters. The ROTV carries Smartrak and Smartsearch technologies. Its capabilities include cable DOB survey and power cable fault location. Innovatum Ltd.

Risk-Management Software
The risk-management tool, EasyRisk Manager, is now incorporated with the Synergi Life risk and QHSE-management solution. The web-based software provides real-time information and covers all risk and QHSE requirements. DNV Software.

Multibeam and Lidar System
The PMLS combines multibeam and lidar operations and has a 250 M scanning laser module. Components of the system include a UPS power supply, QINSy hydrographic survey software and 3D point cloud processing. iLinks Geosolutions LLC.

Custom Vessels
SS Series 44-ft. to 65-ft. aluminum vessels can be customized with several outfitting options and accessories. Propulsion options include inboard, stern drive or jet drive. Fendering options include 3-in. D rubber, 4-in. D rubber, foam/air collateral system or viking fendering. Silver Ships Inc.

Custom Digital Chart Catalogue
ChartBrowser 2.0 manages digital products on board a vessel or at a shipping company. It supports all ENC formats and is free of charge. The software can create routes, select charts and manage a chart inventory. Chartworld International.

Electronic Navigational Charts
Available as an online subscription, ENC Web Service delivers electronic navigational charts (ENCs) directly to a desktop or web GIS. The display is in layers allowing different ENC scales to be viewed. It offers IHO (S-52 compliant) symbology and can be tailored to the user. Geomod and OceanWise Ltd.

Sensor Replacement System
The PBOF (pressure-balanced oil-filled) manifold is a modular system that enables sensors to be replaced without field terminations. It is compatible with rubber-molded cable and oil-filled hoses. Each connector is independently water-blocked. SEA CON.

Bathymetric Surveyor
The HydroSurveyor includes software and a hydrographic surveying ADCP. Water sound speed corrections are interpolated in both space and time with the fully integrated CastAway-CTD. Full water column velocity mapping, five-beam depth sounding and acoustic bottom tracking provide comprehensive data. Automatic data gridding and interpolation are included. SonTek.



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