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API Connector Series
Based on the Metal Shell Series connector range, these API connectors comply with the API 6A, API 16D and API 17E standards. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel with glass-filled epoxy inserts and copper-alloy gold-plated contacts, this connector range has a voltage rating of 600 V DC and a pressure rating of 10,000 psi (approximately 7,000 m). SEA CON.
Multispectrum Flame Detector
Certified to the EN 54-10 standard of the European Construction Products Directive, the FL4000H is ideal for oil and gas offshore drilling platforms, pipelines, LNG and LPG plants, refineries and fuel-loading facilities. Featuring a next-generation MSIR sensor that incorporates neural network technology, it provides reliable flame monitoring with superior false-alarm immunity, a wide field of view, and a long detection range. General Monitors.
Chamber LED
The General-Area Chamber Light-LED provides lighting inside HeO2-atmosphere PVHO chambers. It suits submersibles, diving bells, personnel-transfer capsules, and a wide range of decompression, recompression and hyperbaric chambers. It provides white-light, 3,500-K illumination with a 50,000-hr. lamp life and less than 1 W power consumption. The system comes with a penetrator and cable assembly. BIRNS Inc.

Glass-Sealed, Fiber-Optic Feed Through
The FOFT assures dedicated downhole fiber-optic communications and sensor functionality. It has been tested successfully to 35,000 psi and 350o C. AMETEK SCP.

Filter for Underwater Media
Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum, the robust Nightsea Flip3 filter has a one-screw installation process and, when used in conjunction with the Sola Nightsea blue dive light, enables fluorescent underwater video and photos. The filter is effective only when used with the Sola Nightsea, a blue LED light emitter. Light & Motion.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Resuscitation Kit
Supplied in its own bag, the kit includes an oxygen-therapy regulator that delivers a range of prefixed flows from 0 to 15 lpm, one-piece Guedel airway from size two to size five, adult manual resuscitator with oxygen inlet, reservoir bag and face masks of two different sizes, and two adult high-concentration oxygen masks with tubing hoses. Northern Diver.

FerryBox Water Quality Monitor
Designed to enable wider deployment of water quality sensors on ferries and other marine vessels, the SOOGuard has conductivity, temperature, optical dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll-a sensors that are fitted onto the door of a flow-through cell, which allows for simple and rapid cleaning. The sensors require calibration checks less than once a year in most environments. Further flow-though cells can be fitted to measure additional parameters. Xylem Analytics UK Ltd., Aanderaa Data Instruments AS.

Fish Finders
The FCV627 (600 W, 50/200 kHz) has a 5.6-in. color LCD. The FCV587 (600 W/1 kW, 50/200 kHz) has a larger 8.4-in. screen. They both look the same as their predecessors (FCV620, FCV585), with improved screen resolution and the addition of bottom-discrimination technology. The BBDS1 (600 W/1 kW, 50/200 kHz) is a black-box network fish finder, similar in design to the current DFF1. Furuno U.S.A.

Liquid Level Sensor
Providing two independent 4 to 20 mA output signals for a level signal and a temperature signal, the AST45PT liquid level sensor for hydrostatic level and temperature measurement requires only a single instrument installation. With measurement ranges from 1 to 100 psi, the AST45PT also offers five temperature ranges and eight cable-length options. American Sensor Technologies Inc.

Multibeam Sonars
A new range of WASSPs, particularly the WMB-3250 (formerly known as WASSP S), has been designed for the hydrographic survey market. This range encompasses multibeam sonar with four times the previous ping rate. Applications include commercial fishing, with bottom discrimination and fish detection. WASSP Ltd.

Hydrocarbon Fluorometers
The UviLux range of fluorometers has expanded to include sensors for hydrocarbon monitoring, and fecal and effluent contamination of coastal waters. For instance, the UV AquaTracka fluorometer measures refined hydrocarbons (360 nm) or crude hydrocarbons (440 nm) in real time. It is depth rated to 6,000 m, with optional ambient light baffling cowl for use in surface. Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.

Inspection-Class ROV
Rated to 300 m, the Predator includes a surface control unit, surface power unit, surface hand controller and umbilical tether cable. Options include BlueView sonar, additional cameras and lighting, laser scaling, altimeter and manipulators. Seatronics Ltd.

Side Scan Sonar
Utilizing adaptive chirp, the ARC Explorer includes a rugged aluminum 600/1200- or 900/1800-kHz dual-frequency tow fish, topside communications unit, 30- and 100-m Kevlar tow cables, and a GPS unit. Marine Sonic Technology Ltd.

Wearable Life Vest and Raft
The SURVIVOR is a compact survival and rescue system designed for offshore operations. Both devices inflate automatically with water immersion, and they can be manually activated. Penstone LLC, Sea Rescue Gear BV.

Marine Coating
SeaLion Resilient is based on epoxy-polysiloxane technology. It resists fouling and provides a smooth surface that decreases drag. Only two coats are required. Jotun AS.

Invasive Mussel Control
Zequanox controls zebra and quagga mussels (Dreissena species) in enclosed systems and infrastructures. It is composed of dead cells from a naturally occurring microbe. Marrone Bio Innovations Inc.

Underwater Digital Stills Camera
Taking ultrahigh-resolution stills, the Chimaera was created for ROVs, AUVs and divers. Photo-size settings can be at 5, 6, 10, 12, 20 or 24 MP. SubC Imaging.

Ship Waste Management
The Food Waste Collection System handles waste on board small to midsize vessels. Ideal for merchant vessels and offshore vessels, it uses macerators, comminuters, shredders, compactors and incinerators, and is based on vacuum-conveying technology, allowing segregated conveying of food waste. The entirely closed system is completely automatic. Evac Oy.

Accelerometers, Inclinometers
DXA/DXI single- and dual-axis series precision accelerometers and inclinometers have digital output, 0.001 resolution, 1,500-g 1-msec half-sine mechanical shock and low noise. Jewell Instruments LLC.

Portable Cable-Fault Locator
A battery-operated cable-fault locator, the FL-8A calculates the distance of the fault site from each test probe, displays the location in feet or meters and provides a suggested trim area. Clinton Instrument Co.



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