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High-Pressure Reel
The HP1125 Series of reels has been updated with an upgraded swivel for high-pressure applications. With an operating pressure up to 5,000 psi, the external fluid path is configured with an electroless nickel-plated steel 90° full-flow NPT swivel inlet and chemical-resistant AFLAS seals. Coxreels.
Video-Capture Card
For each input video channel, the Model 819, 16-channel H.264 PCI Express encoder can provide two H.264 streams at independently set resolutions, frame rates and bit rates; a low-frame-rate JPEG stream; and an uncompressed (preview) stream. Each channel streams real-time motion data. Sensoray Co. Inc.
Digital Amplifier
Protected against water and dust with an ingress protection rating of IP66, Shockwave Technology digital amplifiers operate 4- and 2-ohm speaker configurations from low-level (RCA) or high-level (speaker) input connections. Shockwave incorporates Digital IC's with low-noise circuitry. Aquatic AV.

Multibeam Echosounder
SeaBat 7160 is applicable for surveys in medium to deep water (up to 3,000 m). It includes X-Range and offers up to 512 high-density equidistant beams. Coverage modes include features such as variable and steerable swath, and real-time pitch and roll stabilization. RESON A/S.

Process-Monitoring Transmitter
CX-3000 monitors changes in process fluids, displaying conductivity, resistivity or salinity, along with temperature, for process control. A push-button interface enables user programming on site. Two adjustable Hi/Lo relay contacts deliver results to automated process-control systems. Sensorex.

Silicone Cables for Undersea Vehicles
Halogen-free and flame-resistant, unmanned submersible vehicle cables are ideal for AUVs, RMVs, ROVs and underwater drones. Individual components are encased in a silicone jacket to protect from repeated exposure to severe vibration, saltwater, Arctic conditions (-65° C), high heat (260° C), operational stress, chemicals and tidal currents. Cicoil Corp.

High-Frequency Side Scan Sonar
Producing detailed images of small and soft targets, the 1,200-kHz sonar is available as a single- or dual-frequency side scan with two sets of transducers in one towfish. The two frequencies available for coupling are 600 kHz (400-ft. swath) and 100 kHz (4,000-ft. swath). JW Fishers Mfg. Inc.

Ultrathin Polymeric Resin Coating
Nyalic protects a boat's bare metal, fiberglass, wood, plastics, painted surfaces, and electrical and mechanical connections from harsh environments. It can withstand up to 350° F, flex below 0° F and last for 3 to 5 years. NYALIC ' HBI Inc.

Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde
Measuring up to 15 water quality parameters simultaneously, the Hydrolab DS5X can store up to 120,000 measurements. Rated at 200 m, it is ideal for extended deployments. Sensors are available to measure CTD, salinity, specific conductance, TDS, pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and chlorophyll a. OSIL.

Eco-Friendly Hull Cleaner
Using water and recycled bottled glass, the Dustless Hull Blasting System removes paint and marine growth from boat bottoms in one-tenth the time of traditional techniques without harming the gelcoat. Dustless blasting uses about 15% of the water a power washer would consume. MMLJ Manufacturing.

River Navigation Software
In the latest version, CEACT has multiple CPA, enabling the user to track several AIS targets simultaneously. It can calculate how long overtaking a vessel will take. Narrow passages, overtaking in prohibited areas and upcoming traffic can be identified very early. SevenCs GmbH, CEACT Information Systems Inc.

Magnetic-Mount Antenna
With a one-piece design, the 5218 VHF antenna attaches to magnet-friendly surfaces. The 19-in. black stainless-steel whip antenna comes with 15 ft. of RG-58 AU coax cable and a PL-259 connector. Shakespeare Electronic Products Group.

Cesium-Vapor Marine Magnetometer
Designed for shallow-water surveys and deep-tow applications, the G-882 has a 4,000 psi rating and telemetry over steel coax available to 10 km. The tow cable includes a Vectran strength member and can be built up to 700 m. Output data can be recorded on a Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP computer equipped with RS-232 serial ports. Geometrics Inc.

LVDT Linear Position Sensors
For use in the high-temperature and high-vibration environments of offshore drilling platforms, the HLR 750 Series is available in full-scale measurement ranges from 1 to 10 in. The series offers high resolution, repeatability better than 0.01% of full scale and nonlinearity of less than 0.25% of full-range output. Macro Sensors.

Gas Monitoring System
Marine Tankscape, for tankers and reefer vessels, incorporates seven instruments into one and allows up to five gases to be measured and displayed at the same time. It can detect oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels. Its LCD display is backlit. Martek Marine Ltd.

Mini Pressure and Temperature Sensor
Type 6188A supports a variety of plastics injection molding and related quality-assurance applications. It incorporates a piezoelectric pressure sensor for cavity curve pressure measurements up to 2,000 bar, with an integrated series of Type K thermocouples, facilitating melt direct-contact temperature measurements up to 450° C. Kistler North America.

BWMS Compliance Guide
The Understanding Ballast Water Management Series includes information on how to comply with the International Maritime Organization's Ballast Water Management Convention, a ballast water treatment technologies guide, an online comparison tool, and full regulatory guidance, model plans and approval requirements. Lloyd's Register.

Fluorometer Integrator
Enabling easy system integration of the Cyclops Submersible Fluorometers and Turbidimeters into AUVs, gliders, floats and other platforms, the Cyclops Integrator allows for up to three optical sensors, along with the Integrator electronics, to be fastened to an optical head. Sensors are pressure-rated to 600, 1,000 or 6,000 m. Turner Designs Inc.

Modular Application Architecture
Shippers and shipping software providers can use the Shipping Application Delivery Platform to integrate and deploy individual INTTRA applications with existing logistics, transportation management or ERP systems. Shippers get access to more than 7 million global schedules from 31 carriers. INTTRA.

Ultracompact Radar Detectors
Designed for fewer false alerts, the SPX Radar line comprises the SPX 5300, 5400 and 5500 models. They feature auto mute, LaserEye 360° laser detection, Intellimute and Intellimute Pro, and five-level signal strength meter. Cobra Electronics Corp.



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