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Tactical-Grade Miniature IMU
STIM300 is low-power, ITAR-free and non-GPS-aided. It offers 0.5°/h gyro bias instability, 0.15°/√h angular random walk, 10°/h gyro bias error over temperature gradients, 0.05 mg accelerometer bias instability and axis misalignment of 1 mrad. It weighs less than 55 g, with a volume less than 35 cm3. Sensonor AS.
Small Temperature Logger
Calibrated to ±0.002° C accuracy, the single-channel RBRsolo T can be deployed long term in harsh environments. In standard calibration, it has a measurement range of -5° to 35° C. It can also be calibrated from -40° to 50° C. The housing is depth rated to 1,700 m. RBR Ltd.
Wind Farm Vessel Motion Monitoring
The Vessel Motion Monitoring System has a 6-degrees-of-freedom motion sensor to monitor safety thresholds for heading, heave, pitch, roll, sway and yaw. It is portable, battery-powered, has a removable hard disk for data retrieval and displays a red signal to indicate when it is unsafe to transfer. OSIL.

RTK-Compatible Survey System
S320 network rover is a multi-GNSS positioning system. It eliminates the need for a base station and radio modem. Cellular communication connects users to Internet-based corrections and processes data for centimeter-level positioning. Hemisphere GPS.

Wireless Data Link
Designed for GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning, the XDL Rover is a lightweight, ruggedized UHF receiver for digital radio communications between 403 and 473 MHz in 12.5- or 25-kHz channels. Pacific Crest Corp.

Water-Quality Sensor
The OBS-3+ is a submersible turbidity probe with sideways-facing optics. It measures suspended solids and turbidity up to 4,000 NTUs. The titanium body can be used to 1,500 m in fresh- or saltwater. Campbell Scientific Inc.

A dual-frequency 150/600-kHz transducer pressure rated to 6,000 m, the RTDA150 achieves bottom velocity measurements down to 500 m and current profile measurements to 350 m. It operates on 24 to 36 VDC. Rowe Technologies Inc.

Rapid Deployment ROV System
T4N, of the Triggerfish vehicle series, now incorporates Vector ROV features. The power and control system is networked for ease of use, with multiple microprocessors providing redundancy and expanded capabilities. It has brushless thrusters, a high-resolution camera and a 300-m operating depth. DOE Inc.

ROV Package for Target Detection
The RI CoPilot by SeeByte identifies underwater objects and enables long-range target detection and close-in target classification from 31 cm to 80 m deep. Included are the SeeByte RI CoPilot software suite, Teledyne RDI Explorer DVL, BlueView P900-130 imaging sonar, GPS ROV antennae and VideoRay ROV integration. A VideoRay Pro 4 ROV is required for use. VideoRay LLC.

External-Mount Dual-Band Transducer
For shallow and coastal survey applications, the new version of M563 has two broadband arrays, narrow beams and low sidelobes, matching transformers and a temperature probe. It is CHIRP-ready and can be mounted on a towed body or a wood and fiberglass hull. Airmar Technology Corp.

Wet-Mateable Underwater Connector
The SubConn micro 21-pin connector is available as a circular connector in a bulkhead version with 5/8-in. thread and an over-mold version. The pins are for data and signal, based on the existing B-size connector range. It is rated to full ocean depth. MacArtney A/S.

Low-Light Underwater Camera
Ideal for extremely low-light-level underwater viewing and navigation, the Explorer Lite is a high-resolution, monochrome charge-coupled camera with housings rated to 1,500 and 6,000 m. The wide-angle, high-speed, aspherical lens gives a 103' diagonal field of view of through a water-corrected front port. Bowtech Products Ltd.

Bathymetry Management Software
Bathy DataBASE 4.0 provides storage and analysis of sonar and lidar data. A new data set grouping tool allows for fast display and analysis of multiple grids and point cloud data sets. New database connection and query capabilities streamline work on large databases. CARIS.

Underwater Security Light
The Pisces is a 130,000-lumen high-pressure sodium vapor lighting system. The 1-kW lamp operates in a dry, 1-atm chamber and has a 24,000-hr. lamp life. It comes with two wet-mateable connectors with gold-plated contacts. BIRNS Inc.

Autopilot Software
Fantum Feedback NavPilot is available in the latest NavPilot 700 series software, eliminating the need for a physical rudder feedback for NavPilot outboard installation. NavPilot achieves precise course control up to about 60 kn. and is designed for planing and semi-displacement outboard vessels from 24 to 50 ft. Furuno U.S.A. Inc.

Vibration-Rejecting Gyroscopes
The MTi 100-series comprises MTi-100 IMU, MTi-200 VRU, MTi-300 AHRS and MTi-G-700 GPS/INS. It has a high output rate of 400 Hz, sensor component readout up to 2 kHz, 360' orientation and is individually calibrated for temperature, misalignment and g-sensitivity. Xsens Technologies BV.

Hydrographic Echosounder
Utilizing a Windows PC, laptop or tablet as a control and display device, the HydroBook can operate standalone or in the background of HYPACK or HydroPro mapping software. It has a minimum operating depth of 0.1 m and standard survey frequencies of 200 and 210 kHz. Unabara Corp.

Sonar Software Upgrade
SonaSoft 2.6 is an upgrade to the software that powers the FarSounder-500, -1000 and FS-3DT sonars. It features in-water target stabilization, chart overlay with C-MAP charts and improved automatic squelch. FarSounder Inc.

Ship-Design Software
ShipConstructor 2013 offers 33 new features and 194 fixes. It features a clear revision history that can be shown on bills of materials within a production drawing and includes WorkShare Design, Part View and ProductHierarchy. It is compatible with AutoCAD 2013. ShipConstructor Software Inc.

Acoustic Modem
Employing orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing, the AquaSeNT has a 4-km range and is available in point-to-point and networked versions. The networked version adds an onboard processor with networking firmware and software. The modems operate in 14- to 20-kHz bandwidth at 3.2 kbps. The PVC housing is rated to 200 m. Aquatic Sensor Network Technology LLC.

Naval Radar for Littoral Capabilities
A radar electronic support measures solution for multipurpose ships, VIGILE DPX has a wideband digital receiver that directly samples the full bandwidth of the radar RF spectrum instantaneously. It allows the reception and processing of threat signals even in the presence of interfering signals, operating without degradation. Thales UK.



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