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Observation-Class ROV
Designed for use in rivers and high-current environments, the Comander MK II SF can travel up to 7'kn and is rated to 500 m. The power supply is 230 V AC. It has three-phase electrical thrusters. Mariscope Meerestechnik GmbH.
Skid for Work-Class ROV Level Work
This skid design enables the Cougar XTi ROV to carry out subsea X-mas tree installations and tasks typically done by hydraulic work-class vehicles. Skids can be fitted with a class-1 to -4 torque tool, 350-bar seawater hot stab, manipulators, and high-pressure water jet and rotary brush. Saab Seaeye Ltd.
Georeferencing and Orientation Unit
Based on fiber-optic gyroscope technology, the ITAR-free ATLANS can be integrated with standard GNSS and DMI systems. All interface and computing electronics, including an embedded RTK GPS board, are contained within a single housing. iXBlue.

Satellite TV Antenna
With a 103-cm dish and three-axis structure, the SAILOR 100 Satellite TV offers multipolarization, a programmable low-noise block and single-cable installation. It comes with a touch-screen terminal for setup, service and management. Thrane & Thrane A/S.

Real-Time Port Management System
Port Management Information Systems (PMIS) comprises a set of Web-enabled applications to automate vessel and cargo operations. PMIS includes a statistical module that provides tangible KPI data and VTMS software integration. Transas Marine Ltd.

Submarine Simulator
Made using the DeepWorks ROV support platform, the Submarine Rescue Vehicle (SRV) simulator offers true subsea physics-based simulation and can be run on a desktop PC or integrated into a submarine rescue vehicle's hardware control console. The SRV can now navigate to a distressed submarine using camera and sonar views. Fugro Subsea Services Ltd.

Navy-Rated PC With Touch Screen
A 19-in. flat-panel PC, model no. 4556AA, is now approved to MIL-S-901D military specification for high-impact shock on a shipboard (Navy) system, after withstanding Grade-A shock testing. The 32 GB PC, which has an integrated touch screen, also meets EMI MIL standards 461 and 462. Daisy Data Displays Inc. (D3).

Corrosion-Resistant Steel
Ferrium S53 provides greater resistance to stress corrosion cracking, fatigue, corrosion fatigue and grinding burn damage than 4340 or 300M steels, without cadmium plating. S53 contains 10% chrome and is not a stainless steel. QuesTek Innovations LLC.

Liquid-Level Sensors
Now with 0.5-in. NPT male conduit fittings before the cable interface, the AST4500, AST4510 and AST 4520 sensors are class-1, division-1 intrinsically safe. They can be used in remote monitoring and telemetry applications where liquids and gases are in hazardous environments. American Sensor Technologies Inc.

Modular ROV
Rated to 100 m, the mini-ROV Jack is suitable for deployment in port security, civil security, survey, offshore and inshore inspection. The basic system comprises the vehicle, console, umbilical and winch. CISCREA.

Waste Fuel Recovery System
PureDry recycles heavy fuel oil fraction in the waste fuel oil tank, leaving 5 to 15 kg per day of nonpumpable super-dry solids that can be landed as dry waste. Separated water with an oil content of less than 1,000 ppm is pumped to the bilge water system. PureDry can reduce the volume of fuel oil consumed up to 2%. Alfa Laval Corporate AB.

Raster Map Layers for GIS
HydroView | Charts can be used in desktop or Internet GIS applications, without needing additional software, add-ons or plug-ins. Updated quarterly, HydroView's supply formats are GeoTIFFs of chart and panels with LCW compression. SeaZone Solutions Ltd.

Marine Electrical Switchboards
The ELSYS series of switchboards and power management systems have reduced size and weight. The modular design allows flexibility in meeting space limitations. Elcome International LLC.

Captain License Education Course
The 'Captain in a Box' training system provides users with study guides, checklists, charts and plotting tools for the two versions of the program, which cover the OUPV/six-pack license and the 25/50/100-ton master license. Students can access courses from Windows and Mac PCs, smartphones, iPads or tablets. Mariners Learning System.

Integrated Motion Controller/Driver
The XPS offers a data acquisition rate up to 10 KHz through 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (typically 0.3 ms command execution). It has one to eight axes of stepper, a DC brush, DC brushless motors or piezoelectric stacks using internal drives. Newport Corp.

GPS Compass
Based on Eclipse GNSS technology, Vector VS330 utilizes RTK, L-band, SBAS and beacon differential corrections, and computes heading information with better than 0.01° accuracy when using a 10-m antenna separation. Positioning accuracy is better than 1 cm in RTK mode or 4 cm when using OmniSTAR HP. Hemisphere GPS.

IMU for Offshore Positioning
Weighing less than 2 kg, the LD4 HDT integrated mobile unit provides sub-meter or decimeter accuracies. This IP55-rated unit uses dual GNSS antennas to receive GPS and GLONASS L1/L2 signals for subsequent computing of moving baseline vector/heading RTK fixed solutions. Veripos.

Rechargeable LED Flashlight
Rated to IPX4 water resistance, the 3765 flashlight has four light modes: high (172 lumens), low (94 lumens), downcast (32 lumens) and signaling (140 lumens). Powered by a four AA NiMH rechargeable battery pack, the flashlight's run time is 3 hrs. 15 min. on high, 5 hrs. 15 min. on low and 14.5 hrs. in downcast mode. Pelican Products Inc.

Passive Acoustic Monitoring Buoy
The PAMBuoy automatically detects and classifies vocalizing marine mammals. It provides high-resolution data, delivered in real time, that can be used to identify species present and determine temporal patterns in use. SMRU Ltd.

Hydraulic Actuators
Capable of operating to 6,000 psi, the CHA series has two 0.5-in. LP actuator ports: one for alignment to supply lines and one to guard against over-pressurization. Their dual-coil spring package is capable of shearing standard 7/32-in. braided cable. GE Oil & Gas.

Digital RS-485 Servo Accelerometers
Offered in four ranges from ±0.1 to ±1.0 g, the Sensorex SX41800 series incorporates an inertial mass mounted onto a coil. It requires a unipolar 9-to-30-V power supply and delivers an output proportional to the acceleration. Meggitt Sensing Systems.

Underwater LED Lighting for Boats
From 4,200 to 7,000 fixture lumens, the Pro Series HD is up to 130% brighter than previous models. The lights have no start-up power surge, bulbs or mercury, and have reduced power consumption and low heat. OceanLED.



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