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Instrument-Profiling Winches
The new ECO Winch family comprises 1- and 2-hp ECO-ELW winches, a 3- hp ECO Magnum and a 7.5-hp ECO OceanPro. The Magnum and OceanPro can be configured with different drum sizes and levelwind sheaves, guide shoes or rollers. The OceanPro can be configured with a 3-, 5- or 7.5- hp motor. An optional derrick, pedestal and ECO Sheave can be combined with the ECO-ELW. Sound Ocean Systems Inc.
Lifting Eye for Boats
Tested to 36,000 lbs., the Extra-Large Round Lifting Eye is constructed from 316 stainless steel parts with lifting hardware made from 304 stainless steel. Standard rod length is 12 in. Accon Marine LLC.
Hybrid Data and Power Cable
Supplying both data and power, the underwater Hybrid Cable has a 10.1-mm diameter and is designed to withstand deepwater pressures of 10,000 psi. It delivers power sufficient for the OceanCam and up to four lighting modules. It is available in lengths of 50 and 100 meters. Ocean Presence Technologies.

Quick-Release Instrument Clamp
Allowing quick installation and release of instruments on steel wire moorings, the QUICK-CLAMP has a locking mechanism using a large push-button release. Preparation requires fitting of small swaged or screw-on ferrules on the cable at the desired positions. The clamp fits instrument sizes up to 100 mm in diameter. Elkins Oceanic Services Ltd.

Distress Signal for Oil and Gas Rigs
With a drop height beyond 60 meters, the next-generation Manoverboard (MOB) Mark 9 is suitable for use on oil and gas rigs. It is 375 mm, 3.8 kg and safe to use in oil-covered water. A new retaining clip prevents accidental deployment in rough seas. The single-piece stainless steel bracket fits existing installations. Drew Marine Signal and Safety.

Safe-Lifting Guidance DVD
Illustrating essential components of successful and safe lifting operations, the 15-min. 'Safe Lifting' DVD is based on the International Marine Contractors Association's guidance document IMCA SEL 019/M 187 'Guidelines for Lifting Operations.' It is available in 10 languages. International Marine Contractors Association.

Airborne Maritime Mapping Systems
The POS AV and POSTrack 310 have an embedded flight management system and incorporate a 220-channel multifrequency GNSS receiver and custom-built IMU based on commercial MEMS inertial sensors. Applanix Corp.

Underwater Camera Housing
Compatible with the GoPro camera, the Hero Armor underwater housing has crystal optics and a rugged aluminum and stainless steel case for shooting HD video above or below the water line. Hero Armor.

Subsea Simulation Software Modules
VMAX Editor 1.0 allows the creation of offshore simulation scenarios. The user can modify and place items within a scene by dragging and dropping for a 3D view of the project field. VMAX ROV Simulator 2.5 is the latest version of Forum's core simulation software used for engineering studies, SIT simulations, and ROV pilot training and rehearsal sessions. Forum Energy Technologies Inc.

pH Meter for Apple Devices
Powered by iPod, iPhone and iPad devices, the PH-1 pH meter accessory measures and records pH in the lab or field in ambient temperatures to 40° C and solutions to 100° C with an accuracy to 0.01 pH. The free Sensorex app displays pH, millivolts, ambient temperature and solution temperature in real time. Data can be grouped by date or location and exported via e-mail. Sensorex.

Longer-Range Safety Beacon
Offering increased detection range over traditional SART technology, the SAILOR 5051 AIS-SART can provide surface vessels with its position at a 5-mile range. Aircraft can locate the beacon at a distance of up to 30 miles, depending on conditions. It can be located even in situations of heavy AIS traffic in busy shipping lanes. Thrane & Thrane A/S.

Maritime Simulator Interface
The NAUTIS Radar Interface for IMO- type-approved radar and chart radar systems makes radar and ECDIS training possible on real radar and ECDIS systems, instead of emulated systems. It allows radar-quality enhancements for all simulator types and is compatible with NAUTIS maritime simulators. VSTEP B.V.

Onboard Broadband Terminal
An onboard terminal for the mini-VSAT Broadband service, the TracPhone V7-IP has a robust, three-axis, gyro-stabilized antenna and integrated belowdecks unit that includes an Arc-Light spread spectrum modem and KVH's CommBox-ACU. KVH Industries Inc.

3D Fishing Sonar
The 3D High-Definition Sonar is configured for commercial fishing ships using a 6-in. sea chest. Echotec Sonar Corp.

Ku-/Ka-Band VSAT Antenna
The B85 antenna comprises an 85-cm maritime VSAT communication antenna with the dish and radome optimized for Ku- and Ka-band, and prepared for onboard conversion to Ka-band operation. Jotron AS.

RFID Tags for Harsh Environments
A new range of ATEX-certified RFID tags are designed for FPSOs, drilling rigs and offshore platforms to allow fast and easy attachment and operation even in hazardous conditions. Arnlea Systems Ltd.

Low-Drag Offshore Fishing Buoy
Designed for pot fishing, the LD-4 low-drag buoy is the largest version of the LD series and is suitable for offshore fishing applications. It is 39.4 by 94 cm with a 2.5-cm eye diameter and 123.6-cm circumference. Drag is reduced up to 80% compared to standard round buoys. Polyform U.S. Ltd.

Offshore Electric Winches
The eAHT series comprises winches with line pulls from 200 to 600 t, with an initial speed up to 25 m/min. and a brake holding capacity up to 800 t. They have independent electrohydraulically or electrically driven spooling devices. Cargotec Corp.

Shaft Power Thrust Meter
In line with SEEMP regulation, the TT-Sense Shaft Power Thrust Meter measures shaft speed, torque and power with noncontact sensor technology. The effects of operational changes are visible on a separate touch screen. It can be installed on new and existing vessels. VAF Instruments BV.

Sail-Rigging Rope
Designed for use on megayachts, Xceed-78 is made with a 100% Dyneema SK78 fiber core. The polyester cover protects the core from abrasion and provides grip for winches. The core's Samthane coating allows the cover to be stripped to reduce weight. Samson Rope Technologies Inc.

Ventilated Fixed Fins
Fitting superyachts up to 76 m, HVFF 300 and HVFF 400 come in two sizes of subcavitating fins for speeds of 25 to 50 kt, with a ventilated rear edge for low drag. They improve course keeping for boats with poor lateral stability, such as water-jet-powered monohulls. Humphree AB.



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