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Splash-Proof Acoustic Deck Box
The Portable Acoustic Command System can be used to obtain status information, enable, disable, range-to and release low-frequency or medium-frequency acoustic releases and transponders. The unit works with frequencies from 9 to 25 kHz, operates on internal lithium-ion batteries and has a backlit screen. EdgeTech.
Industrial MEMS Motion Trackers
The MTi 100 series incorporates vibration-rejecting gyroscopes and a multicore processing unit with a new embedded sensor fusion core that goes beyond standard Kalman filter-based solutions. The MTi-100 IMU, MTi-200 VRU and MTi-300 AHRS are higher-accuracy alternatives to the MTi 10-series. The MTi-G-700 GPS/INS succeeds the MTi-G. Xsens Technologies B.V.
Multibeam Sonar for Surveyors
The WASSP S (Survey) can be used in situations where a survey vessel would ordinarily be called in to undertake the project. With a range of 75 mm, the WASSP S has a 224-beam, 160-kHz transducer for work in 2 to 200 m depth. It is compatible with HYPACK and QINSy software. WASSP Ltd.

5-Megapixel Ethernet HD Camera
Designed for ocean observatories, ROV or AUV imaging, and port security, the Dragonfish camera offers live 1080p video transmission over four-wire Ethernet with built-in overlay of text, date-time and images. Options are available for a 6,500-m-rated titanium housing and integrated lasers. SubC Control Ltd.

Solid-State Gyro Compass
Containing a fiber-optic and 1Xblue core as sensor reference, the Alphafibercourse is directly connectable to a variety of ancillaries, such as OSV-approved interswitches, and bearing or digital repeaters, via a galvanically isolated docking station. It can output roll and pitch information as a second signal. Alphatron Marine BV.

Remote Access for Particle Analyzer
Available for submersible, portable, benchtop and PV Series FlowCAMs, the remote capability enables operators to run a sample, monitor its progress, adjust parameters and analyze images and data in real time from Android-based computer tablets or iPads. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.

Single-Point Acoustic Current Meter
The ACM-PLUS uses acoustic phase-shift transit-time technology that enables it to operate in clear and turbid water. New features include software-selectable two- or three-axis velocity measurement, extended onboard SD flash data memory and high-speed data sampling. Falmouth Scientific Inc.

Mini, Solid-State Laser Rangefinders
Using less than 1.5 W when ranging, the MLR2K generates five measurements per second, enabling it to range moving targets out to 2 km, and the MLR10K generates one measurement per second and can range out to 10 km. The MLR2K and MLR10K weigh 115 and 275 g, respectively, and run on USB power. FLIR Systems Inc.

APC Wet-Mateable Connector
With an angle-polished convex (APC) ferrule endface radius polished at an 8° angle and UPC connectors polished at a 0° angle, the Hydralight APC provides a lower return loss. It has an average single mode insertion loss of less than 0.2 dB and a average single-mode back reflection of '50 dB. SEACON Advanced Products LLC.

Open-Source, JavaScript Map API
OSCAR-js allows users to create, embed and display custom Web maps on their website. The API was created to extend CARIS Spatial Fusion Enterprise and includes tools for navigation, measurement and download, as well as providing a means for developers to create tools and extensions. CARIS.

Softline Cutting Tool
Both diver and ROV operable, the SL55 can cut Dyneema and Spectra ropes up to 55 mm in diameter. Weighing 9.7 kg, the SL55 has a maximum operating pressure of 210 bar and can be used at any water depth. Webtool ' Variators Ltd.

Navigation Sonar Systems
Replacing the FS-3DT and the FS-3ER, the FarSounder 500 and the FarSounder 1000 have ranges of 500 m and 1,000 m, respectively. Both have ping-to-ping correlations in processing for improved image stability. Sonars bought in 2012 are upgradable to these new systems with a software update. FarSounder Inc.

Anti-Piracy Training DVD
Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, the 15-min. Anti-Piracy & Hostage Situation Awareness DVD provides guidance for personnel working on board vessels operating in high-risk areas. Risk analysis and steps to prevent attacks are covered. International Marine Contractors Association.

LED Downlights
EuroLED 115-mm LED lamps operate at input voltages of 10 to 33 V DC, and can be fully dimmed and controlled. Remote drivers or control wires are not required, as the lamps' positive and negative cables can connect to 12- or 24-V DC systems. Power consumption is less than 4.5 W. Hella marine.

Maritime Monitoring Software
The Maritime Monitor will customize Automated Manifest Systems Data (U.S. Customs data) and U.S. Census data to provide trade intelligence for companies looking to identify both import and export shipments for sales lead generation. The tool provides a snapshot of waterborne and port trends. Panjiva Inc.

Ship-Maneuvering Simulator
DynaSim, which runs on Windows PCs, employs models of ship hydrodynamics and simulates different types of ships. The program has a fully user-controlled mode, a standard ship certification maneuver mode and a computer-controlled maneuvers mode. Dynaflow Inc.

Fanless Marine Computer
Built with the Intel 7 series Panther Point chipset and the third-generation Intel Ivy Bridge processor, the MC-7000 computer enables the use of up to three separate displays for various marine applications. It offers 2 GB DDR 3 memory and a 6 Gbps SATA storage interface with RAID functionality. Moxa Inc.

Trawl Sonar
The TCS385 sonar is designed for vessels trawling in water depths of 100 feet or less where users need a lightweight headrope unit to profile net geometry and fish entry, and operate in sounder mode to follow the bottom and the footrope. It has a frequency of 180 kHz in profile and a 110 kHz in down sounder. WESMAR.

Silicone Cables for Use in Arctic
Designed for temperatures down to -65° C, the Arctic-Grade Silicone Cables are halogen-free and resistant to snow/ice storms, sea ice, saltwater submersion, permafrost and deicing fluids. Custom or standard off-the-shelf single conductor, multiconductor and hybrid cables are available. Cicoil Corp.

Marine Electronics Standards Update
Version 4.10 of NMEA 0183 improves boating safety and navigation by expanding electronic communications 'sentences' on devices such as GNSS and AIS. It impacts shipboard, nonshipboard and land-based equipment. National Marine Electronics Association.



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