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Glider AUV for Coastal Applications
Designed for deployment in coastal waters up to 200 m deep, the Exocetus Coastal Glider can operate for 14 days with an alkaline battery pack and 60 days with a lithium pack. It has a swappable payload and a 5-l buoyancy engine. Measuring 2.87 m long with a 32.4-cm diameter, it weighs 109 kg. Exocetus Development LLC.
Ultraviolet Lights for Diving, ROVs
Rated to 3,400 m, the Snooperette-UV (left) light has a 76-mm diameter and is ideal for divers, cameras and ROVs. The 200-m-rated Aquila-UV (right) light has a 60-mm-diameter housing with wire-free construction and a 97-mm profile for relamping in less than 30 sec. The Snooperette-UV and Aquila-UV are both ballast-free systems. BIRNS Inc.
GIS Data Post-Processing
Three Effigis OnPOZ precision positioning software products are available on Magellan's eXplorist GIS Pro 10 receiver: EZTag CE, GNSS Driver for ArcPad and EZSurv. They can be bundled with the Pro 10 or serve as a software add-on for users who previously purchased the device. Magellan.

Wind Farm Design Software
Version 5.0 of WindFarmer adds tools for base calculations on the production data of operational turbines, data visualization and wind-flow modeling. A feasibility study-grade model is bundled with the package, and the WAsP model can be controlled optionally within it. GL Garrad Hassan.

2D Multibeam Sonar
Deployable on ROVs, AUVs and diver handheld systems, the lightweight M Series LT comes with 45°, 90° or 130° field-of-view options and a built-in 10° down-angle tilt to facilitate platform integration. It has a maximum detection range of 100 m. Teledyne BlueView Inc.

Mini Connector
The 6.6-mm-diameter MiniMax is a 20-signal (0.5A) and 4-power (5A) connector with 24 mixed contacts that can endure more than 500 mating cycles. Available in push-pull, breakaway and screw-lock latching systems, it is sealed to 120 m mated and unmated and can withstand more than 4 Nm of torque. Fischer Connectors USA.

High-Power Connector
Made for the offshore oil and renewable energy industries, the Ultra series connectors are depth-rated to 30,000 ft., with pressure ratings of 15,000 psi mated and 10,000 psi open face. They are available in 3-, 4.5- or 5-in. diameters, with a 100-A current rating per contact and 4.4 kV DC. SEA CON.

Engine Oil Lubricant
Tufoil contains rust inhibitors that will help protect a marine engine when it is shut down and also prevents overheating problems in reduction gears, barge pumps and angle drives. It has a steel-on-steel surface friction of 0.029, which means less wear and lower engine temperatures. Fluoramics Inc.

FPSO Mooring Monitoring Service
The Wire Rope Inspection Service (WRIS) detects and measures deterioration of FPSO wire rope moorings. WRIS can include a combination of three mooring monitoring technologies: rope measurement system (RMS), high-definition 3D-video (HD3DV) and 3D photogrammetric modeling (3DM). Welaptega Marine Ltd.

High-Cycle Pressure Transmitter
With pressure ranges up to 20,000 psi, the AST46HA explosion-proof pressure transmitters have a fail-mode indicator, allowing users to choose an output signal that rails or drops during a fault condition for better control over system reaction to sensor failure. Vented and nonvented versions are available. American Sensor Technologies Inc.

Inertial Sensor System
Incorporating very low-noise MEMS accelerometers and KVH's DSP-1750, the Series 1750 IMU features shock, vibration and thermal functionality for autonomous applications. It measures 3.5 in. deep by 2.9 in. high, weighs less than 1.4 lbs. and has a power consumption of less than or equal to 5 W. KVH Industries Inc.

Wireless Subsea Camera
The second generation of the Viewtooth camera offers extended communication range and is deployable to 4,000 m depth. It can transmit 78 to 156 kbps of data via Ethernet and output H.264 video at 10 fps as an .asf file. WFS Technologies Ltd.

Flare Gas Flow Meter
Designed for industrial processes and plants, the ST100 series measures flow from 0.25 to 1,000 SFPS with accuracy of ±0.75% of reading. It is available in integral and remote (up to 300 m) electronic versions and is approved to NEMA4X/IP67 and HART communication standards. Fluid Components International LLC.

Voice Communication Software
R6 for Globe iFusion, a free upgrade for existing users, enables up to five inbound and outbound calls for FleetBroadband, VSAT auto-recovery tools and a prepaid/sponsored e-mail solution. It supports up to eight onboard VoIP handsets and POTs handset plugged directly into the i250. Globe Wireless LLC.

AIS Data Service
exactAIS Premium eliminates the need to deconflict AIS data as it facilitates the integration of global AIS data from satellite and terrestrial-based sources. Customers can integrate data into their operational and analytical systems and access the exactAIS Premium data set for vessel tracking. exactEarth Ltd.

Mobile ROV Power Distribution Unit
Offering one to three circuits and up to 5,000 VAC, this unit is designed to be movable to test high-voltage systems or subsea tools where needed. The PDU has ground fault monitoring to detect insulation leakage in the umbilical/deck cable. Tinitron Inc.

Remote Vessel Monitoring System
Systems providing a digital signal output can be connected to SeeM'Box-V, comprising equipment, software and services for to transfer and process in real time. It can be integrated with most existing monitoring systems. Setel Hellas S.A.

Inertial Data Fusion Engine
Suitable for ROVs, the SmartFusion engine, embedded in IG-500 inertial systems, is designed to improve vehicle stabilization and navigation. SmartFusion has NMEA (GGA, RMC, ZDA) and proprietary ASCII outputs for marine communication needs and for GPS dropping replacement. SBG Systems SAS.

Bathymetry Data Management
ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry allows for bathymetric data and metadata to be indexed, searched and modeled. It visualizes bathymetric data by querying and filtering data holdings based on metadata and spatial location, and composes data sets into a bathymetric surface model in real time without data duplication. Esri.

Fifth-Generation AIS Transponders
The R5 series combines software-de'fined radio transceivers with high-speed analog-to-digital converters. The water-resistant, single-box R5 SOLID AIS meets SOLAS compliance. The two-unit R5 SUPREME AIS has a separate CDU and transponder. The IMO-compliant shipborne AIS transponder is type-approved Class-A. Saab TransponderTech AB.



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