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Subsea Fiber-Optic Connector
The connector has a mated pressure rating of 1,000 psi (700 m), with an insertion loss of 0.5 dB typical (1.0 dB max). Cable assemblies (single- or multimode) are terminated with a cable connector plug, and the bulkhead connector receptacle has pigtails terminated with standard straight-tip connectors. SEA CON.
Environmental Echosounder
Utilizing single-beam sonar and integrated DGPS, the MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder System is for the mapping and quantitative assessment of submerged plants, substrate classification and bathymetry. It comes with Visual Habitat MX software, a data processing and visualization tool. BioSonics Inc.
Multipurpose Echosounder
Able to connect up to 15 transceivers by cable or over a wireless network, the EK15 is suitable for mobile surveys and monitoring fixed locations. It has an operational frequency of 200 kHz, uses multiple transceivers in parallel with simultaneous or sequential pinging and operates on a Windows 7 computer. Simrad.

FFC/FPC Connectors
Designed for satellite navigation systems, the FH41 Series (right angle) and FH48 Series (vertical) are 0.5-mm pitch above-the-board connectors for use with shielded FFC. They can last for 20 mating cycles and have a 0.5-A current rating. Hirose Electric Co. Ltd.

Passive Acoustic Recorder
The EA-SDA14 disposes of four synchronized acquisition channels and can connect to various types of passive and preamplified hydrophones. It acquires 24 bits of raw data from 3 Hz to 1 MHz. It is connectable via Ethernet. RTSYS.

Station-Keeping Buoy
Available in three sizes, the C-STAT has an autonomous controller and station-keeping system with an optional C-Nav GPS and a diesel-electric hybrid power system. It is hull optimized and can be deployed for more than 30 days. Multiple units can be controlled and monitored via radio and/or satellite communications. ASV Ltd.

GPS Marine Lantern
The M650 has GPS-synchronized flash that allows a number of M650 GPS lanterns to flash in unison. It provides up to 4 nautical miles of visibility and produces up to 44 candela of light output. Carmanah Technologies Corp.

Simultaneous Phone Call Service
FleetBroadband Multi-Voice will allow up to nine simultaneous phone calls through a single FleetBroadband FB250 or FB500 terminal, or up to four simultaneous calls from a Fleet'Broadband 150, 250 or 500. Multi-Voice is integrated into Inmarsat's network and terminated into public telephone networks. Inmarsat PLC.

Two-Way Satellite Communicator
inReach, with an internal GPS, is now compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allowing the devices to be used as two-way satellite communicators in areas outside traditional wireless coverage. Users can send and receive messages to and from cell phones, e-mail contacts and inReach users globally. DeLorme.

Nephelometric Turbidity Sensor
Turbidity'Xchange is fully field-swappable and rated to 500 m depth. The sensor has an accuracy up to ±3% NTU, precision up to ±3% NTU, resolution up to ±0.5 NTU, less than 0.7 s response time and a range of 0 to 50 mg/l. AML Oceanographic.

Seabed Seismic Acquisition System
Rated up to 2,000 m depth, Calypso has tilt-insensitive multicomponent (4C) VectorSeis sensors to record broad bandwidth seismic data. Buoy-based recording eliminates the need for dedicated recording vessels. An unlimited number of cables at 12 to 24 km shortens cycle time. ION Geophysical Corp.

Isometric Seismic Imaging
IsoMetrix outputs isometrically sampled point-receiver data in both crossline and inline directions, capturing the returning wavefield in 3D. The system enables exploration, high-resolution near-surface characterization, well integrity planning and 4D repeatability. Schlumberger Ltd.

Ethernet Data Acquisition System
EDAS CE can be located remotely from a PC or network and is suitable for onboard monitoring of an analog signal (e.g., temperature, pressure, humidity) or a digital signal (open or closed, a preset alarm state). It supports up to 12 modules, allowing eight 192 I/O points per base system. Intelligent Instrumentation Inc.

Sonar Software Upgrade
A free feature pack 3 upgrade is available for Seabat 7125SV2 sonar. It features Tracker, which sets parameters (e.g., range, gain, power and swath width) based on data quality, and Seabat UI, a redesigned graphical user interface on Windows 7. RESON A/S.

Data Loggers
UEILogger 300 (3 I/O slots) and UEI'Logger 600 (6 I/O slots) support sample rates up to 500 kS/s for 16-bit samples and 250 kS/s for 18 to 24-bit A/D samples for systems monitoring. The UEILogger provides at least 320 kS/s (16-bit) or 160 kS/s (18-24 bit) and supports SD cards up to 32 GB. United Electronic Industries Inc.

Sonar Processing Software
MS 1000 Version 5.0, the latest update for MS 1071 and MS 1171 sonar systems, comes in the Express Edition for basic operating functions and the full-version Standard Edition. An optional module acquires 3D profile points for point cloud representation. Version 5.0 is compatible up to Windows 7 and has Windows 64-bit USB driver and 32/64 bit serial interface drivers. Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.

Weather Monitoring System
WX Series WeatherStation instruments have up to seven sensors, depending on the model. For stationary applications, the 100WX and 110WX read apparent wind speed and direction, air temperature and barometric pressure. For moving applications, the 150WX and 200WX have sensors such as a 10-Hz GPS, solid-state compass and tilt sensors. Airmar Technology Corp.

Mooring Monitoring System
Developed for the marine renewables sector, the scalable Mooring Verification System measurements from up to four strain gauges, a three-axis accelerometer, a three-axis gyroscope, and depth and temperature sensors. J+S Ltd.

VSAT Antenna
Z7 is a 75-cm, three-axis model optimized for localized services, which makes it suitable for small ships. The antenna can be used with a spread spectrum modem and is compatible with all modem manufacturers. KNS Inc.

Digital Torque Flange System
The Type 4550A KiTorq has a 0.05% accuracy class, fully digital transmission with signal bandwidth up to 10 kHz, integral speed measurement of 60 pulses per revolution and a 500-to-3,000-nm measuring range. Kistler North America.

In-Situ Fluorometer
Depth-rated to 600 m, the UV LED UviLux can be configured for real-time monitoring of crude or refined hydrocarbons or colored dissolved organic matter. Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.



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