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Underwater Color Cameras
Incorporating two high-resolution CCD sensors, the 3D-SD color camera (pictured) offers standard-definition stereoscopic imaging, transmitting left and right standard composite analog video signals (PAL/NTSC). The Surveyor-3D-HD has two cameras that transmit dual HD-SDI data for view with 3D glasses on an HD-SDI monitor or 3D TV. Bowtech Products Ltd.
LEP Plasma Light
As a 15-in. light-emitting plasma deep submergence light, Aurora provides 14,000 lumens of electronically dimmable white light at 5,300 K. The electronic driver is in the same pressure housing as the lamp, which has a 30,000-hr. life and produces a continuous spectrum from a 2-mm-long bulb. It runs on 28 VDC with a 9.3 amp power draw. BIRNS Inc.
Underwater Wireless Modem
seatooth S100 is a wireless modem with an optional 8 MB of integrated memory. Various housings offer depth ratings from 100 to 3,000 m. seatooth is also available with a camera, acoustic or power transfer capability, or as PCB-only for OEM integration. WFS Technologies Ltd.

Night-Vision Diving Goggle
Enabling observation both above and below water to a depth of 50 m, the monocular Night Diver Cyclops goggle comprises a 25-mm F/0.95 objective lens and 25-mm ocular lens. Cyclops is mounted on the Drager Nova Full-Face Mask or Interspiro FFM. Right- and left-hand versions are available, as well as open- or closed-circuit operation. Technical Equipment International Ltd.

Night-Vision Camera
Ideal for private vessels, Zeus Night-Vision Camera has two-axis, fiber-optic stabilization. It offers object tracking, enabling it to lock onto another vessel, a man overboard, aircraft, debris or a buoy and keep that object in the center of the picture.'OceanView Technologies.

Remotely Operated Hot Tap Tool
The Subsea 1200RC Tapping Machine allows hot tapping to be carried out from a diving support vessel or platform. The system is topside-driven with a passive ROV interface, so it can be operated from an onboard laptop. TDW Offshore Pipeline Solutions.

Desktop Paper Chart Software
Paper Chart Composer creates paper charts automatically from S-57 ENC data, common vector and raster GIS formats, and imports data from existing CARIS maps. It offers standard cartographic presentation based on IHO INT1 and INT2 specifications. CARIS.

Airborne Lidar System
CZMIL (Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging Lidar) produces simultaneous high-resolution 3D data and imagery of the shallow-water seafloor, such as coastal topography, benthic classification and water column characterization. The bathymetric lidar is integrated with a hyperspectral imaging system and digital metric camera. Optech Inc.

Seafloor Survey Software Update
SonarWiz 5 has a new Ribbon GUI for sub-bottom processing of boomer, sparker and chirp data. Cursor-tracked amplitude view, reflector-specific sound velocity setting and a spectrograph allow band-pass filter settings to eliminate noise. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar
Depth rated to 1,000 m, the M900 series is 30 percent smaller than the P Series and delivers similar real-time sonar imagery. Communications are Ethernet standard, with optional VDSL. It is available with 45°, 90° and130° field-of-view options and runs on 12 to 48 VDC. BlueView Technologies Inc.

Portable Shallow-Water Survey Boat
The 600-m-range Z-Boat 1800 is suitable for shallow-water inshore bathymetric surveys. It is also available in a high-speed version, which can remotely survey canals, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and rivers flowing up to 5 m/s. The Z-Boat can be equipped with positioning and depth sounder instruments. The Oceanscience Group.

Trawl Warp Line
Developed to replace steel wire rope, TS-II Turbo trawl line reduces a trawler winch system's weight up to 80 percent. It is constructed with a noncollapsing Dyneema fiber cover. TS-II is cut and abrasion resistant, and it floats. Samson Rope Technologies Inc.

UV Leak Detection Flashlight
The OPTIMAX 365 uses ultrahigh-flux LEDs to locate leaks in fluid systems on marine vessels. It weighs 335 g and has an inspection range of 6.1 m. Powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery, it provides 90 min. of continuous inspection time. UV-absorbing spectacles are included. Tracer Products.

Mobile Mapping Software
POSPac MMS V6 post-processing software now features SmartSelect, which combines satellites from GPS and GLONASS for the smallest dilution of precision (DOP). By eliminating periods of high DOP, surveying can be completed faster. Applanix Corp.

Marine Vector Map Program
SeaZone HydroSpatial Base 2, available for desktop and Web GIS, provides a worldwide marine reference map via geoprocessing and spatial analysis to create customized data outputs and map views using real-world and abstract feature types. The content is processed to form a continuous vector layer data set, with a feature and attribute model. SeaZone Solutions Ltd.

Environmental Acoustic Profiler
Rated to 600 m, the AZFP (Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler) can collect data continuously for up to one year at high temporal and spatial resolution. Frequencies of 125, 200, 455 and 770 kHz are available in one transducer. ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

Gauge for Corrosion Analysis
The hand-held UT5000 Intrinsically Safe Thickness Gauge can save nine multipoint readings against each radio frequency identification tag on an asset or pipeline. It uses Echo-Echo technology that can read metal thickness levels, even through a painted surface. CorDEX Instruments Ltd.

Environmental Monitoring Software
Streamline-ENV version 3.0 provides a path for YSI multiparameter water-quality sondes to work in Windows 7. 'Auto-synthesis' data merging has been added, as well as enhanced sonde calibration diagnostics, pH slope computation and an expanded quality assurance module that removes outliers and corrects sensor and fouling drift. Interactive Oceanographics.

Oil Monitoring Buoy
The Oil in Water Monitoring Buoy can detect as little as 0.1 ppm of crude or fine oil in coastal and inshore areas. It weighs 25 kg, measures 2 m long with a 60 cm diameter, and is equipped with a Turner Cyclops-7 submersible sensor and powered by two 5-W solar panels. Deployment can be up to 24 months in depths up to 50 meters. Ocean Scientific International Ltd.

Observatory Node
SMARTGUARD is a data logger for hydrologic, meteorological and small stand-alone stations that performs remote real-time communication, data collection and operation. It fits all AADI, and serial and analog third-party sensors. The node receives data and configures the operator's system in real time via serial ports, LAN or USB connection utilizing XML protocols. AADI.



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