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High-Definition Imaging Sonar
With 128 beams operating at 3 MHz in identification mode and 1.8 MHz in detection mode, the ARIS Explorer 3000 works in zero visibility in ranges from 5 to 15 m. It has a 30° field of view, weighs 5 kg and consumes 15 W. Sound Metrics Corp.
Vessel Tracking, Monitoring Device
Able to operate up to 180 days between charges, the EZ Tracker 2.0 terminal has an external interface connector that is used to connect a sensor or panic button and to charge the unit. When the button is activated, the unit will generate an alarm message with the vessel name, latitude, longitude, speed and heading for 4 hrs. Global Ocean Security Technologies.
Diver Communication System
The Amcom I Communicator's PC card has been redesigned to improve battery life to 85 hrs. for the rechargable model and 120 hrs. for the nonrechargable model. Amcom I now comes with MP3 connectors so divers can listen to music while working underwater, a feature that is active only in fourwire mode. AMRON International Inc.

Multichannel Data Acquisition System
Deployable to 2,500 m depth, the Autonomous Multi-Channel Acoustic Recorder Generation 3 (AMAR G3) provides eight 24-bit A/D channels with sampling rates between 4,000 and 128,000 samples/s and gains between 0 and 42 dB. It has eight low-speed A/D channels for nonacoustic sensors. Missions of up to one year are possible. JASCO Applied Sciences..

Acoustic Sensor for Well Monitoring
iDAS (intelligent distributed acoustic sensing system) is capable of digitally recording acoustic waves along many kilometers of fiber-optic cable with up to frequencies of 100 kHz and a range greater that 90dB. It is designed for well surveillance applications (i.e., distributed seismic imaging and well integrity monitoring). Silixa Ltd.

Surface Display Computer
The SDC-10, a surface interface unit for the TSS 440, 350 and Dualtrack pipe and cable trackers, has a 19-in. touchscreen and an anti-shock hard disk drive with a fanless Intel Atom 16GHz CPU. It is housed in a standalone optional VESA-mounted enclosure. Teledyne TSS Ltd.

Seafloor Survey Processing Software
SABERv5.0, an updated version of Survey Analysis and area Based EditoR, supports integration with the Kongsberg/Hydroid AUV's NavP and can process AUV-derived data for seafloor surveys. It also includes a beta version of automated contact detection software, which enables quick processing of side scan sonar records for objects proud of the seafloor. SAIC Inc.

IMO-Compliant ECDIS
The ECDIS FMD-3200 (with 19-in. LCD) and FMD-3300 (with 23.1-in. LCD) comply with IMO resolution MSC.232(82) and are designated for a new installation or retrofit. They are compatible with Jeppesen Dynamic Licensing and support the Admiralty Information Overlay. Furuno.

Bathymetric Processing Software
Version 7.3.2 of the Fledermaus Suite adds direct support for QINSy QPD files and the QINSy Sounding Grid (.grd) files, allowing for the direct read of bathymetric data from a QINSy project into modules of the Fledermaus software. The results can be transferred to ArcGIS for further analysis. Quality Positioning Services BV.

Silicone Cables for Harsh Conditions
Designed for deployment in temperatures of -65° to 260° C, Highly Flexible Silicone Cables are ideal for use in downhole oil drilling and flare ignition systems. These halogen-free cables will not deform or wear during a 10-million-cycle lifetime and can withstand high voltages, ice, seawater, corrosion, coarse sand and severe vibration. Cicoil Corp.

'Ka-Ready' VSAT System
Available summer 2012, the OrSat 300 is built to support a range of configurations with different radio frequency packages (Ku, Ka or X) and block up converter power levels. It is 1.15 m and complies with environmental standards. ORBIT Communication Systems Itd.

Modules for RTK GNSS
The Eclipse P300 and Eclipse P301 OEM modules provide the ability for tracking commercially available GNSS signals for precise positioning. P300 is a drop-in board replacement for the Crescent L1 board and first-generation miniEclipse P200 GPS-only OEM board. P301 is a drop-in replacement for a different industry standard interface. Hemisphere GPS LLC.

Shipbuilding Software
The latest version of ShipConstructor 2012 R2 contains improvements to speed up the process of labeling production drawings. It also provides the ability to model electrical cable supports within Space Allocations and troubleshooting and analysis offered by the Customer Involvement Program. ShipConstructor Software Inc.

Pipe Support Design Program
AVEVA Pipe Supports ' Marine 12.1 is designed to increase efficiency in shipbuilding through the definition and management of pipe supports. It makes available tools to create pipe support details in the AVEVA Marine 3D model and then automatically generates drawings. AVEVA Marine.

Magnet for Temporary Anchor Points
Weighing 1.5 kg, the MAM-Light is a permanent magnet that has a holding force of up to 150 kg. The magnet's eye creates a secure fastening for functions such as providing a temporary mooring alongside a ship for a fixing point for instrumentation or oil containment booms or guide. Miko Marine AS.

Fuel Management System
The FuelTrax system now provides the ability to enter activity codes, which are then automatically paired with fuel data by date, time, latitude and longitude for reporting of vessel activities against fuel usage. Nautical Control Solutions LP.

Maritime Display, Computer Systems
Series X product range is available as a display or a panel PC in seven sizes: 8 in., 13 in. wide, 12 in., 15 in., 17 in., 19 in. and 24-in. wide. It features LED multitouch displays and standard multipower. Hatteland Display AS.

Remote Medical Assistance App
'Doctor on board,' an iPad app, provides navigators with information during medical problems and emergencies. It specifies what information to provide while taking an emergency call, by telephone, radio or e-mail, to Tele-Medical Assistance Service doctors, which offer free support to those at-sea. De PAN-PAN Edizioni Srl.

Miniature VHF Radio Beacon
Deployable for up to five years, the Novatech MMB-7500 is depth-rated to 7,500 m and has a digital circuit controller for selectable preset frequency channels. It has a frequency range of 151 to 161 MHz, with four preset channels. MetOcean Data Systems.



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