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Hydrocarbon Leak Detection System
The MELDS system has a measuring range for CH4 at 0,1 to 50 μmol/L (±0.3 μmol/L) and PAH at 0 to 500 μg/L, with a reaction time of less than 10 seconds. Rated to 3,000 m depth, it has a methane sniffer and flowhead, a PAH fluorometer, CTD, and a pump and T-handle with suction tube. Teledyne TSS Ltd.
High-Resolution Cameras
Upgraded with 100 more TV lines, the monochrome LCC-700 camera replaces the LCC-600, which had 380 TV lines, and the color L3C-650 camera replaces the LCC-550, which had 350 TV lines. The cameras are rated to 4,000 m depth and housed in titanium. Bowtech Products Ltd.
Motion Reference Units
The MRU 3 and MRU E are designed for echosounder surveys and crane operations, respectively. The MRU 3, made for roll, pitch and heave compensation, has solid-state sensors. The MRU E operates in ambient temperatures from -25° to 70° C. Kongsberg Seatex AS.

Bathymetric System
bathyMETREC•X features a low drift, 0.01 percent Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure sensor and up to four field-swappable sensor heads for conductivity, time-of-flight sound velocity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. It has 25-Hz sampling and can be deployed to 5,000 m depth. AML Oceanographic.

Real-Time 3D Diver Detection Sonar
With a viewing range up to 500 m, the Pin-Point sonar scans a horizontal sector of 90° to a 1.5° resolution and a vertical sector of 20° to a 1° resolution with every ping. When faster updates are needed, the system can scan in 2D mode and then be restored to 3D for more detailed observations. Marine Electronics Ltd.

2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar
Designed for underwater navigation, monitoring and target tracking, the M Series is available in 45°, 90° or 130° field-of-view options and in a split-head configuration, which separates the sonar's acoustic sensor from the electronics package for a smaller footprint. BlueView Technologies Inc.

Light for Underwater Video
Powered by a two-cell rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Sola 2000 has a run time of 50 min. at 2,000 lumens, 120 min. at 1,000 lumens and 200 min. at 500 lumens. The light weighs 283 grams with its 1-in. ball and 0.5-in. Loc-Line mount. Light & Motion.

Deepwater Offshore Mooring Rope
Made with Dyneema, the Gama 98 ultralow creep HMPE mooring rope is designed for deepwater moorings beyond 2,000 m depth and meets the mechanical demands of 30-year moorings. Lankhorst Ropes.

Environmental Data Software
Hydro GeoAnalyst v.2012.1 provides free online data sharing and publishing for presenting data and maps powered by GoogleMaps. This version supports integration with ArcGIS and has a new EDD import tool. Schlumberger Water Services.

Riser Monitoring System Software
Three modules have been added to the DrillASSURE system: DrillJOINT details drill joint specifications, usage and maintenance history; DrillWINDOW determines the drill stack's fatigue; and Drill'ADVISE calculates vessel position. Pulse Structural Monitoring.

Hyperbaric Chamber Light
The 7100 series offers internal and external adjustable brightness controls. Powered with three- or four-pin connectors, it has a 50,000-hr lamp life. Amron International Inc.

Subsea Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
Made to power autonomous stations and underwater robotic platforms, PowerPack battery systems can be customized to a depth-rating of up to 6,000 m. They typically have a capacity of 1.7 kWh and voltage output of 14.8 V. SubCtech GmbH.

Diving Face Mask
The Neptune Space Iron Mask is designed for use in contaminated water. Weighing 1,090 g, the mask has an AISI 316 stainless-steel frame, buckles and adjustment knob. The front cover's integrated regulator is made with anodized anticorodal. Ocean Reef.

Deepwater Lighting System
Rated to 3,000 m, the Snooper III provides 33,000 lumens and is available with 400- to 1,200-W lamps and four different lens options. It can be handheld or yoke mounted to nearly any surface or vehicle. BIRNS Inc.

Borehole Sampler
Measuring 26 cm in diameter, the WTS-LV is designed to fit through narrow openings and collect a suspended sample onto a 142-mm membrane filter. The 160-cm-tall device is identical to the standard WTS-LV, with a rearrangement of components. McLane Research Laboratories Inc.

Maritime Ku-Band VSAT Antenna
The v110GX, upgradable to Inmarsat Global Xpress Ka-Band service, is a 1-m, three-axis antenna communication system. Its gyro-free satellite search function enables it to lock on to a satellite without requiring input from the ship's gyrocompass. Intellian Technologies Inc.

Positioning System with Marinestar
The upgraded POS MV system will now be able to receive Fugro's Marinestar GPS and GNSS services, allowing it to operate offshore without reference stations and provide position data accurate to less than 1 decimeter. Applanix Corp.

3D Side Scan Sonar
Designed for shallow-water surveys, the WideView sonar has a 120° field of view with a range up to 200 m for the 250-kHz version and 100 m for the 500-kHz version. Up to 4,000 amplitude, angle and range samples are collected for each slant range. Marine Electronics Ltd.

Hall Effect Rotary Position Sensor
Available in multiple termination options, single or dual outputs and 24 active electrical angles, the Model 9960 sensor has 360° turn capabilities and is housed in IP67 housing. It can be used for marine steering and speed control applications. BEI Sensors.

Marine GPS Compass
Vector V103 and V113, powered by a Crescent Vector II OEM, provide positioning data, including heave, pitch and roll, with the option of NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 communication systems. Hemisphere GPS LLC.

Subsea Time-Tagging Unit
The SUBSEA ATTU, designed for integration into platforms such as ROVs and AUVs, contains the electronics and software of the standard ATTU in a subsea housing. Its time-stamping accuracy across multiple sensor inputs is better than 50 μs. EIVA a/s.

AIS Data Conversion
Preconfigured to work with an NMEA 0183 AIS device, the NGW-1-ISO-AIS firmware can convert NMEA 0183 sentences into NMEA 2000 messages and vice versa. This version includes other commonly requested bidirectional conversions. Active Research Ltd.



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