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Deepwater LED Light
Depth-rated to 6,000 m, the Lightning light offers 10,000 lumens output and can have input powers of 18 to 30 V DC and 108 to 132 V AC. The light has a complete dimming range and can be configured as a spot- or floodlight. Remote Ocean Systems.
Optical Penetrators
Constructed from passivated AISI 316 stainless steel, this line of fiber-optic penetrators has a pressure rating of 70 bar, which can be specified to a higher rating. The penetrators have an insertion loss of less than 0.1 dB per channel and return loss greater than 65 dB per channel. BIRNS Inc.
Sondes for Water Quality Monitoring
The EXO1, with ports for four sensors, and the EXO2, with six ports and a central anti-fouling wiper, can monitor CTD, dissolved oxygen, pH, oxidation-reduction potential, total algae, turbidity and fluorescent dissolved organic matter. They can record up to 1 million logged readings. YSI Inc.

Sonar for Underwater Vehicles
The 2205 series runs side scan sonar frequencies from 100 kHz to 1,600 kHz, sub-bottom profiler frequencies from 500 Hz to 24 kHz and swath bathymetry at 230 kHz or 540 kHz. The 2205 is available with EdgeTech's dynamic focusing and multipulse technologies. EdgeTech.

Underwater Thickness Gauge
The Cygnus DIVE, designed to be worn on the diver's wrist, can measure metal thickness through coatings up to 20 mm thick. It has a 2.4-in. color TFT screen and can store up to 5,000 measurements with corresponding A-Scan graphs. Cygnus Instruments Ltd.

Work-Class Manipulators
The five-function HLK 40400 and the seven-function HLK 40500R manipulators are complementary hydraulic arms capable of regulating speed on the rate control system for greater precision over movement. Because all joints are hydraulically locked in dormant mode, there is no need for constant flow to maintain position. Hydro-Lek Ltd.

Wet-to-Wet Pressure Transducer
The Multi-Sense 231RS, a differential transducer with remote sensors, offers four unidirectional and bidirectional switch-selectable pressure ranges. Each unit features field-selectable output choices of 4 to 20 mA; 0 to 5, 1 to 5, and 0 to 10 V DC; and a jumper-selectable port swap. Setra Systems Inc.

Fleet Management Software Update
GlobalView 2.0 now features global ice concentrations, spot forecasts, tide data, port forecasts, eco-speed calculator and the ability to monitor vessels via the BonVoyage System. Applied Weather Technology Inc.

Navigation Buoys
Designed as an alternative to steel-hulled and rotationally molded buoys, the TB Navigation line of IALA-compliant buoys are constructed with an elastomer hull and aluminum superstructure. Diameters range between 1.25 and 3 m. Trelleborg Offshore.

Streamline Mufflers
Available in standard sizes 5 in. and above, the Marlin Series is ABS certified and Lloyd's Register Type approved for gas and diesel engines. The mufflers can be custom matched with engine room components and colors. Centek Industries.

Marine Display
The MDU42 is certified to MIL-STD 901D, Grade A, medium-weight testing; MIL-STD 167; MIL-STD-810F; and MIL-STD-461E, which are required for equipment used on U.S. Navy surface ships. It consists of a 42-in. diagonally measured LCD display. Comark Corp.

LED Leak-Detecting Flashlight
Designed to help marine vessel technicians detect air conditioning and fluid leaks, the TP-8690 OPTIMAX 3000 has an inspection range of 6.1 m or farther. Powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery, the unit has an LED lifetime of 50,000 hrs. Tracer Products.

Multibeam Sonar Upgrade
The maximum detection range of the P450 series 2D multibeam imaging sonar has been extended to 300 meters. Ideal for work-class ROVs, these forward-looking systems are available with 45°, 90° or 130° field-of-view. BlueView Technologies Inc.

Multitouch Display
Available as a 9-in. WVGA or 14.1-in. WXGA display, the NavNet TZtouch allows users to navigate with touches, taps, pinches and swipes of their fingertips on the screen. Users can create custom multitouch gestures and control the TZtouch with apps on smartphones and tablets. Furuno USA Inc.

Bell Gas Management Panel
The TRITON Bell Gas Management Panel enables dive managers to view many parameters on a 7-in. LCD screen. The data are collected with solid-state surface-mount electronics and piezoresistive pressure sensors and transmitted via one twisted pair using subseaIP. SurfaceSupplied Inc.

Emergency Location Beacon
When manually activated, the Smart'find S10 transmits AIS and GPS data to AIS-equipped vessels within a 4-mile radius. Waterproof to 60 m, it will transmit continuously for a minimum of 24 hrs and has a five-year battery storage life. McMurdo Ltd.

Video Training for Ship Calls
Available in VHS or DVD with a booklet and via interactive CD-ROM, 'Ship Call—Visiting a Ship in Port' addresses how to reduce the risks involved in ship calls. Divided into three sections, the program shows how to prepare for a trip, the risks involved with boarding and visitor safety while onboard. Videotel Marine International Ltd.

Chemical Treatment for Corrosion
Pure-Flow can be injected into fire main systems in oil and gas installations while pressurized, making it possible to deal with corrosion from bacteria without halting operations. It degrades into sea salt after use. Paradigm Flow Services Ltd.

Fire Fighting Training Program
'Basic Fire Fighting' trains personnel for effective fire response onboard based on STCW Code requirements. The program consists of DVD media, an audio-visual test and a workbook. John Sabella & Associates Inc.

LED Maritime Display
Made for ECDIS, radar, integrated bridge system and engine room applications, the 19-in. Sea Line MK3 display features AC and DC power and 100 percent graduated dimming. It is waterproof to IP65 and has interface options for DVI-I, VGA, composite video and S-Video. North Invent A/S.

Underwater Connectors
Based on the existing C-size series, this series of connectors has 25 pins. Three power pins have a rating of 600 V, 10 amps per pin and are standard pin size. Its 22 signal pins are micro pin size. Subconn Inc.

Accelerometer Calibration System
Endevco model 28959F/28959FV is designed to provide calibrations of charge mode piezoelectric, voltage mode piezoelectric, piezoresistive and variable capacitance accelerometers within an all-in-one unit. Meggitt Sensing Systems.



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