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Compact LED Light
Rated to 6,000-m depth, SeaLite Six LED lights are offered in a low-voltage 10 to 36 V DC version or high-voltage 90 to 270 V AC or 120 to 280 V DC versions. The lights, measuring 48 mm in diameter and 148 mm in length, are fully dimmable and have a lumen output equivalent to a 100 W halogen light. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.
Multibeam Echosounder
Operating on a 170 to 220 kHz frequency, the MB1 uses phase and amplitude bottom detection with a swath up to 120° in 100 m depth. With 24-bit data and a dedicated projector, both raw water column and seabed data can be collected within the controller software. Teledyne Odom Hydrographic Inc.
ROV Metal Thickness Gauges
In durability upgrades to the Multi'gauge 4000 series, the Multigauge 4100 is now made from acetal and the Multigauge 4400 is made from titanium. The gauges have a switch that toggles between selectable RS422 or RS232 output. Tritex NDT Ltd.

Portable Video Borescopes
Models TTSVS.6-1 and TTSVS.6-3 feature two-way articulation with on'board image processing. Each has a 3.5-in. screen with 320-by-240-pixel resolution. Model TTSVS.6-1 has a waterproof 5.7-mm, 1-m-long insertion tube. The TTSVS.6-3 is identical to TTSVS.6-1 but has an insertion tube length of 3 m. Titan Tool Supply Inc.

Underwater Cutting Torch
The BR-22 PLUS features more than 20 design improvements, including PFTE-lined fiberglass reinforced coupler hose and all rubber removed from the direct oxygen pathway. Its improved flash arrestor allows for a higher oxygen flow rate and better flash back protection. Broco Inc.

Software Updates
In the 2012 release, HYPACK Shell and Cloud will operate like a viewer when no dongle is present, allowing clients to examine survey results. Emailing XYZ data and the Cloud program to clients will allow them to visualize the data on their computers. HYPACK Inc.

Data Communications System
The MCP200 delivers two-way messaging and positioning through satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi. Available in a slide-out keyboard or a color touch-screen design, the MCP200 has multiple data ports to connect to peripherals such as a compact scanner to send documents to shore. Boatracs.

Dive Lights
The UwaterDX340, UwaterDX1000 and UwaterDX3000 lights provide 340 to 2,700 lumens, with a range of 825 to 3,100 ft. Rated to 100 m, the lights feature an internal no-rust, triple-action rotational switching design with no external parts. Fitness Technologies Inc.

Waterproof Camera Housing
Designed for the Coolpix P7100, the FP7100 has been successfully depth-tested to 80 m and is certified to 60 m. The FP7100 is compatible with FP7000 accessories, including wide angle and macro lenses. Fantasea Line.

Leak-Detecting Dye
TP-3405CS Dye-Lite All-In-One dye enables leak detection in gasoline and diesel engine oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, power steering fluid, and hydraulic and lubrication fluids. TP-3405CS contains two dyes: one that fluoresces best under UV and another that fluoresces under blue light. Tracer Products.

High-Voltage Power System
The HV Rack HP Advanced offers output voltages from 0 to 40 V DC up to 1,200 V DC and an output power range of 0 to 5 kW up to 60 kW. It includes a computerized front panel, digital and analog interfaces, and an SD card memory function for loading preset user voltage and current curves. UltraVolt Inc.

Marine Design Software
AVEVA Surface Manager 12.1 offers tools for quality assessment of managed surfaces and, if needed, can repair defects detected in surfaces transferred from third-party applications for use in AVEVA applications. It supports the import and export of commonly used formats such as IGES, SAT, DML and STEP AP 203. AVEVA Marine.

Waterproof Speakers
The two-way AQ-SPK7.5 speakers are rated at 100-W maximum power output with a frequency response of 80 Hz to 20 kHz. The speakers require 65 mm mounting depth and are UV and salt resistant. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included. Aquatic AV.

LED Utility Lights
DuraLed Engine Room & Utility Lighting uses 2.5 W and with multivolt circuitry, supports inputs from 12 to 24 V DC. The lights have lenses made from UV- and impact-resistant acrylic with a heavy-duty nylon shroud. Each light is prewired with 20 in. of twin core marine cable. Hella marine Inc.

Medical Emergency Training Videos
The Maritime Medical Emergencies video series is designed to train employees at sea to respond to medical emergencies. This set of 10 titles is available as a single disk or 10 individual programs. Each title includes a lesson guide for self-testing and review. John Sabella & Associates Inc.

Impact-Reducing Gloves
ProFlex 924LD Light Dorsal Impact-Reducing Gloves provide back-of-hand impact protection in oil and gas-related work. Abrasion-resistant PVC on the palm and fingers limits liquid penetration and Kevlar palm stitching adds durability. Ergodyne.

Water-Resistant Smartphone Coating
Liquipel, a liquid-repellant nanocoating, protects smartphones and electronic devices from damage in up to 3 ft. of water for 30 min. The coating will last the lifetime of the device without affecting its look or performance. Liquipel World Licensing LLC.

Waterproof LCD Marine Monitors
Available in two-channel or four-channel models, the 7-in. LCD monitors can tolerate 12 to 32 V DC, and temperatures from -22° to 175° F. Housed in an aluminum alloy case, the monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio and 70° viewing angle. Rugged Marine.

Dangerous Bulk Cargoes Video Course
'Dangerous and Difficult Bulk Cargoes — Minerals and Man-Made Derivatives' outlines how to deal with potentially dangerous mineral-based cargoes. The course is available as a DVD with a booklet and CD-ROM. Videotel Marine International Ltd.

Portable FPGA Prototyping Platform
The miniBEE, a smaller version of the BEE4, is based on Virtex 6 FPGAs, with FMC and SFP+ expansion standards. It features a wireless portable instrument display, up to 32 GB of memory and integrated MATLAB and Simulink design environment. BEEcube Inc.

Manually Operated Marine Sunroof
The Series 20 Marine Roof System, designed to be installed on various-sized vessels, features an 8-mm tempered safety glass panel, with a 44.5 in.-by-39.5-in. opening. The sunroof requires no electrical wiring and is suitable for ventilation of a cabin. Webasto Product North America.



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