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Subsea Vehicle Acoustic Receivers
SEEKER receivers, designed to operate at up to 6,000 m, can track and locate underwater acoustic beams between 25 and 40 kHz. Designed for ROVs, AUVs and submersibles, this line of receivers can also become an interrogator to locate underwater transponders. RJE International Inc.
High-Accuracy Pressure Calibrators
JOFRA HPC550 and HPC552Ex are intrinsically safe single- and dual-sensor pressure calibrators. They have user-configurable displays, 15 pressure units, mA input and percent error cal- culation. The pressure range is between 0.35 and 10,000 psi. AMETEK Denmark AS.
High-Resolution Compact Camera
Nano SeaCam, 25 mm in diameter and 88 mm long, was designed for divers and ROVs. Its resolution is 620 TVL, with a minimum illumination of 0.04 lux. With the standard aluminum housing, it is rated to 6 km depth; a titanium option doubles the system's depth rating. DeepSea Power & Light Inc.

HD Video Inspection System
At a 70 percent smaller volume than the standard Compact Video Inspection System (CVIS), the 6-kg Mini HD CVIS controls a Surveyor HD camera and a pan-and-tilt unit. Video from the system displays on a 6-in. HD monitor. Bowtech Products Ltd.

Inertial Navigation System
OrionPLUS provides heave data accurate to 5 cm or 5 percent over ranges of up to 99 m. Headings are accurate to 0.1° secant latitude, and roll and pitch can be measured to within 0.005° through ±90°. A subsea version is rated to 3,000 m. Teledyne TSS Ltd.

Marine-Stabilized Antenna System
SeaTel Model 4012 is a Ku-band to Ka-band antenna system that is 1 m in diameter. Available in early 2012, it can be upgraded to be fully compatible to work with Inmarsat's Global Xpress network. It will feature a Web user interface with SSL protection and remote management capabilities. Cobham SATCOM Marine Systems.

Battery-Powered Lighting System
Class I Division 2-approved, the 9435 Remote Area Lighting System provides 5 to 10 hours of light, depending on whether it is run at 1,500 or 750 lumens. The 8-kg battery-powered LED light takes 8 hours to charge from a full discharge. Pelican Products Inc.

USBL Acoustic Transponder
Designed for positioning ROVs, towfish and other targets in depths up to 4,000 m, the Wideband Sub Mini 6 now supports Wideband 2 signal arch- itecture, which allows operation in a multiuser, multivessel environment and fast (up to 1 Hz) position updates. Sonardyne International Ltd.

Xenon-Powered Marine Searchlight
The waterproof XR series produces a narrow beam of white light, offering 100 million candlepower for the 19-in. unit or 35 million candlepower for the 15-in. unit. Timkin ball bearings allow 380o rotation. Cooling fans prevent bulb overheating, and an optional heater system is available. Perko Inc.

VA500's 500-kHz broadband transducer provides 1-mm resolution over a range of 20 cm to 100 m. RS-232 and RS-485, as well as 0-to-5 V and 0-to-10 V outputs, come standard, as does a titanium case. Options include a high-accuracy pressure sensor. Valeport Ltd.

Sonar with Beam Stabilization
The HD860 series features precision beam stabilization, incorporating an electronic gyro mounted directly on the transducer, allowing correction of pitch and roll wherever the beam is scanning. The system is available with a 6-, 8- or 10-in. transducer. Western Marine Electronics.

Dive Light
The Sola Dive 800, the replacement to the Sola Dive 600, provides 800 lumens in flood mode and 500 lumens in spot mode. Its run time is between 65 and 260 minutes, depending on the power setting. The 305-g light includes a nylon hand strap. Light & Motion.

Portable Multigas Detector
Weighing 8 oz., the PS200 monitors and displays up to four hazardous gas conditions simultaneously. It is housed in a water-resistant case. During hazardous conditions, users are alerted via three alarm functions: vibration alert, red flashing LEDs and an audible buzzer up to 90 dB. Gas Measurements Instruments Ltd.

Broadband/CHIRP Transducers
The line of broadband transducers is designed for use with broadband, CHIRP, frequency-modulation and spread-spectrum fish-finders. With 14 models and six mounting styles, the line provides sounding accuracy down to 3,000 m and target detail at greater depths. AIRMAR Technology Corp.

Camera with Multicolor Illumination
The EOD Camera, rated to 300 m, allows topside users to select the color of the underwater light. This allows applications, such as explosive ordnance disposal or underwater filmmaking, to output any color in the visible range. Mariscope Meerestechnik.

NMEA 2000 Connector
The Actisense Micro Power T provides power to an NMEA 2000 bus with microfit connections to enable plug-and-play connectivity. The 3-m cable length ensures it offers flexibility when installing. Active Research Ltd.

Maritime Display Monitors
MTe T240 Nautic features a 23.6-in. widescreen format. An LED backlight provides even lighting and allows variable dimming down to zero. The monitor fits in consoles with 60-cm width. Beijer Electronics Products AB.

ATEX-Certified Digital Camera
The ToughPIX 2300 XP series of cameras can be used safely in hazardous areas, allowing oilfield personnel to take up to 10 megapixel images of in-situ working environments and operations. The camera, which includes 8 GB of internal memory, is encased in aluminum. CorDEX Instruments.

Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer
Model 356A03 delivers 10 mV/g sensitivity in a miniature 6.3-mm cube. It includes a hermetic seal design with a low noise floor and higher shock limit. It features a redesigned cable strain relief connection with a large, strong crimp tube. PCB Piezotronics.

High-Torque Wrench
The ATP 40000 mechanical torque multiplier produces up to 40,000 ft.-lbs. of torque and is accurate to ±1 percent. The all-mechanical wrench has an anti-rotation device that holds torque without backing off. Its digital controller is equipped with peak and track mode and an over-torque alarm. Advanced Torque Products LLC.

Video Training Program
Available on VHS, DVD, CD-ROM or on demand, 'Boarding and Leaving a Vessel at Sea' addresses a range of maritime safety regulations. While especially useful to those joining a vessel for the first time, it is targeted at all maritime professionals needing to board or alight from a vessel at sea. Videotel Marine International.



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