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Articulating Helmet Mount
Able to swivel in all directions, this anodized aluminum mount is tailored for Aquila, Aquila-LED and Aquila-UV lights and made to fit in Kirby Morgan DSI helmets. Users can adjust positioning with a quick-release locking handle. It has a 3.5-in. exposed profile above the helmet surface. BIRNS Inc.
High-Resolution Digital Sonar
An upgrade from the PC90, the Ultrascan PC180 uses two phased array transducers, with no moving parts, giving full 180° horizontal forward visibility. The transducers' signals are fused into one image and sent via Ethernet to a laptop or fixed PC. Interphase Technologies Inc.
Water Pressure Pumps
The Par-Max Plus series, certified to EN ISO 8846 Marine, is available in 4-, 5- and 6-gallons-per-minute models. It has a sealed switch and a co-injected molded diaphragm that eliminates leak paths, extending pump life up to 50 percent. Its automatic pressure switch has been tested to more than 4 million cycles. Jabsco.

Fuel Filter Alarm System
Able to monitor up to three filter systems, Fuel Filter Alert consists of a remote digital display panel and stainless steel sensors. Installation requires a signal wire from the display panel to the filter sensor, which attaches to existing Racor filter housings on most vessels. SkimOil Inc.

Rotary Optical Encoder
HS52 is the oil and gas industry's first hollow shaft-style encoder that carries both UL and ATEX explosion-proof hazardous area ratings. It does not need an accompanying intrinsic safety barrier, simplifying installation and providing a streamlined feedback system. BEI Sensors.

Integrated Circuit
USTI, the Universal Sensors and Transducers Interface, is suitable for physical and chemical, electrical or nonelectrical sensors and transducers. The input frequency range is from 0.05 Hz to 9 MHz (144 MHz with prescaling). It can be used for direct interfacing of capacitive, resistive and resistive bridge sensing elements. Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 S.L.

Permanently Captivated Shackles
VIC-LOK shackles are designed so they cannot be removed without being cut off or destroyed. Available in 0.5-in. to 1.25-in. sizes, they have a five-to-one load safety factor and are certified for loads from 3.5 tons to 13 tons, depending on the size. Integricert LLC.

Time-Synchronized Interface Unit
ATTU, successor to the EIVA TimeBox, allows for precise time-tagging of serial communication data from any marine survey sensor, with accuracy better than 50 μs. It features eight, 16 or 24 ports for serial RS232 communications via RJ45 connections. EIVA a/s.

Marine-Grade Analog Camera
Water-resistant and tamper-proof, the 61-mm-diameter Mini Ball Camera mounts inside or outside a boat. The standard model has a 3.6-mm fixed lens and all versions have 540 TV lines in color. A day/night function automatically switches from color in bright light to monochrome in low light. Global Ocean Security Technologies.

Color Maritime Monitors
Certified for ECDIS and radar, BPM monitors are available in 19 in. to 26 in. with 4:3, 5:4 and 16:10 screen formats. Housed in saltwater-treated aluminum, the series has a wide dimming range backlight and supports DVI and analog RGB inputs. Baytek Industriesysteme GmbH.

Shipyard and Dock Camera
The Sarix with SureVision family of cameras combines wide dynamic range, low-light and anti-bloom capabilities for use on Sarix IX Series IP Cameras and Sarix IM Mini Domes. It transmits H.264 video at up to 30 fps and comes in 1.2 MP and SVGA models. Pelco by Schneider Electric.

Emergency Fire Shutdown System
With plug-and-play design, the ESRS Engine Shutdown System automates the shutdown of engines, generators and fans. Operating between 9 VDC and 32 VDC, the ESRS is offered with four, six or eight relay units. It meets ISO 8846 and CE standards and is made to be used with FM-200 extinguishing systems. Sea-Fire Marine.

Upgraded Plug-In for Petrel
Blueback Project Tracker v2.0's new plug-in allows data managers to track and monitor Petrel projects from all their Petrel users. The Spatial Extension module integrates the Blueback database with ESRI ArcGIS, displaying Petrel data duplications, mispositioned data and project outlines with cultural data such as coastlines and license boundaries. Blueback Reservoir AS.

Gravity-Referenced Inclinometer
Available in angular ranges ±3° to ±90°, the LSW series is weatherproof to IP67 and resistant to immersion in water. It can operate in -18° C to 70° C and survive shock levels up to 1,500 g. It has a replaceable weatherproof molded IP68 connector/cable system for connecting it to a DC power source and a readout for a complete operating system. Sherborne Sensors Inc.

Crew Training Program on Stowaways
'Coping with Stowaways—Edition 2' features new interview footage based on revised management and security information. Focusing on prevention, it highlights the dangers a master and crew face in dealing with stowaways. It is available as a DVD with a booklet or as an interactive CD-ROM. Videotel Marine International Ltd.

Intelligent System Monitor Board
The Power and Control Module has programmable solutions for power supplies, thermal sensors, fans, humidity sensors and general purpose I/O via Ethernet, USB, RS-232 or CANbus. It can operate between -40° C and 85° C from 10 VDC to 36 VDC. Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems.

GIS Software Framework
Geomajas 1.9 is the new version of Geosparc's Web- and cloud-based GIS software framework. It supports 17 plug-ins, including caching, GeoTools layer, Web Map Service layer, Google layer, Hibernate layer and advanced printing. Geosparc.

Waterproof LED Light Pipes
Available in 4.5-mm to 100-mm lengths, the IP68 watertight light uses a UL94 polycarbonate clear material. The ambient temperature ranges for the guides are -20° C to 50° C. Elma Electronic Inc.

Wireless Trawl Monitoring System
The 360° Trawl Alignment Sensor now aligns and adjusts behind the trawl doors, in addition to aligning the trawl doors, wing ends and calculating trawl angles. It installs on the middle of the headline and communicates to sensors on the doors. Notus Electronics Ltd.

Onboard Internet Access for Crew
Crew PC, a preconfigured on'board PC, connects to a satellite data terminal for plug-and-play access to e-mail, chat and Internet. These services are run on a dedicated prepaid channel, keeping them separate from business communications and protecting business systems from viruses. Vizada.



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