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Side Scan Sonar/Sub-Bottom Profiler
A new variant of the 2000-DSS comes with components that can be removed from the towfish and installed on an ROV. The system, rated to 3,000 m, uses the same topside as the standard 2000-DSS; the only changes are in the towfish. EdgeTech.
In-Line Fluorometer
Enviro-T is a single-channel fluorometer that installs into a plumbing tee for direct in-line measurements. Its output signal, which is from 4 to 20 mA, is proportional to a sample's fluorophore concentration. It can be integrated with data collection systems to provide real-time data on algae abundance and productivity. Turner Designs Inc.
Underwater Camera
1CamX, which is 66 mm in diameter and 200 mm long, records 12.3 MP digital stills and 1080/60p video to 64 GB of internal flash memory. It includes two options for live HD transmission. The camera is rated to 1,000 m and has a 10X optical zoom. SubC Control Ltd.

Defluxer and Degreaser
SuprClean, a nonflammable, ozone-friendly defluxer and degreaser, can be used on downhole logging tools. It dries instantly and has almost no aroma. MicroCare Corp.

GPS Beacon Antenna
Designed for use with Crescent and Crescent Vector L1 receivers, the A31 provides 300-kHz beacon and L-Band reception. It maintains GPS tracking and differential correction signals in high-noise and high-interference environments. Hemisphere GPS LLC.

Oil Shear Tension Control Brakes
PosiTorq provides torque control over the entire speed range, even down to 0 rpm. Available from 53 to 300,000 ft-lbs, it is made for anchor systems, mooring winches, drawworks and other applications that require smooth payout control. Noise levels are below 65 dB. Force Control Industries.

Magnetic Field Sensor
The three-axis, battery-powered Mag 690 is suitable for surveillance, navigation and magnetic material detection. It has less than 20 pTrms noise at 1 Hz and measuring ranges of±100, ±500 and ±1,000 µT. LCD lights allow for a portable check of magnetic field strength. Bartington Instruments Ltd.

Modeling Package
NaviModel 3.2 is now available in a 64-bit version. In 3.2, NaviEdit graphic displays come with a built-in editing and filtering tool, and filtering with S-CAN can be performed automatically during the indexing process without user interaction. Digitizing can now support faster large-scale profiles of entire models. EIVA a/s.

Dyneema Loupes
iLoupes, made from Dyneema fiber, can be used to connect hardware in place of heavy shackles. They are designed for silent operation and to not damage hardware. Colligo Marine LLC.

Designed for harsh environments, the UltiMate Original Series is waterproof down to 120 m, mated and unmated, and has an operating range between -55° and 135° C. It is designed for 10,000 mating cycles and offers EMC 360° shielding. Fischer Connectors.

Ceramic Bearings
Compared to steel bearings, the LBT Mini Full Ceramic line of bearings is designed to offer higher RPMs, reduced weight and improved operations in extremely harsh environments. Applications include machine tools, robotics and optics turbine flow meters. Boca Bearing Co.

Electric Actuators
Designed for small-diameter ball valves and tight spaces, EPZ-6 and EPZ-15 offer torque output of 6 and 15 N-m, respectively. Both sizes have nonspring return with a NEMA 4/4X enclosure. Hayward Flow Control Systems Inc.

Master Radar System
XIR3000C, a PC-based digital radar signal processor, allows rapid custom development of radar functionality for radar integration for surveillance, local and remote radar control. It is compatible with most radar transceivers, from 2 to 60 kW. The ability to use it as a radar master makes it suited for a number of applications, including USVs. Russell Technologies Inc.

USV Tactical Controller
The Tactical Controller Kit transforms a manned vessel into a USV. It interfaces with the boat's engine, steering, GPS and compass, allowing for onboard, remote or preprogrammed autonomous control via a command link. A remote console allows a graphical display and navigation charts. International Submarine Engineering Ltd.

Hazardous Area Light Cart
HAL-2X400C, a wheeled light cart, carries two 400 W metal halide lamps, illuminating up to 50,000 sq-ft of workspace with 72,000 lumens. Approved for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations, the lights adjust vertically and horizontally, and the cart includes 250 feet of explosion-proof cord. Larson Electronics.

Attitude Gyro System
AHRS-S305 has three solid-state angular rate gyros, three accelerometers and a triaxial fluxgate magnetometer that is used as a heading reference. Attitude and heading outputs update 71.11 times per second. The device weighs 620 g and measures 8.2 by 14.7 by 6 cm. Watson Industries Inc.

Strain Gage Input Boards
DNA-AI-224 and DNR-AI-224 are four-channel strain gage input boards for the company's data acquisition and control Cubes and RACKtangle I/O racks, respectively. The analog inputs offer 18-bit resolution at up to 100 kilosamples per second. Each channel has an analog-to-digital converter, and all channels are sampled simultaneously. United Electronic Industries Inc.

Contaminated Water Drysuit
Made of polyurethane laminated fabric, the CXO drysuit features a shoulder-entry zipper, suspenders and reinforced pads at the knees, waist and shoulders. Neck and wrist seals allow for neck and glove changes on site. Diving Unlimited International Inc.

Sunlight-Readable LCD
The Opti-Brite Series, available in 12-in., 15-in. and 17-in. sizes, features a brightness rating of 1000 NITs and 800 NITs for the touch-screen option. Rated to NEMA 4X, it is suitable for outdoor environments, and electronics are conformal coated to protect against moisture and corrosion. Comark Corp.

Freezer Temperature Monitor
The GOST Freezer Sensor, available as an add-on to the company's vessel monitoring systems, detects the temperature of onboard freezers. Wireless and battery-powered, the monitor alerts up to five people with a voice phone call if the temperature rises 5° F above freezing. Global Ocean Security Technologies.

Subsea Bolt Tensioner
Comprised of eight bolt-tensioning tools, the COMPACT-8 range is capable of tensioning more than 400 different standard flanges, including the new Vector SPO Compact flanges. It has been manufactured in high-tensile stainless steel. Seven of the tools don't use bonded seals. Tentec Ltd.



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