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Turbidity Probe
OBS500 has both a backscatter sensor and a second side-scatter sensor, allowing it to take measurements in low and high turbidities. It has a shutter/wiper mechanism, which cleans and protects the optics, and its shutter opens only during measurements, reducing biofouling. Campbell Scientific Inc.
Iridium Personal Communicator
inReach provides two-way satellite text messaging, SOS capabilities, GPS and remote tracking through the Iridium network. The waterproof, floatable and impact-resistant device, which will be available in October, can be used by itself or paired with an Android smartphone or the manufacturer's Earthmate PN-60w. DeLorme.
Hydrographic Survey System
HydroLite, now in its fourth generation, incorporates a single-beam 200 kHz echosounder with a Hydrolite pole kit. The newest version offers military-grade connectors, a sealed case and longer battery life. Seafloor Systems Inc.

Ultralow Range Accelerometer
With measurements down to ±0.1 g full scale, the linear servo accelerometer A320 series has applications in geophysical, seismic and civil engineering studies as well as low acceleration analysis. It offers full range outputs of ±5 VDC or 4 to 20 mA and is housed in an aluminum corrosion-resistant enclosure. It is designed to withstand 1,500 g. Sherborne Sensors.

ROV-Mounted Water Blasting System
The medium ECB pump incorporates cavitation technology capable of being used with most work-class ROVs. The pump, which weighs 225 lbs. in water, is designed to remove marine growth from vessel hulls, strakes, risers, fairings and moorings. Seanic Ocean Systems.

Nutrient Analyzer
ChemFIN, with its one- or two-channel analyzer, can sample nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphate and silicate, providing real-time data and fast-response trace concentrations. Depth-rated to 600 m, it can operate in autonomous and cabled modes. SubChem Systems Inc.

Inspection-Class ROV
Rated to 300 m, the 70 kg Predator ROV has a speed of 3 kn with a turning rate is 120° per second. It comes with up to six LED lights and two cameras. Options include sonar, additional cameras, additional lighting, laser scaling, an altimeter and manipulators. Global Marine Systems Ltd.

ROV Training Simulator
ROVsim2 has five new oil and gas missions and four new search and recovery missions, including an airline 'black box' recovery mission. It features new tools, including seven-, five- and three-function manipulators, a cathodic potential probe, an ultrasonic thickness probe and laser measuring devices. Marine Simulation LLC.

HD Video, Digital Stills Camera
1CamMkII records video at 1080p HD, 720p HD and 480 SD and takes images at up to 12 megapixels, all of which record to 64 GB of internal memory. The camera allows sending SD video to the surface during inspections while recording HD video and digital images for later review. SubC Control Ltd.

2D Imaging Sonar
S2 electronics updates on the P450-45 and P900-45 offer improved ranges and image quality. The P450-45's maximum range is now 250 m, with an optimum range between 4 and 175 m. The P900-45's maximum range is now 100 m, and the high end of the optimal range has been doubled to 60 m. BlueView Technologies Inc.

Battery-Operated Cable Cutter
The RSK-185 Roto-Skinner is a battery-powered tool that safely ring-cuts armored cables with outer diameters between 13 to 125 mm to a maximum depth of 9 mm. After attaching the clamp, the device's abrasive cutting wheel is rotated 360° around the cable. Seatek Co. Inc.

Integrity Management Software
Coabis Express is a condensed, less expensive version of the full Coabis suite of integrity, inspection and corrosion management software for the oil and gas industry. It includes full asset inventory management, online logging and anomaly tracking facilties. Aker Solutions ASA.

Emergency Lighting System
Designed for use in hazardous locations, the Hazlux H3 fluorescent emergency lighting system is designed for wet locations and meets UL595 for inside marine locations. The operating range is 0° to 40° C. Sealed batteries will power the 13 W lamps for at least 90 minutes. Thomas & Betts Corp.

Fixed Gas Detection Transmitter
The OLCT 200 is intended to monitor hazardous levels of industrial gases and is designed for use with multiple gas detection technologies. The self-contained detection transmitter provides onboard battery power and wireless data transmission for most of its gas sensors. Oldham S.A.S.

Diver Detection
Using the FS-3ER transducer module, the fixed-installation Ship Protection System allows 360° of diver protection while at anchor and navigation while underway. It is suitable for ships and fixed platforms, providing automatic detection, tracking, classification and alarm algorithms. FarSounder Inc.

3D Camera System
The Ocean ProHD-3D imaging system offers stereoscopic HD video. The camera system records at 1080i with a 16:9 aspect ratio and is depth-rated to 4,000 m. The 3D images are viewed through Xpol circular polarized glasses, and the displays have special features to reduce eye strain. Deep Sea Systems International Inc.

Data Link for Field Communications
ADL Vantage Pro is a high-speed, wireless data link for GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning. The radio transceiver, which is user-programmable between 2 and 35 W, is backward-compatible with existing Pacific Crest, Trimble and other positioning products. It is available in two 40 mHz frequency bands: 390 to 430 mHz and 430 to 473 mHz. Pacific Crest Corp.

Radiation-Tested Accelerometer
Endevco model 7703A series is available in ranges of 50, 100, 200, 300 and 1,000 pC/g. The hermetically sealed device has been tested in a radioactive environment of up to 108 rad. Meggitt Sensing Systems.

In-Line Centrifugal Pump
Driven by a four-pole motor, the MI-D pump handles up to 3,500 m3 per hour with a delivery head of 50 m. The pump is corrosive- and cavitation-resistant. Colfax Corp.

Ball Valve
Ranging in size between 2.5 and 6 in., the TB Series True Union Ball Valve is pressure-rated to 235 psi. Equipped with a full-port design, the PVC or CPVC valve has reversible PTFE seats, double O-ring stern seals and low torque ratings. Hayward Flow Control Systems Inc.



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