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Wide-Angle HD ROV Camera
Designed for inspection and intervention tasks, the OE14-502-WA has an angle of view as wide as 70° in water, a 10X optical zoom, a 4,500 m depth rating and multistandard video capability. Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.
Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer
Available in 200, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 psia with 300 mV full-scale output, the Endevco 8530BM37 offers high-resonance frequencies of 750 kHz (200 psia) and 1,000 kHz (500, 1,000 and 2,000 psia) with linearity and thermal transient stability at 3X over-range. Meggitt Sensing Systems.
ROV-Mountable Thickness Gauge
Depth-rated to 2,000 and 4,000 m, respectively, the M5-ROV-2K and M5-ROV-4K can measure through coatings up to 20 mm thick. The gauges offer an on-screen video overlay. Selectable output data can be sent via RS-422 and RS-232. Cygnus Instruments Ltd.

Marine Engine Oil
The new line of FC-W Catalyst Compatible engine oils comes in multi-vis 30- and 40-weight. They meet National Marine Manufacturer's Association standards. Royal Purple Inc.

Low-Profile Deck Rails
Two styles are available: A flush-mounted version that requires a recess of just 11 mm built into the flooring; and a top-mounted type that has a raised profile of 16 mm. Alu Design & Services AS.

Diesel Fuel/Water Separator
Biodiesel-compatible and with 100 percent steel construction, the SWK 2000 series achieves flow rates ranging from 79 to 2,060 GPH without the need for filter stacking. The separators comply with SOLAS and ABS requirements. Separ of the Americas Inc.

Marine Valve and Parts Lubricant
MareLube is a clear, nonstaining and nontoxic lube that works in freshwater or saltwater. Made from PTFE Teflon-based lubricants, it is designed for marine valves and plumbing parts. Forespar Products Corp.

Hand-Held Borescope
Designed to inspect boiler tubes and other hard-to-reach areas at distances of up to 7.5 m, the iRis DVR Video Borescope can snake through areas as small as 4 mm. It records images or video at a 640-by-480 resolution with a rechargeable battery that lasts 3 hrs. Advanced Inspection Technologies Inc.

Underwater Laser Scanner
Able to scan areas up to 2.8 m by 2.08 m from distances of up to 3 m, the M300UW can produce point clouds with 3D software accurate up to 0.127 mm. It has a human-readable interface that displays the area in real time, enabling in-situ analysis. Newton Research Labs Inc.

Physics Processing Unit
seaPro Pilot software features docking tools, range and bearing information and weather overlays. It can interface with Pilot port units, multiple route selection, secondary fix display, user overlays and more. EuroNav Ltd.

Pressure Sensor
Built for subsea environments, the AST4000 OEM can be built as a millivolt output pressure sensor, amplified voltage output pressure transducer or 4 to 20 mA loop-powered pressure transmitter using MEMS technology. It is available in gauge, sealed gauge and compound gauge pressure ranges. American Sensor Technologies Inc.

Shallow-Water Breathing Apparatus
Shadow Enforcer is a closed-circuit oxygen rebreather that can be quickly upgraded in the field to a semi-closed circuit nitrox or combined oxygen/nitrox setup. This enables diving operations to easily go beyond the safe depth of oxygen. Divex Ltd.

Solvent-Free Patching Compound
With a fast cure time, SeaShield SplashZone UW Epoxy can be applied up to 2 in. thick to fix pits, cracks and voids in a variety of surfaces. By mixing two equal parts together, the epoxy can be applied to wet or underwater surfaces. Denso North America Inc.

Compressor Booster
Featuring one-stage and two-stage operation for increased flexibility, the Hurricane B18-62/2250 Rig-Safe can be used for pipeline services such as purging, drying and pressure testing. It provides a 2,185 cfm at 2,250 psi in two-stage mode with a 350 psi suction pressure. Atlas Copco Hurricane LLC.

Compact Wastewater Treatment Unit
An upgrade from the ORCA II, the ORCA III comes in six sizes, with a hydraulic loading capacity ranging from 20 m3 to 1.5 m3 per day. Due to its physicochemical treatment technology, it is best suited for vessels that stay idle part of the time. Evac Oy.

Fiber-Optic Position Sensor
The MR330 Absolute FOPS has an all-optical design that measures absolute angular measurement with 13-bit resolution. The system, which provides interference-free sensor transmission of more than 300 m, contains an MR332 passive sensor that is immune to EMI, RFI, lightning strikes and group loops. Micronor Inc.

Composite and Design Software
HyperSizer v6 includes new features such as post-buckling analyses, manufacturability optimization for results in fewer processing steps and faster mold turnaround, and panel concepts. Collier Research Corp.

Search and Rescue Transponder
Waterproof to a depth of 30 ft. and operable between -2° F and 130° F, the SafeSea S100 has a replaceable battery that provides 96 hrs in standby mode with a further 12 hrs being interrogated. It is SOLAS-compliant. Ocean Signal Ltd.

Submersible Extraction Sampler
Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring (CLAM) uses solid phase extraction media to sequester oil, gas and trace organics. CLAM, depth-rated to 100 ft., draws water at 5 to 70 mL per min. C.I. Agent Stormwater Solutions.

Ballast, Seawater Cooling Pump Unit
Driven by an energy-efficient 4-pole motor, the big-size, low TCO ALLMARINE MI-D can handle up to 2,700 tons of seawater per hr. with a flow capacity up to 3,500 m3 per hr. The unit weighs 900 kg. Colfax Corp.

Shallow-Water Mapping Solution
Available as a sensor head addition to the ALTM Gemini or as a standalone device, the ALTM Aquarius provides simultaneous terrestrial and water depth-measurement capabilities, collecting data on land-water interfaces in depths of more than 10 m. It will be available late 2011. Optech Inc.

High-Flow Gas Regulator
Designed for both low- and high-output pressure, Type P627 has a multiposition body and spring case configuration with optional external pressure registration. Marsh Bellofram Corp.

Lighting System for Cargo Holds
The 21 W and 40 W LED versions of soft MacLux lights are built to be resistant to vibration and temperature changes. The lights have a lifetime of up to 40,000 hrs and connect to generally available power supply equipment, allowing them to be fitted on existing ships and newbuilds. Cargotec Corp.



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