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Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
Available in profiling ranges of 20, 30 and 100 m, Sentinel V has five beams, providing redundancy and enhanced measurements. The device can record raw data, accepts standard alkaline D-cell batteries, turns on through a single button and can download its data through a high-speed wireless connection. Teledyne RD Instruments Inc.
Inertial Navigation System
MiniSense2, measuring 191 by 45 mm, is a MEMS-based motion sensor capable of full INS performance. Inputs from USBL, LBL, DVL, GPS and depth devices will be available as a firmware update in late 2011. CDL Ltd.
Multipurpose Signal Conditioner
Model 482C27 is a four-channel benchtop unit with a front panel, RS-232 and Ethernet control. It features fine gain, AC/DC coupling, auto zero and auto balance. PCB Piezotronics.

Electric-Driven Gas Booster
Designed for filling or topping off low- and high-pressure bottles, the two-stage Series 2G has a maximum outlet pressure of 10,000 psi. Because it uses no belts or pulleys, Series 2G has a low noise level of 60 dBA. It is air-cooled through its gas barrels inside the cooling sleeves, reducing the heat of compression. Hydraulics International Inc.

Hydrographic Processing Software
HIPS and SIPS 7.1 with 64-bit support allows users with a 64-bit computer to handle large multibeam sonar datasets faster. In-house tests found CUBE surface creation and Merge processes are now 15 and 30 percent faster, respectively. Version 7.1 supports more than 40 sonar and lidar formats. CARIS.

Diver Communication, Video System
Portable and waterproof, the dual-function C-Vision allows up to two divers to have video cameras and voice communications monitored and recorded from a single unit. The hard disk can record up to 30 hrs of audio and video. The unit features full screen or split screen viewing of images from two dive cameras. C-Tecnics Ltd.

Strobing Beacon for Hazardous Areas
The EPSLED-80 explosion-proof LED strobe light features a 7-W LED bulb that pulses at 4 Hz. Available in white, red, blue, amber or green, it carries a UL rating of Class 1 Division 1 or Class 2 Division 1. Larson Electronics LLC.

Iridium Satellite Solution
Designed for oil and gas applications, MCG-101 allows an Iridium satellite phone to operate as a telephone, Internet gateway or GPS device, to send or receive SMS, and to attach to other devices through RS-232 or a CAN bus. It is daisy-chainable, allowing it multiple simultaneous communications. Global Satellite USA.

Tube Fitting Assembly Tool
TurnPro is a portable hand-held power tool for assembling tube fittings to manufacturer recommendations. Its onboard computer delivers the exact rotation specified by the manufacturer for their gaugeable fittings and can provide recordable data for every installation. SSP Corp.

General Purpose Accelerometers
The Endevco model 7251A-series family of lightweight, hermetically sealed piezoelectric accelerometers is available in sensitivity ranges from 500 to 10 mV/g. A central thru-bolt mounting hole provides 360° cable and connector orientation, providing a flat mounting surface even when not fully perpendicular. Units are supplied with a 10-foot cable, an isolated mounting screw and an installation winch. Meggitt Sensing Systems.

Multibeam Echosounder
The upgraded SeaBat 8125 replaces the 81P sonar processor and acquisition PC with an integrated computer, improving performance and raw data display. New features include roll stabilization, high-density footprints, high-quality data output and fully automated operation. RESON A/S.

Data Acquisition Software
In addition to its survey data acquisition, display and logging capabilities, Seanet Pro, version 2, offers remote networkability, allowing subsea data to be streamed between several PCs connected to the same LAN. Users can now create their own windowed layout by selecting their products and adjusting how they are displayed on-screen. Tritech International Ltd.

VHF Radio
As the successor to the Sailor RT-2048 VHF, the Sailor 6248 VHF will include all well-known features of its predecessor as well as the Sailor reply function and the LAN option for ThraneLINK. It becomes available in the second half of 2011. Imtech Marine B.V.

Networked Hydrophone
With its Ethernet connection, icLISTEN LF allows multiple users access to the instrument at once. Drawing 125 mW with up to 32 GB of storage, it records 24-bit data in WAV format at sampling ranges between 250 and 16,000 Hz. Available in depth ratings of 200 and 3,500 m. Instrument Concepts Inc.

Chart Management System
TGNS Voyager 3, which is free to Voyager 1 and 2 subscribers, introduces the ability to receive corrections for Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS), Admiralty Digital Products and Seamanship M notices. It now includes a map display of British Admiralty charts and AVCS cells. Thomas Gunn Navigation Services.

GPS Receiver
Designed for GIS professionals, the eXplorist Pro 10 GPS receiver features a 3-in. color touchscreen, 128 MB of RAM and 4 GB of onboard storage (up to 32 GB via MicroSDHC). Housed in an IPX-7 waterproof casing, it delivers accuracies between 3 and 5 m. The device can work with Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers and includes an integrated 3.2-megapixel camera. Magellan.

Scattering, Fluorescence Sensor
ECO Triplet-w's optics are arranged on a copper faceplate covering all but the optics, which are cleared prior to sampling with a copper and neoprene wiper. Standard configurations are chlorophyll, CDOM fluorescence and 700 nm backscattering sensors for biogeochemistry, or blue, green and red backscattering for remote sensing and particle dynamics. WET Labs Inc.

ICCP Anode
SODA-node, an anode developed for structures in seawater, enables replacement of failed anodes in impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems in circumstances when operational demands prevent anode re'placement. The design life is 20 years, and it can be powered by the ICCP system power unit. Subspection Ltd.

Portable Gas Detector
MARINE QUATTRO, an 11-oz gas detector for H2S, CO, O2 and flammability, displays operational information on an LCD display. The fail-safe sensors have a 12-month calibration interval and a 26-hr. battery life with rechargeable batteries or 14 hrs with AA alkaline. Martek Marine Ltd.

Seismic Source
The S-Boom system combines three AA202 Boomer Plates to provide a single pulse, creating a maximum energy setting of 1,000 J per pulse and firing at three pulses per second. It has achieved penetration rates of 200 mS through sand and limestone. Applied Acoustics Engineering Ltd.



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