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Camera Monitor and Video Recorder
The VRM-1 has a built-in 10.4-in. flat-screen monitor and can store up to 12 hours of high-resolution video on a 16 GB SD card. Its control panel includes the switches necessary to operate the light and camera system. It is designed for use with the manufacturer's MC-1 mini camera, DHC-1 diver-held camera, DV-1 drop video and TOV-1 towed video. JW Fishers Mfg. Inc..
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Position System for Marine Vessels
Available in three versions—WaveMaster, 320 and Elite—version 5 of the POS MV has a number of new features, including full GNSS support, improved RTK performance over long baselines and a USB media slot. Applanix Corp.
Fiber Optic Underwater Connector
Rated to 5,000 m (mated), the Omicron subsea fiber optic connector is designed for compact installations requiring minimum connector size. It incorporates ferrule carrier and alignment technology, producing a claimed insertion loss performance of less than 0.5 dB at typical operational wavelengths with single or multimode fibers. PDM Neptec Ltd.

Single Drum Winch
A 1,750-HP redundant vector motor powers the DEPS-76AR, a single-drum, direct-pull winch with level wind designed to work with 3,300 m of 120-mm-diameter wire rope. It offers retrieval speeds of 32 m per minute with torque control down to zero speed. Markey Machinery Co. Inc.

3D Imaging Sonar
See-View Model 3264, a forward looking, real-time 3D scanning sonar designed for avoidance and detection of submerged objects, has a range between 20 m and 500 m and is depth-rated to 500 m. A 150 kHz transducer array has a 90° horizontal beamwidth and a 1° vertical beamwidth. Marine Electronics Ltd.

Water Quality Monitor
Designed for long-term deployments, WQMx uses both active and passive anti-fouling measures that allow it to be unattended for up to a year. The device monitors conductivity, temperature, depth, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll a, backscattering and chromophoric dissolved organic matter fluorescence. WET Labs Inc.

Digital Video Unit
Video Unit P1 runs two cameras and two lights and can control communications between divers. It can also be connected to an MS 1000 sonar system. The PC-based, solid-state unit is splash proof and illuminates in poor light conditions. Video can be overlaid with a company logo, date, time and project name. MacArtney A/S.

Diver-Held Buried Pipeline Tracker
The gradiometer attachment for the manufacturer's Navigator allows buried pipeline and cable tracking. It can obtain detailed depth-of-burial information. Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

Temperature Logger
Initial accuracy of the SBE 56 is 0.002° C, with drift typically less than 0.002° C per year. Depth rated to 1,500 m, it has enough power to be deployed for 31 days with half-second sampling intervals or up to two years with 15-second intervals. USB 2.0 allows it to upload a full memory (15 million samples) in approximately 40 minutes. The device is 29 cm long with a diameter of 2.5 cm. Sea-Bird Electronics Inc.

Seabed Classification Software
QTRT provides real-time acoustic seabed classification using a single-beam echosounder with no additional hardware required. The software allows the development of a classification catalog and the display of classification results overlaid in real-time on an ENC as the survey progresses. Quester Tangent Corp.

Multicorrection Source GNSS
C-Nav7000, which provides a range of correction options, comes standard with dual-redundant DC power inputs, two RS 232 ports, USB and 1PPS output. Housed in a ruggedized 19-in. rack-mount unit, it is available with single frequency (less than 0.6 m) or dual-frequency (less than 0.1 m) receivers. Four slots are available for GNSS correction modules. C-Nav.

Stabilized Thermal Camera
The Explorer V1T provides a stabilized thermal image at 384-by-288 pixels and comes with 2X and 4X electronic zoom. It offers 360° continuous pan and -15° to 90° tilt with auto flip, is weatherproof to IP66 and has a built-in heater. ComNav Marine Ltd.

Acoustic Telemetry Modems
The ATM-900 series incorporates data logging capability up to 6 MB in a flash-file format and offers dual-serial ports for connecting to two sensors with a single modem. The modems offer 140 to 2,400 bps in MFSK and 2,560 to 15,360 bps for PSK. Available in units rated to 500 m, 2,000 m and 6,000 m. Teledyne Benthos Inc.

Propeller Sizing Software
PropExpert 2011 provides the tools needed for the selection of propulsion system components. The latest version includes a new 'folding' propeller option and a sailboat update, along with new predictions of speed, power and hull-propulsion interaction coefficients. HydroComp Inc.

Autonomous Echosounder
With no external cables, the DT-X SUB offers autonomous operation above or below the surface for monitoring and assessing aquatic organisms. Pressure housings are available in depth-ratings from 300 m to 1,100 m. The noise floor is -140 dB and allows a range of 0.01 to 30 pings per second, pulse duration from 0.1 to 1 milliseconds and power from 100 to 1,000 W RMS. BioSonics Inc.

Tension and Compression Transducer
Available in standard load ranges from 1 to 25 kN, the U2000 miniature tension and compression load cell is designed for use where space is limited. The corrosion-resistant device is manufactured from stainless steel, rated to IP54 and is able to operate in a temperature range between -4° F to 176° F. Sherborne Sensors.

Underwater Digital Stills Camera
An upgrade to the OE14-208, the 10-megapixel OE14-408 has depth-ratings of 4,500 and 9,000 m. When used in conjunction with the OE11-442 flashgun, it offers exposure control via through-the-lens flash metering. It has a 5X zoom capability and each image is framed and temporarily stored on an 8 GB solid-state storage disk. Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.

Portable Satellite Phone
The iFly turnkey Inmarsat kit includes a corded and cordless handset system, is compatible with PBX and key systems, and supports a Bluetooth handset. A bulkheaded USB data port offers e-mail connectivity up to 4.8 kbps. Delta Wave Communication LLC.

Ship Simulator Software
Available as a desktop PC simulator, vSHIP is designed to train and prepare shipboard staff in the offshore industry. The software can interface with marine electronics and navigation software via standard interfaces, as well as other vSHIP and ROVsim Pro installations. Marine Simulation LLC.



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