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Marine Chilled Water System
Cooling onboard space or marine electronics, the Marine Air Chiller Compact provides 16,000 to 24,000 BTUs. It can attach to air handlers for climate control and can also be used as a cooling aid for navigation, safety and communications electronics. The device has a footprint of 292 by 457 mm. Dometic Marine.
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Deepwater 2D Imaging Sonar
Weighing 9.6 pounds in air, the P900-90-D is rated to 3,000 m, has a field-of-view of 90° and a maximum range of 100 m. The sonar has been designed for real-time ROV navigation, monitoring, tracking, inspection and detection. It provides range resolution of 1'. BlueView Technologies Inc.
Fiber Optic Multiplexer
The Focal 907-GEM multiplexer provides four independent and switchless 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet links, as well as expansion capability through a PC/104 connector. It can be stacked with up to six standard Model 907 expansion cards to add up to 48 additional data channels, including serial formats, analog signals, CAN-bus and other standard protocols. Typical applications are for ROVs, video systems and advanced sonar systems. Moog Components Group.

Wave Buoy
A dual primary telemetry option is now available on TRIAXYS Wave Buoys. Users can operate the buoy in VHF mode for near-shore applications. If needs vary, an over-the-air software change will switch the buoy to use cellular or satellite telemetry without requiring swap-outs in the field. AXYS Technologies Inc.

Maritime VSAT System
The TracPhone V3 is billed as the world's smallest maritime VSAT antenna, measuring 37 cm in diameter and weighing 11 kg. The V3 includes a fully stabilized antenna, a ViaSat ArcLight spread spectrum modem and a below-deck antenna control unit. Data rates are advertised as up to 2 Mbps. KVH Industries Inc.

FleetBroadband and Ship Tracker
The GSAT Track Fleet Broadband Tracker provides both broadband connectivity and tracks vessel position. The unit plugs into a FleetBroadband terminal, after which it begins transmitting ship position. The tracker contains six status indicator lights to display the status of the terminal and a single Ethernet port to plug into a FleetBroadband terminal. Global Satellite USA.

High-Precision Magnetic Field Sensor
The Mag613, rated to 500 m, uses an array of eight miniature three-axis fluxgate sensors for multipoint magnetic field measurements. Each sensor is encapsulated in an enclosure and connected by a 3-m cable to the electronics unit. The sensors have a range of ±300 μT and a bandwidth of 6 Hz. They are designed to work in close proximity and crosstalk is suppressed up to 3 kHz. Bartington Instruments Ltd.

Filament Winding Resin System
3M Matrix Resins are designed to be lighter, stronger and to have increased longevity. In third-party testing, the resin had a six percent increase in fiber strength, a 30 percent increase in burst pressure and 55 percent average increase in fatigue life when used as a resin in a fiber-reinforced pressure vessel, compared to traditional BPA epoxy. The resin has up to 36 percent reduced exotherm. 3M.

C3 Submersible Fluorometer Software
C-FINS integrates the C3 Submersible Fluorometer's digital output with GPS data for data mapping. A software module enables C-FINS and ArcGIS to work together, allowing real-time mapping of fluorescence, temperature, depth and turbidity. Turner Designs Inc.

Side Scan Sonar System
The UUV 3500 high-resolution side scan sonar simultaneously optimizes two output data streams: photo-quality side scan imagery and high-accuracy, coregistered swath bathymetry. The sonar, depth-rated to 300 meters with a 1,500-meter option, integrates into small UUV platforms and is also available in a watertight pressure case configuration. L-3 Klein Associates Inc.

The 11- and 14-m gangways can be installed as stand-alones or they can be integrated to the side of the ship with a steel door and hinged to the coaming. When the door is lowered and the gangway is placed on the quay, it has a free-float function to absorb movements. A hydraulic unit acts as the control unit for the gangway, and it is powered by 230 V from the ship's main electrical system. Brude Safety AS.

Vehicle Light
The Aurora uses a new lighting technology—light emitting plasma—to deliver 14,000 lumens of white light at 5,300 K. The device uses radio frequency energy to power a 2 mm plasma light rated to provide 30,000 hours of lamp life. It has an overall length of 11', a housing length of 5.5' and a mounting diameter of 2.5'. It runs on 28 VDC with a 9.3 A power draw. BIRNS Inc.

CompactPCI PlusIO Backplane
PICMG 2.30 is an eight-slot version in a 3U height, offering one CompactPCI PlusIO system slot, four CompactPCI PlusIO peripheral slots and three legacy slots. The system slot has connections for four USB 2.0, four SATA, four PCIe and two Ethernet connections. Elma Bustronic Corp.

Multibeam Sonar
The M3 Multimode Multibeam Sonar, rated to 500 m with options to 4,000 m, allows real-time detection of small objects out to 100 m. In navigation mode, it provides a 120° field of view and 1.8Y° range resolution at 40 Hz. In eIQ imaging mode, it provides a 140° field of view and 0.8° range resolution at 10 Hz. Weighing 1.2 kg in water, the sonar has a diameter of 185 mm and a depth of 126 mm. Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.

Portable Pipe Inspection Camera
The Sidewinder push camera weighs 4.5 lbs and can snake through pipes as narrow as 19 mm. The device records 720-by-480-pixel images and videos on a removable 16 GB SD memory card. An internal rechargeable battery allows three hours of operation and an LED illuminates the area being inspected. Advanced Inspection Technologies Inc.

SonarWiz 5 Software Update
Free to all users with a current maintenance agreement, the update includes configurable windows that allow users to lay out the desktop with only the information they want to display. New controls for saturation, contrast, hue and brightness allow easy comparison of pre- and post-survey data for port security and mine countermeasures bottom changes. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

CTD Sensor
The OTT CTD sensor can fit into wells or pipes as small as 1' in diameter. It was designed for long deployments in harsh environments with a 904 L stainless steel housing, Kevlar-strengthened vented cable and low power consumption. The sonar features a built-in data logger that can be accessed via an infrared interface attached to the top of the unit. Hach Hydromet.



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